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1st January 1998

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  • Title: Resistance
  • File Name: hl1-sp-resistance.7z
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  • Size : 356Kb
  • Author: Barry Bollinger
  • Date Released: 30 May 1999
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  1. from the txt file

    Author :Barry A. Bollinger – New Freedom, PA
    Date :5/17/1999


    This story takes place after the events in Half-Life. You are Gordon Freeman. After you defeated the Nihilanth and ended the alien invasion of Earth, you’re transported to another place where you finally meet the Administrator of the Black Mesa Research Facility. He congratulates you on a job well done, and offers you a job. He doesn’t say what the job is, just that if you refuse you’ll die. The overconfident administrator believes that after being stripped of your weapons, and also after the recent battle in Xen, you no longer have the strength or the desire to fight, so he didn’t bring along a bodyguard. Big mistake. You feel that the Administrator is partially or totally responsible for the accident, and probably is also the one who gave the orders for the military cleanup of Black Mesa. You remember all of the lives lost because of him. It would be better to die than to work for this monster. You pretend to accept his offer, so you walk over to the portal and while pretending to enter it, you knock the administrator unconscious with a quick blow to the head. You search him, and discover a small device in his suit that controls the portals. You then open up a new portal and put the administrator into it. It sends him to the refuge of what’s left of Xen’s forces, the same place he would have sent you if you refused his offer. The administrator wakes up to see that he’s surrounded by alien grunts. He frantically searches for his device, but doesn’t find it. As the portal slowly closes, you hear the laughter of alien grunts and the administrator giving out a blood-curdling scream. Finally, justice is served.

    You then open up a portal to earth, where you hope to return home and get some well-deserved rest. You take along his briefcase, which may contain some useful material. Unfortunately, the government had witnessed the administrator’s death through a tiny camera placed on the train. They then send out a military special forces unit to find and kill you to prevent you from telling your story to the world. Meanwhile, you and seven other survivors from the Black Mesa research facility, five scientists and two security guards, take refuge in an old, small, underground complex located in Black Mesa. You and your comrades figure Black Mesa is the last place the military would look for you. A few days after your return to Earth, the special forces unit captures a scientist, who knows your location, and managed to “persuade” him to tell them the location of the complex. Shortly afterwards, they assault the complex and begin eliminating its inhabitants. You wake up with the sound of gunfire and the screaming of your comrades. With your few days of rest, you have regained your strength and are ready for more action.


    Your goal is to survive and find a way to escape the complex. Good Luck.

  2. Mel
    Think Twice

    Too short with a sudden finish and without not much game play.

  3. Maybe?

    Uncomplicated combat action in two small maps with good balancing and secret areas.
    The story in the readme sounds nice but can be forgotten in the game.
    It’s taking place after successfully defeating Nihilanth from the original HL game.
    Now, the administrator is also dead, killed by you!
    But the government, knowing of the Gman’s death, has sent our some special military to find a kill you, so you cannot make the BM story public.
    Your mission is to escape from your hiding spot as they found out where you are and are invading the facility…

    I like the mapping as there are some details here and there although it’s usual corridors and always indoor. It’s also basic and boxy but at least not empty if you know what I mean.
    The author wrote it was his first maps, according to that and their age it’s still a quite cool gruntfest. It’s pretty much fun to me.
    The AI is not the best so I suggest do play on medium or hard.
    Also because there are plenty of weapons and ammo if you can find one or both of the secret areas.
    Enemy placement is predictable and sometimes ridiculous, but nevermind, either you can avoid it or it’s pretty simple to clean out due to the large amount of weaponry.

    Unfortunately it’s very short and not really exciting, I also missed some puzzles besides finding secret areas. However, play part 2 then!

    Playtime: 5-10 minutes

  4. Ten Four Reviews

    A mediocre gruntfest at best. Needed a lot more innovation in both design and gameplay.

    The story for Resistance is fairly interesting; it, with great detail, explains how you kill the g-man and then became a man on the run. At first I thought, “Cool! You get to kill the g-man?” Unfortunately, none of that actually happens, and Resistance is reduced to a boring gruntfest type level as soon as it begins. Aside from a few distant gun-fighting noises, the author totally abandoned the background story and Resistance ends up having little atmosphere or worthwhile substance.

    Walking through Resistance is like a stroll down prefab park. There’s tons of decent prefabs here, but aside from those, Resistance looks pretty sloppy. And if you ask me, awkward as well, there’s very detailed prefabs in basically square rooms that don’t complement those cool desks, chairs, computers etc. much.

    Perhaps “gruntfest” is a term that’s a bit overused, but there’s no other way I can describe the fighting in this level.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Wednesday, 21st July, 1999 by Jiang.

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