Poll Question 261 – Which Digital Content Delivery systems do you use?

10th February 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I got an email from GameFly last week, trying to sell me their service. You can rent games or something, I don’t really know or care.

It seems that they have bought or merged with Direct2Drive, so they also have a client like Steam. I even have a code for 30% discount on my first purchase, plus a code for 30 days free rental service. If any reader would like them, please contact me – first come, first served.

Got me thinking about what other choices we have besides Steam.

Personally, I am very happy with Steam, sure I can pick a few holes in it, things I don’t like, it’s policies etc, but all in all I ma very happy with and commend Valve’s vision.

I certainly wouldn’t want to have too many of these things on my PC though.

What about you?

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  1. Hec

    Well, Steam is my predilect because I have the OB and I have taken good use of some Steam Madness discounts, also I use gog.com, a pretty cool site to purchase really unique jewls of the oldies but goldies 94-98 MS-DOS games, I plan to purchase the classic Descent 1 and 2 games there only for 5 bucks, there are plenety of classic games, and if u suscribe you can get 5 titles for free, like the fantastic classic Tyrian 2000 dated from 1993.

  2. it’s pretty much exclusively Steam for me but I have used Desura once to download a Mod I couldn’t find on PP (I can’t remember what it was). Personally I still prefer to have the original physical disk if I’m buying a new game or in the case of HL2, episode.

    I definitely would never rent a game, that just seems like a weird idea to me.

  3. Unq

    Yeah, Steam only for me. I’ve been meaning to try Desura, but on the other hand I haven’t found a reason to bother.

  4. Herr_Alien

    Steam and Desura.

  5. Steam. Over the years it has changed from Gamespy arcade, to all-seeing eye, to steam finally I will be with steam for a long time.

  6. Steam, absolutely. Anything else is a joke!
    I stand by my remarks, so, sue me!?!?!

  7. WizardExt

    The only one I use, today, is Steam. I have some stuff at GamersGate and Gamefly, but I don’t use those sites any longer. Origin I was forced to install due to Battlefield 3. I really didn’t like Origin, so as soon as I was done with Battlefield 3 I uninstalled both Origin and Battlefield 3.

    Steam is something I really enjoy, overall.

  8. galocza

    steam & gog.com (good old games).

  9. CosmicD

    Steam because I want to, and Origin because I have to. If you’re an avocate of digital distribution like I am it’s a bit hard to accept Origin though. I just don’t see any point that every major publisher has to bring their own platform and then offer exclusives on it. It’s pointless and dated mentality imo. Why can’t steam just offer any game available ?

    It’s a bit the “console games” mentality but for free. At least I don’t have to BUY origin which makes it a bit bearable.

  10. Steam of course, as they have a huge selection. Also, I have used Direct2Drive since they had Condemend: Criminal Origins and I had to have that game!

  11. Only Desura. I hate Steam. Desura like as Moddb or Indiedb.

  12. Poison_Berrie

    Steam is the client I’ve used almost exclusively the last few years.

    That said, with Mass Effect 3 coming I think I’ll buy my first game on Origin.

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