A Day In The Life Of A Coward

for Half-Life

18th June 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

At the age of 18 Gordon leaves his mama to join the US army. One week later the high official found that Gordon had limitless potential and assigned him to the highest rank. Gordon Didn’t care what rank he got. All he cared about was the classy new room he was assigned to.

The room was an airtight ultra hygienic room with security guards outside to protect him from any harm. One day disaster struck. The virus still being developed to cure cancer was accidentally spread to people outside the test chamber. Because the virus was still in its early stages, it is highly contagious and the side effects are beyond horrific.

A person carrying the virus would suffer brain damage and depression. Their behaviour changes dramatically and they will act violently towards any person they dislike. A person severely affected by the virus would experience severe mutations not only to the mind, but also to the body. People who are too weak to handle the disease will die instantly or could experience instantaneous combustion.

When Gordon heard the news about the virus breakout, He ran immediately to his air tight room and cowardly locked his fellow friends
outside to be affected by the virus. Gordon decides to go to sleep, hoping to wake up to find that it was all a bad dream.

You play the game as Gordon from here on. The virus will have affected everyone outside, and you know without a doubt that everyone
Will have you on top of their the TO KILL list. You have no friends, but what you do have is a fate which tells you that you deserve to die.

Basic Details
  • Title: A Day In The Life Of A Coward
  • File Name: hl1-sp-a-day-in-the-life-of-a-coward.7z
  • Original File Name: adayinthelifeofacoward.zip
  • Size : 209Kb
  • Author: Hoang Tran
  • Date Released: 22 January 2000
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. gofmaverick

    Thanks for all you guy(s) do, there’s a lot of mods out there and you have most covered. In case you don’t I can suplly a couple of websites that will help. http://www.modifikace.cz (czech but has names of them in english)
    http://w3.ift.ulaval.ca/~phcho8/aupc/mods_hl/ (again foreign language but names in English) and there’s always hangar16 but they moved somewhere and I have no idea where ANybody know where?

  2. Thanks for the second link I’ll look through it soon. The first link has been part of my list of websites for a very very long time.

  3. gofmaverick

    look at my post in the contact section and I have a much muhc better link to a website if you haven’t seen it. its in czech tho but has download links that work for every single mod

  4. heyzors

    This sounds like a good mod, but mods really need to start making some new weapons! That new assault rifle is in almost all mods that have any new weapons!

  5. Mel

    OK as far as it went, which was not far, nothing new with gameplay flowing well but just not enough play to warrent a download. Would appear to be part one of something that won’t be finished, shame mapping was good and showed promise and as a first level to a new game design was a bit basic with no new ideas but fine for a first map, if that is the case.

  6. basic design compilling 4 bsp (the guy mapped certainly on a P100 engine…) there is no real exitment here exept perhaps the end boss whish don’t need to be killed to complete the level

  7. The Abandoned Workshops

    A rather simple map where you get from point one to the end which a few enemies on the way. Nothing too hard except when you get near the end with the Garg. This part can randomise at times, since most of the time it will kill the scientist and fail your mission or chase after you. Either kill it, or protect the scientist another way from getting killed so you can progress and complete the map. Previous fights pose no threat at all and there’s plenty of items for the map, although it gets really boring

    Below average a lot of the times, with simple structure and basic texturing. Although there were a few good looking rooms, but nothing major. Texturing wasn’t exactly bad either, there were well chosen and blended perfectly with each other but again, not major. Lighting was again good, nothing to complain about although nothing to credit either.

    Simple design and structure with an easy, yet boring gameplay with no sense of accomplishment.

    Rating: 20%

  8. shawn

    Hi all. Look–I build my computers, so I’m not exactly a novice, thus it pains me when I get instructions such as the following in “life of a coward’s” readme.txt:


    Unzip both the maps into your map directory
    (Usually C:\sierra\halflife\valve\maps\
    Load up half life with the console and type: map lats”

    This leaves out just enough information that I don’t know how to get this mod going. It’s a problem I encounter over and over with mods. Do mod makers understand that if you can’t play the game, they’ve wasted there own time? It’s a real pity.

  9. Okay, place the 3 .bsp files in your Valve\Maps directory like it’s listed in your post above. All of the .nod & .nrp files should be placed in the graphs folder in that same directory. Start Half-Life and via the console (if enabled), type in “map lats” without the quotes.

    If you’re playing Half-Life under Steam, then you’re target directory will change to something like C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life\valve\maps. Place the .bsp files in the maps folder & the .nod & .nrp files in the graphs folder. Start Steam & select Half-Life. Open the console & type “map lats” without the quotes.

  10. If your playing the original and dont have a console,create a shortcut to the half life exe on your desktop then right click it and select properties.Then in the Target line put
    C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -dev -console
    then you can use the ~ key to open a console.In steam just open the properties tab of any game and add -dev -console and you have full rights to do anything ingame.There are some mods that even under steam still need the sv_cheats 1 entered into the console if you need to noclip from elevators etc.

  11. The text file instructions are in error. The 3 maps are named:-
    To start the mod type ‘map HLRE” not ‘map lats’.

    The story in the text file takes longer to read than the mod does to play. Still, not a bad first effort.

  12. Avoid It!

    This is short, bad and unfinished, you start in a room with the magnum but no HEV suit, and as soon as you get out you need to fight two grunts and turret, then when you try to get to the next room a bad map transition leaves you outside the map, and for some strange reason, noclip doesn’t work, I had to load the map from the console, but that mean no weapons, thankfully the HEV suit is near along with some hidden grenades, it doesn’t matter too much though, you only fight a few vortigaunts before reaching the final map, where you have to lead a scientist to safety before a Gargantua kills him, and then you’ll find that the game is unfinished and there’s nothing else to do

    And yup, one single paragraph can sum the whole experience, this is bland, buggy, unfinished and just plain bad, avoid

  13. Avoid It!

    Not worth playing. This is a series of 3 short maps (each transition is broken by the way, you’ll have to load each map through the console) with a minimal amount of combat and a chase from a garg and then you hit a dead end telling you the map is unfinished. This shouldn’t have been released, don’t waste your time.

  14. Think Twice

    If you want to play a level without health. This is the best place for you. Play without health kit. If you find any, just tell me where’s the first kit. Please do not tell me it’s a scientist, he doesn’t count. If you can kill Gargantua without cheats just mention it. I couldn’t kill Gargantua on Easy. Do you know if there’re more explosives in the game to kill this bastyard? This guy forgot to put items in his missions.

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