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I'm just a guy who likes video games.
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  1. Bug Fables
  2. The Beginner's Guide
  3. Pokemon (Gen IV)
  4. The Stanley Parable
  5. Portal 2


  1. Point of View
  2. The Challenger Deep 2
  3. Focalpoint
  4. Absolute Redemption
  5. CrossbowVille

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I don't think I'd ever make a Half-Life mod. I'm more of the type that plays mods.

Latest 25 Comments
21 Nov 2020 Deeper Down Urgh, this... I'd played Deep Down a few years back and enjoyed it- Heck, I even replayed it yes...
06 Nov 2020 Halloween Horror 3: Bone Room - Map Labs Test Tube #11 All of the maps past Haunted Entrance became locked once I finished Between The Shadows...
16 Jun 2020 MiddleVille Been a while since I've logged in but I wanted to review this Ville so I decided to come back for...
03 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex I had a summary, but I can't see it on my review so I'll repost it here. With a Mapping Competit...
03 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex Well, it looks like the Mesa Cup's underway now! Seeing that there's only one other Mapping Compe...
03 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex Well, it looks like the Mesa Cup's underway now! Seeing that there's only one other Mapping Compe...
16 Feb 2018 CoastVille The coast levels in Half-Life 2 were pretty neat and had a lot of optional exploration in them, a...
15 Feb 2018 The 1 Billion Units EMC Having space limitations should prove to make this Mapping Challenge a neat... well, experiment...
26 Jan 2018 Re-Poll Question 002 – Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? Ammo, so that I can shotgun it to death. I like shotgunning stuff to death.
02 Jan 2018 January 2018 - General Chat Happy new year, I guess. Another year, another Hamm- I mean Lambda Cup. Speaking of which, will t...
30 Dec 2017 FusionVille Gee, that came out pretty quickly after the last one. After the last four Villes in the cup, I'm ...
20 Dec 2017 December 2017 - General Chat In Opposing Force, when I look around with the mouse the camera keeps snapping back and so I can'...
19 Dec 2017 The Lambda Cup, The Mesa Cup, Experimental Mapping Challenges, a Special Challenge and the Calendar. Nice to see that Black Mesa's getting some more love. Looks like 2018's gonna have the most mappi...
25 Nov 2017 TeleportVille Oh, that makes sense. Sounds kinda cool, actually.
22 Nov 2017 AssassinateVille All of the menu icons are invisible.
22 Nov 2017 TeleportVille Well, Klems broke the 0-100 scale, huh? Anyways, might as well try to win a free Steam game. To b...
27 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat ... don't you love it when it stops happening? and then you don't know why it happened?
25 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat I don't know if it's gonna show up, but I posted about problems with Toxicville while not logged ...
11 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat Ugh. Because I'm stupid I had to redo my DefendVille 2 review about five times, and the last tim...
11 Oct 2017 DefendVilleTwo Well, here’s my first Ville review! I did this review after playing through once, and coming back...
07 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat I think it'd be too expensive. 10 games a month can't be cheap.
02 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat DefendVille Two. I saw on Phillip's post about moving to a dedicated server that he'd be fixing ...
01 Oct 2017 October 2017 - General Chat So, I don't think my question has been answered yet... I didn't know where the header code was t...
28 Sep 2017 Azure Sheep I want to preface this by saying that I used the patch from the ModDB page to make the mod work o...
28 Sep 2017 September 2017 - General Chat Clicking on that just sends me to the "Holy Headcrabs!" page.
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