Week 06: Livestream Schedule and Giveaways

11th February 2016

Lots of IFs and MAYBEs for this weekend I am afraid.

Firstly, Jim Partridge and I MIGHT, let me stress MIGHT be continuing his event, Critical Jim, where he brutally analyses mods. This weekend it is the almost Source Mod of the Year Uncertainty Principle Part 2. Last weekend, he and I talked about the first half.

I am waiting to hear back from him, but once I do, I will update this post and tweet the day and time.

I will also be streaming quite a lot this weekend, including a new short mod called Local Motive, which may end up being an RTSL exclusive or at least a First Seen on RTSL, which is always cool.

I should also be continuing with Strider Mountain, which will fill most the remaining time.

During the weekend, one copy of Killing Floor 2 will be given away, both courtesy of SteamContests.com AKA Aaron’s Giveaways, so a HUGE thanks to Aaron. There might be some other games to giveaway too, I will see.

All streams will be on the RTSL Twitch Channel and announced on the RTSL Twitter Feed.

If you have any questions about the streams, just ask.


  1. Oh, I forgot to mention I will be recording a What The Headcrab this weekend too.

    1. I forgot all about what the headcrab. Can’t wait to hear what you will talk about this time!

  2. I’m loving these streamy weekends! The wife is back at work this weekend so it’ll be me and the little one, which means that I’ll be watching on my TV, slumped on the Sofa with a cuppa. 😀

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