Torture that Alien: Version 2

for Half-Life

7th June 2006

Author’s Note: “This is version 2 of the quite popular “Torture that Alien.” This includes all the skills I have learnt since my first map… this is an unfinished stuff for a reason… (duh!) I know the textures are a little crappy in places… buts it the idea that counts!! please read readme quickly before playing. This place has an upstairs and a downstairs, about 10 different torture methods. There is also an alien/target shooting range.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Torture that Alien V2
  • File Name: hl1-sp-torture-that-alien-v2.7z
  • Original Filename:
  • Size : 349.92kB
  • Author: Alexb911
  • Date Released: 11 November 2005
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  1. FuriousDude

    Well, that was kinda distracting. If you are angry or something, it can relax you.

  2. A working link has been added.

    1. Aye, in order I reached letter “T” in your HL1 mods section I was mentioning a dead link somewhere but now I don’t remember which mod!?
      Was it this one here and you removed the comments Phillip?

      If so, thanks a lot, that was quick! 🙂

      1. Yes, I removed the references to the links and associated comments. Sorry if this confused you for a moment.

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