1. If you would ask me, I would say no givaways at all since you do such a great job with the site.

    My answer though is as follows:
    One ten-game givaway would be pretty unfair in my opinion. Maybe you could do 5 weekly 2-game givaways instead?

    1. I agree with the “no giveaways”
      I think occasional, single prizes for competitions are a much better way to reward people for their efforts.
      Maybe, once in a while a game like “Anna” or “Dear Esther” could be offered as a prize.

  2. 10 weekly giveaways seems like a better idea to me

  3. I’m actually in support of a 10 game giveaway
    Otherwise it’d feel like “frequent followers reward day”

    But as TabMan said, I wouldn’t want you to be obliged to do anything in this area, I’m sure we appreciate whatever you do anyway

    1. Herr_Alien

      I’ll second that. You should try to make it a competition, even if it’s just of “add a caption to this picture” type.

  4. Greenman

    10 1 game giveaways, more prizes for more people; Just more fair and fun.

  5. MikeS

    Another vote for separate giveaways here.

  6. VCD Konex

    10 giveaways of 1 game each, so people can choose which giveaways do they want to participate. it’s also more fair

  7. First, thank you for all you do Phillip.
    I would say do what ever is easiest for you.

    As you asked for feedback I think 10 give always of one game seems better. VCD Konex brings up a great point, “people can choose which giveaways do they want to participate in” the give away and choose what games they would enjoy or do not have.

    Thanks again

  8. I’d like the 10 game giveaway, especially if the “competition” was a speed test 😛

    Seriously I’d rather have the 10 game giveaway no matter what the competition is. If you do this type of giveaway, I think it’d be better if you advertised it a lot a few weeks before.
    If you missed one giveway out of 10 it would be ok, but missing a huge 10 game giveaway wouldn’t be cool so I really think you must make more advertising if you choose the 10 game type.

    anyway, no giveaway is needed since the website is cool 😀

  9. I think it’s better to have more giveaways of fewer games, partly because it gives more people a chance to win, and also because people are less likely to miss out on entering. I also think it is more fun when there is a competition to win, because it is fun to see what other people come up with and gets more active participation with the site, which must be a good thing.

    But like others have said, you do enough for your visitors without having to offer them free games!!

  10. Myself I’d prefer competitions instead of just giveaways. With this in mind 10 games wouldn’t be much of a competition as alot of the recent competitions (6×10) have not had 10 entries (I’m really dissappointed in myself for not finishing verticalville and I’ll try to cut the crap for the last one).

    As many people said above the giveaway’s/competitions, while fun, are not really something that is needed. People already come semi-daily to the site and the new people that come to the site because of them will probably only stay because of them, and it will start to become a “free games” place.

    1. I second this wholeheartedly
      Competitions over giveaways I would think are better, even if it is just making up a new Olympic sport

  11. Just to let you know that I am given nearly all the games I giveaway. Some I buy but only because they are on very special offer.

    It’s not a big issue for me as the posts don’t take too long to make.

    I will continue with the individual giveaways but may have the occasional multi-game giveaway too.

    I have to admit that I don’t really like the competitions, and by competitions I am not talking about the mapping comps, but the little comps to give games away. The reason is that they often make it hard for non-native English speakers to enter.

    I’ll try and start a weekly giveaway for the next few months.

    Thanks to everybody who commented.

    Expect the next giveaway to be today or tomorrow, maybe with a comp maybe not.

    1. I would like to see a compitition for 90 days, or 3 months away! Call it Highway17Ville, and the rule is it must give the player the buggy and it must take place on a coast road like in HL2 (Im so sick of Ep2’s big Seattle/Portland evergreen tree forests), and it must be at least 2 hours long or more!

      🙂 🙂

      Or it can take place in the Black Mesa desert in New Mexico!

      1. You misunderstand the question. This post is about the games I simply giveaway, not about competitions. That’s a completely separate issue.

        With regard to you suggestion I don’t think it would get many entries. What we want as players is very different from what modders want to make and 2 hours of coastal gameplay would take a LOT of time to make.

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