November 2012 – General Chat

1st November 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

So, here we are. It’s getting much colder where I live, so I don’t feel so guilty sitting in front of the computer at weekends.

Check out this HorrorGami, it’s pretty cool. I suggested he try some video game characters.

This post is used to chat about anything and everything, except maps and mods posted on the site, which should have their discussion on the respective post.


  1. Unq

    Should I seek help if I dreamt about Opposing Force last night? Not about playing it, mind you, but about being in it. There were a few of us making our way through the outside of Black Mesa, in place of Shephard I suppose. Phillip you were definitely there. I can’t say who the others were but I’m sure they were my subconscious projections of regular posters on this site. 🙂

    1. No, people who don’t dream about Half-Life should seek help. As with the butterfly dream, perhaps Half-Life is our real life and “this” is just the dream.

      I admit to feeling pretty cool being in somebody else’s dream, so thanks for that.

      Last night I dreamt I was in a bar fight because I ordered Ginger Beer and the rest of the bar wanted me to have a real beer. I went Freeman style.

      1. Wow, I suspect you should eat less cheese before bed time!

        1. I don’t eat cheese, except for once a week on pizza.

    2. What a coincidence, I dreamt about Half Life 2 last night.

      I was in this football center, In the corridors beneath all the seats. There were loads of Antlions everywhere and me and a Rebel ran for our lives into a room. We didn’t see the combine who were also hiding there, he fired several shots against us, I pulled up my crowbar and threw it in his face and neutrulized him. It didn’t take long before the antlions broke through the walls.

      My rebel friend saw a large door leading to the outside of the arena and suggested we make a break for it. Since there was not much to do, I agreed and we ran like there was no tomorrow. We made it to the outside, then I woke up.

      Now, I want to know what happened after that.

      Well, only a true fan dream about their favourite games.

      And one thing wich is pretty cool. In dreams, we can re-create all the voices we heard. So the rebel had that known Rebel voice but the lines were created by me. If you get my meaning.

  2. My sympathies to all the families of the people killed by Sandy, but I also had this strange thought that extreme sportsmen and women would find a large warehouse in the path of Sandy and set up a bunch of bouncy castles and stand in them and wait for the storm to pass. The warehouse would have a few holes to let the wind in.

    Or maybe put them outside and tie them down with very, very strong ropes and attach each person by the same ropes to inside the castle and the last one left standing is the winner.

    Crazy, I know but my daydreams have as much of a life of their own as my night dreams. Anybody else like that?

    1. How about an enormous tower of crates that we could watch being torn to pieces by the winds fury and if any survive, we could break them up with……..?

  3. It odd but I have never had any Half Life related dreams but I have had a few game styled dreams which I am remembering as I type this! Maybe playing so, so many HL themed mods have sated my imagination in that area.
    I remember one dream ending in a very sci-fi space themed corridor with me stuffing a dead astronaut into a round waste disposal! But my most vivid I recall, almost totally, involved H. R. Giger’s creation, the zenomorph!
    There was a long colony assort with some inside action and panoramic aerial views of the battle. In dreams I seem to have a virtual camera! I can almost picture the colony but it is locked in that memory camera that never actually focuses into clarity. The end of this dream is a massive tower of girder construction with a recently actuated cargo lift coming to a halt and a team of marines getting off, as isolated aliens scurry along the girders. At this point I am an aerial camera as the dream fades.
    I won’t tell you about the daydreams I had awaiting the release of “ALIENS”, but I think they would have scared the crap out of James Cameron!
    The film “ALIEN” impressed me when I saw it at the cinema, my second only x-rated movie at the time and fuelled my darkest nightmares, and daymares for a long time. Sitting here typing I can imagine a zenomorph behind me ready to strike and bite the back of my head out, I can feel it’s presence, see it in my minds eye and almost hear it breathing, but it’s an old friend now and I’m used to it!
    I still cannot play “ALIENS VRS PREDATOR” as the marine; it just gets too real for my nerves to stand! Just the sound of the motion tracker has my heart pounding fit to bust! My 20 year-old nephew finds this quite amusing, telling me it’s just a game!
    I finished version one and two as the Alien easily enough and version one as the Predator and almost as the marine. AVP II as the marine was never going to end well for me and I only managed to get half way!


    To round off the ” Alien” theme, I saw “Prometheus” on Sky TV the other week.
    I was sad to hear of Tony Scott’s death, a talented filmmaker and saddened by the ” loss” of Ridley Scott’s talent. See above film……….

    PS. “Oh no!” Ridley’s aiming at “Blade Runner” now! Fingers crossed!

  4. Ade

    I know the 7 hour war isn’t depicted anywhere but for the simple fact that it’s mentioned and because I dream of gaming a lot, I once dreamt I was a part of that war.. And what a long war it was, that one marked me, I have no idea where I came up with all the details but I know I woke up with a big sigh. Didn’t feel too sad because I play enough to generate gaming dreams often enough 🙂

  5. Windows 8: yay or nay?

    If Windows really does become a closed system, it could possibly mean the end for Steam, indie and modding…

  6. Ade

    Did you know.. that you can open ammo crates not just by pressing “Use” on them but also by hitting them with the crowbar?
    Found that by accident then I tried other weapons but only cb worked.

    1. Ade

      it also works if you throw a nade or smg nade at a crate then fast switch to crowbar and run away 😀 nades still go in inventory!

  7. Anybody know if there is a limit to the number of mods for HL2 in Steam? I’m catching up on some mods after having a computer problem for several months.
    The last mods I added don’t show up in My library on Steam.

    1. To my knowledge, there is no limit to the number of mods but there have been some recent updates to the game engines and Steam and some mods don’t appear. Which mods have you added?

      For future reference, questions like this should go in the forum. The General chat posts have been retired in favour of there.

  8. Thanks for your reply!

    I tried to get on the forum, but my username does not appear on the member list. When I tried to log in using the username Fred Carver and the password you sent to me on 3/7/2009, I got the message that the username was not valid. In addition, I do not have permission to access the dashboard or profile portions of this page.

    I hope I can get on the forum.

    Back to my problem, I placed Baryonic predicament and Precursor in my Steamapps folder, restarted Steam and the computer several times but they do not appear in my Steam Library.

    Also, I have some folders in Steamapps that have been there for a while, but probably shouldn’t be there, such as bin, cfg, DownloadLists and more. They probably ended up in there when I unzipped a HL 2 file improperly, but I have no idea which file it might be.

    I have a screenshot of Steamapps that I could post.

    Thanks for any info you might have!

    1. Fred, the forum uses different software and database. I’m afraid you will need to re-register and wait to be approved (everybody does, not just you – it’s to do with an issue with receiving email via the forum)

      Both of the mods you mention have known issues. Check the Baryonic Predicament page on this site for a solution. Precursor needs a new download: please check ModDB until I get around to uploading the working version.

  9. Re-registered!

    Baryonic is now edited. Sorry I didn’t notice it.

    Precursor 60% downloaded. As soon as it finishes, I’ll install and restart Steam.

    I won’t post here any more. I’m going to the forum.

    1. I have activated your forum account.

  10. hi guys
    as of 11/06/2103 all my hl2 mods wont run .. as soon as I start any mod theres a white screen instead of the valve splash screen.. also any ville mods( eg forestville ) react the same with a plain white screen
    half life,half life 2( and episodes ) are all unaffected ( thank god ) … so how can this be fixed
    I have the orange box,so could I simply delete each half life game from steam,then reinstall each one ..
    I had recently converted ep2 to run deep down mod,and ep1 was also converted ,could this be the problem
    and if I reinstall the games will this remove any steampipe settings ( which I wont be using again )
    many thanks guys

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