Into The Frying Pan

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

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  • Title: Into The Frying Pan
  • File Name: hl1-sp-into-the-frying-pan.7z
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  • Size : 514 Kb
  • Author: Ed Agoff
  • Date Released: 13 July 1999

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  1. Christian

    I just downloaded and tried to run that one, without success.

    It wants its own folder, just like an usual custom game, but is not recognised as a custom game.
    I looked into it, the author did provide instead a link to start it. I had to change its properties to match my installation folder.
    Then using the link, HL loads, does something (?) then closes, without any explanation.
    Next, I tried to move it in the valve folder, after renaming the existing titles.txt from that folder (to safekeep it).
    Then start in console mode, parameters from the link entered by hand.
    The result is an error message while trying to start the map.

    My guess is that it is incompatible with the most recent HL versions (mine is

  2. Thanks for the information. It’s things like this that make PlanetPhillip valuable to other readers. If everybody took the time then we would all benefit.

  3. Anonymous

    It worked fine with me, and I have the Steam version. I created a liblist.gam and pasted the following into it:

    // Into the Frying Pan
    game “Into the Frying Pan”
    cldll “0”
    type “singleplayer”
    startmap “itfp”
    gamedll “..\valve\dlls\hl.dll”

    Tell me if it works on anyone else’s side.

  4. I’ll try the solution Anonymous suggested later this week.

  5. Phillip did you test the solution of anonymous?

    I remenber playing this one but I think iy was with version or.8 It was short but fairly enjoyable

    Update author, release date and download link

  6. liblist.gam worked for me.

  7. Mel

    Ok, very short but a good play, having taken a long time to sort out how to load and play the game, see above comments.

  8. Maybe?

    Sweet little map inside a family house with nice architecture.
    Some details and textures are missing though, whatever.
    For the story check the readme. I only tell that suddenly soldiers break into your house and you need to defend yourself of course.
    It can be quite tough if you miss the Magnum like I did the while playing this the first time.
    Nonetheless, after finding Magnum ammo and it’s also mentioned in the readme that you should use the Magnum, it was clear that there is one 😉
    So all you have to door is a lil house cleaning and check out what’s up outside the house.
    Suddenly some tough visitor will arrive as some sort of boss enemy, if you manage to successfully fight it, it’s the end.

    As I mentioned the mapping is quite nice, I like the little intro cutscene and the house looks just great (except inside texturing). Lighting is nice too.
    Another good feature is balancing, though the Magnum is very powerful.
    If you get injured badly just search for some health kits. There are some here and there.
    Also check out the crates, you will need what’s inside one of them!

    Unfortunately the map lacks of longer playtime, puzzles and a better story.
    Mostly playtime of course, as it can be finished within very few minutes.
    However, if you want a thrill play it the way I played first: without the Magnum.

    One odd point, but mentioned in the readme, is that doors don’t open the usual way.
    They were set up like teleporters, so you need to “use” them and get spawned on the other side..

    01. Grab HEV suit and Magnum from the bedside locker (healthkit in bathroom)
    02. Use door to get into the corridor, two grunts will come up the stairs: kill
    03. From the bedroom, take the very left door to pick open Magnum ammo from the desk
    04. Go back into the hallway, facing three doors, take the middle to get to crowbar, the right is another healthkit-bathroom
    05. Down the steps, inside kitchen, turn left and kill another two grunts
    06. Face another three doors, the right is another bath with healthkit, middle is the garage – break the crates here to get Snarks, Magnum and Gauss ammo
    07. Take the left door to access the basement, left around corner a grunt waits to get killed
    08. Turning around 180° and moving into the left of the two doors will reveal another bathroom with a healthkit if needed, otherwise take the other left door on the other side of the basement and break the crate to get the Gauss weapon
    09. Then “use” the black doors to get outside the first house
    10. Equip the Gauss and carefully move behind the crates until you see one of three turrets, destroy all three with the Gauss but don’t waste too much ammo!
    11. Equip Magnum and walk to the front side of the house, killing the last soldier there
    12. Apache appears above the house, arm yourself with the Gauss and keep loading the secondary attack (default: right mouse button) until the ammo value doesn’t drop anymore, release mouse button (or whatever your secondary attack button is) when aiming on the Apache and it should be destroyed – the end[/spoiler]

  9. Ten Four Reviews

    This level looked undeniably promising at the start, but like other levels of this type, it falls flat.

    The interesting concept to Into the Frying Pan goes something like this: You’re Ed Freeman, cousin of Gordon, and you just moved into a new house. Gordon sends you some of his “equipment”, but the government comes one day to reclaim it. An innovative idea that could’ve worked, but not in a map like this one.

    The first of Into The Frying Pan’s problems is the design. If you’re living in a house, even if you’ve just moved it, there should at least be some stuff! The rooms in this house are extremely bare and empty and some of the rooms have nothing in it at all! At least the texturing isn’t ugly, right? Well, for this matter, it’s hard to say plain white textures are ugly, but they sure are boring 🙂

    Perhaps the biggest dissapointment is the brevity of this level. You get to fight less than a dozen marines topped off by an apache chopper at the end. While fighting inside a house and ducking behind walls is always cool, I found this level to be fairly easy. Health and ammo are in abundance here and taking out a few grunts were no problem. The problem was the Apache at the end, I ran out of ammo! And without a formal exit, I found out that I couldn’t pass the level.

    Only through cheating did I discover that I had to kill the Apache to finish Into the Frying Pan. But it is very possible to run out of ammo, as I mentioned, and it’s also possible to kill the marine that calls forth the Apache before he calls for it! Whatever happens, getting even the unrewarding fade to black might become a bit fortuitous. But I doubt you’d care by then anyway, as I felt greatly unsatisfied after playing this.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Wednesday, 21st July, 1999 by Jiang.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  10. Maybe?

    It’s always nice to see a unique setting in a custom Half-Life map. Into the Frying Pan takes place in a humble family home. For some reason or another, the house is being stormed by the military. I guess this is Freeman’s place and they tracked him down after his little killing spree at Black Mesa.

    This map is certainly an interesting one. As opposed to regular rotating doors, the mapper opted to go with teleports either side of each door. While this prevents you getting caught up on rotating doors during combat or doors getting stuck on corpses, it’s very jarring. This also means that the grunts cannot follow you into the various different rooms which neuters them a little in combat.

    The house itself seems a pretty decent scale but save for a couple of rooms there is very little detail whatsoever, so any sense of place is kind of lost. The combat is nice and challenging however, though I was stuck using the MP5 on the Apache at the end because I was playing on hard and one Gauss shot isn’t enough to wreck it.

    I’ll give it a maybe simply because it’s interesting.

  11. Play It Later

    This review is a stream of my thoughts while playing the map:

    Readme says short map but wants to be installed as a mod, screw that, I extracted the bsps.

    Ah, a my_house map for HL, I’ve seen plenty of these in other games but none in HL except for this one. Wow, weird bedroom door, it sorta just teleports you out of the room rather than opening, maybe Ed didn’t know how to make doors? The map is ok, not much combat but I was more interested in exploring the house anyway. I especially liked the mini car model on the desk. The door thing still cracks me up.

    Worth a play, it’s nothing amazing but it’s cute and a bit interesting when you try to think about what the lives of the people living in this house might be like.

  12. Play It Later

    You though that after what you did in Half Life has no consequences. Here we got another chapter of Unforseen Consequences. A big garrison of hecu looking for Freeman’s Revenge and at its own house. Can you believe how hecu is pissed off with Freeman! Let’s see what happens and who’s going to win this time.

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