Independence Day

for Half-Life

4th April 1999

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Basic Details
  • Title: Independence Day
  • File Name: hl1-sp-independence-day.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 2.10Mb
  • Author: Priv
  • Date Released: 04 April 1999
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  1. Christian

    Well, I eventually downloaded and played it (less than an hour game time). It is pretty much an unfinished business from the author: building up a situation, then it finishes in dead-end before the actual fight back…

  2. poorya jack

    ineed a few maps for half life1

  3. TheRipper
    Play It Later

    Yeah, as far as I can tell it ends when you kill the big spider (who is very weak this time, by the way). Then you’re just left running around, trying to figure out what to do. If you check the maps you’ll see this is the last one, metro7, so it probably is the end. A very unclear ending. For the rest it wasn’t bad. Standard half-life gameplay, with a metrotrain and station, and a strange endmap.

  4. piledriver

    On a train. Train crashes. So does the map change.

  5. piledriver
    Play It Later

    Let me expand on my last comment.
    On a train. NOCLIP ON. Train crashes. Map change. NO CLIP OFF.
    Fight your way through the crashed train. The “cloud of spots” bug here a couple of times.
    A beginners map pack I’m thinking.
    Fight your way through the station. Nice graphic design here, getting better.
    Find the HEV and some buddies in a well designed environment..
    Fight your way out of the station. Graphics and gameplay much better here.
    Into the city. Very good design. HL2-ish. Good atmosphere. Not enough enemies, but weirdly quiet.
    Kill a Gonarch. Wander about a bit. Oh well, that was quite a good 7 maps actually. Shame there’s no more……

  6. Think Twice

    Interesting non Black Mesa Metro-setting, some kind of exciting somehow.
    But after all I was just disappointed.

    -Metro-setting in the first maps
    -Decent combat
    -Good mapping but not great

    -No HEV at start (found later in map 3 if I’m right)
    -Some boring-looking train maps
    -Less action for my taste
    -Short playtime
    -Disappointing ending

  7. Play It Now!

    Very interesting horror episode, sadly that it’s unfinished. The maps” setting is realistic and there are some good events/scenes.

  8. Play It Now!

    Independence Day (or Metro) is a short mapset which mostly takes place in a metro system.

    You start out in a subway car which has a brilliant technique for simulating the train moving – there are brush lights that zip past the windows to give the illusion of movement. What undercuts this effect is the walls of the tunnel are very close to the windows so you can clearly see the walls not moving.

    This is another set where the mapper delays giving the player the HEV suit but… it actually works here! The combat is structured in a way so you don’t need to swap weapons (impossible to do without the suit) and is light enough that you don’t really need to worry about your health (fighting zombies and headcrabs). This is a very rare feat and I’m glad I have finally seen it executed effectively.

    The novel setting was actually quite enjoyable. You spend some time on the train before it crashes. You then explore a station before making your way to the surface and killing a big momma. It only took 1 9mmar grenade to kill her but I couldn’t see where to go after that. I think the map is supposed to end after that but meh, it’s a small issue.

    The combat encounters are well thought out and have some variety. You get to see Barneys tackling some islaves (before being blown up) and some grunts + turret take on waves of islaves. I found the instances where you see an alien grunt but he’s behind breakable glass to be very satisfying – I could watch him impotently shoot hornets at glass all day.

    Overall, Independence Day is an enjoyable set without any glaring issues. I highly recommend playing it, it only takes 10 min or so but it’s a fun 10 minutes.

  9. Play It Now!

    Any difficulty is nice here, the level is small anyway
    Welcome to Paris we’re underground, some scientists are following me to the lambda complex. We are supposed to arrive there by 8 p.m. when suddenly an explosion happened and I crashed my head against train door. And my only perpose is to find my suit and get out of here as soon as possible. Suddenly I found the crowbar, now it’s time to defend myself, what should I do now? Use, I strike, retreat, let him strike, then I strike, then he strikes and like this until I find my lovely gun which is going to save my ass

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