Identify This Mod 001

28th October 2015

A RTSL member emailed me a few days ago, asking if I knew the name of a mod he is looking for.

People often think that my memory is equal to my looks, intelligence, charm, wit, creativity and humility. Alas, it’s not. I struggle to remember my name sometimes (why do you think I originally called it PlanetPhillip?)

Anyway, here is the text…
My question is fairly simple. I once half-played a game which I have been unable to subsequently find. I remember having to find my way up to a very high place inside what I remember was a large hall and might have included a reactor/machine of some sort. It was a massive place and I was very high. Dark. Modern. Steel. Precarious. I might be mistaken thinking that en route, there were tanks or cages with animals in them, but that might have been another game. Given that I recall amazing detail, I can only guess it was HL2 or above.

If that’s not sufficiently vague for you, nothing will be.

Can any wise and kind member help?


  1. By the way, the image has NOTHING to do with the description. I just wanted to add a guy staring at food parcels.

  2. Sounds like it might be MINERVA: Metastasis, but I haven’t seen/played a lot of it for a long time, so I could very easily be mistaken.

    1. Yeah, it sounds to me like it could be MINERVA. The part about cages with “animals” reminds me of the Combine zombie experiments in the test tubes in that mod. Plus verticality is pretty much MINERVA in a nutshell.

  3. Nev

    Sounds like “Strider Mountain” or “Mistake of Pythagoras”. Though, I haven’t played those mods in a long time.

  4. Corvatile

    Precursor, maybe?

  5. Not to hijack this thread, but I have a similar mod mystery.

    It was a multi-map mod that started off in a cabin, talking to some fellow with a Russian name who was a reskinned Barney. He may have been your brother? He gives you orders to do such-and-such. You meet up with him later on in the mod. I remember it being a pretty good mod, but I’m unsure of its title. Likely released within the last 5 years.

  6. 2muchvideogames

    I can probably help you for HL1 mods, but for HL2 ones i got nothin

  7. Zekiran

    I’d say either Minerva or Strider Mountain. Strider Mountain had a manufacturing area with the mini-striders, which might be where the ‘animal cages’ comes in. Minerva would definitely meet the ‘modern, sleek, highly detailed’ description equally.

  8. A weird side-effect of these comments is that now I wanna go play Strider Mountain.

    1. Zekiran

      As you should because it’s an insanely fun mod.

  9. rb14

    I’d like to thank you all for taking the trouble to reply to this. Bless Phillip for posting it.

    I can’t yet say whether it’s MOP as I’m making my way through it again to ascertain whether it is the one. Then I’ll move on to Precursor. Definitely not Minerva as I tried that again recently.

    What I will say is that if it’s Strider Mountain I’ll be cross. Strider was one of the all-time best mods I ever played. So good I donated a decent bit of money to the author(s). Anyone who hasn’t played it – get it done.

    I’ll keep you updated.

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