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Identify This Mod 004

The Renegadist is looking for a mod. Can you help?

“So plain and simple I’m looking for an old Half-Life 2 mod, if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it since I usually never post on the forums.

Basically this was an old mod I played over five years ago that I have not been able to track down since which leads me to believe it was removed. I don’t remember much about it because it’s been 5 years since I’ve played it or longer but from what I do remember I’ll write down here.

From what I remember the main plot of the mod was that both the Combine and the Human rebels had formed a piece treaty and now both factions were against the player (Both Combine and Rebels shooting at you.). There were parts of the level that I remember playing, one of which took place in a mine shaft filled with zombies and rainbow colored water (This I distinctly remember), there was a farm or something with hay bales, and finally a chapter devoted to driving on a road in the middle of a forest in the HL2 Ep2 Jalopy. I believe the main crowbar was replaced with an Axe and if I remember correctly a few other weapons were different from the default Half-Life 2 weapons. There was a part on the forest chapter where you walk into a concrete building to press a button that did something, maybe to launch a rocket but I’m not sure. I don’t remember the name of the mod however I do believe a radiation warning logo was in it, or at least on the menu screen which showed sections of the forest road chapter.

I know you are going off of bits and pieces however the fact that the plot is so different might help with finding it, in the case that the mod was removed or deleted if anyone has the mod I’d love a download link for it. Other then that I can’t really say much more since I only remember bits and pieces of it, if anyone has any questions or anything concerning the mod please feel free to ask away. The Moddb community is huge and the amount of Half-Life 2 modders and fans of mods is huge, hopefully one person out there knows what I’m talking about.

Thanks and here’s to hoping someone knows what mod this is!”

The featured image is used for illustration purposes only and is NOT taken from the mod.

24th July 2016 6 Comments

Identify This Map 003

Barnz is looking for…

” I think it was a map from valve-erc (this was when I used floppy disks to store prefabs). the map begins in a lab/office environment, similar to hl1’s. the player has to go through an air duct in a restroom (you can witness scientists running away from something from the air ducts). there was the huge stairs from the office complex (the same brushwork), with a barney on top floor, doing his “beat_grunt” animation (unused anim from hl1) when standing on a dead marine. the player comes across an elevator. the doors open when you approach it, and grunts come out. the screen fades in, and the map ends.”

Can we help him?

If you have information about this map or ideas as to what map it could be, please comment below.

The image above is NOT taken from the map we are looking for.

24th April 2016 5 Comments

Identify This Mod 002

Maki is looking for this…

It was a multi-map mod that started off in a cabin, talking to some fellow with a Russian name who was a reskinned Barney. He may have been your brother? He gives you orders to do such-and-such. You meet up with him later on in the mod. I remember it being a pretty good mod, but I’m unsure of its title. Likely released within the last 5 years.

Can we help him?

If you have a mod you are looking for, just email me the details and I will create a new post for it.

29th October 2015 18 Comments

Identify This Mod 001

A RTSL member emailed me a few days ago, asking if I knew the name of a mod he is looking for.

People often think that my memory is equal to my looks, intelligence, charm, wit, creativity and humility. Alas, it’s not. I struggle to remember my name sometimes (why do you think I originally called it PlanetPhillip?)

Anyway, here is the text…
My question is fairly simple. I once half-played a game which I have been unable to subsequently find. I remember having to find my way up to a very high place inside what I remember was a large hall and might have included a reactor/machine of some sort. It was a massive place and I was very high. Dark. Modern. Steel. Precarious. I might be mistaken thinking that en route, there were tanks or cages with animals in them, but that might have been another game. Given that I recall amazing detail, I can only guess it was HL2 or above.

If that’s not sufficiently vague for you, nothing will be.

Can any wise and kind member help?

28th October 2015 12 Comments