Identify This Map 003

24th April 2016

Barnz is looking for…

” I think it was a map from valve-erc (this was when I used floppy disks to store prefabs). the map begins in a lab/office environment, similar to hl1’s. the player has to go through an air duct in a restroom (you can witness scientists running away from something from the air ducts). there was the huge stairs from the office complex (the same brushwork), with a barney on top floor, doing his “beat_grunt” animation (unused anim from hl1) when standing on a dead marine. the player comes across an elevator. the doors open when you approach it, and grunts come out. the screen fades in, and the map ends.”

Can we help him?

If you have information about this map or ideas as to what map it could be, please comment below.

The image above is NOT taken from the map we are looking for.


  1. Hm…. Is there a chance that it can be from this site?

    1. There’s a chance but I have such a bad memory that I don’t recognize it.

  2. AI

    Phillip, being much older than you 😉 that’s my excuse!! I wish I could help but with so much on my backup drives, I wouldn’t know where to begin!! Sorry!

  3. Argh! I recognise the description, but it has been YEARS since I played it and I’ve totally forgotten the name…

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