Identify This Mod 002

29th October 2015

Maki is looking for this…

It was a multi-map mod that started off in a cabin, talking to some fellow with a Russian name who was a reskinned Barney. He may have been your brother? He gives you orders to do such-and-such. You meet up with him later on in the mod. I remember it being a pretty good mod, but I’m unsure of its title. Likely released within the last 5 years.

Can we help him?

If you have a mod you are looking for, just email me the details and I will create a new post for it.


  1. Was it a mod for HL1 or HL2?

    1. HL2. Sorry. I’m pretty sure it was for Episode Two.

  2. OJJ

    Sebastian, haven’t played it but it has a re-skinned Barney in it if I can correctly recall

    1. No, it’s not that one because Maki MADE Sebastian!

  3. Zekiran

    It’s on the tip of my brain, I know I’ve played this. I know it. I vividly remember the guy, very accented, I want to say I had some trouble getting the mod to start and for the dialog to trigger at times. I don’t remember if I did a review of the mod I’m seeing in my head, I’ll check my list. I tried to remember it based on the downloaded 7z files I have stored on my rig but that’s silly because some of them aren’t exactly evocative names.

    1. I feel confident that the mod in your head is the one I’m thinking of. He had an accent. IIRC, he says he’s going to go buy you time to escape, and it’s like you go out the back door of the cabin, which was set along a forest road in the daytime. I don’t feel that Daz has covered it either.

      I’ve tried browsing Ep2 mods for “story” “voice” “long” and “play it,” but haven’t seen anything that clicks, unless Phillip just didn’t take a screenshot of the first part. I honestly don’t remember anything that happens after it.

  4. I remember in “The Gate” you start off in a snowy cabin and some military leader give you information just before he flies you to the military base to enter “the gateway portal” to another time, does that ring a bell Maki?

  5. bkadar

    sounds like your next mod so get to working on it ?

  6. ive looked around and the mod “grey” ( ) sounds similar … !

  7. bobdog

    I don’t remember the name, but there was a mod recently that had you start in a dock area (a boat crashed?) and then cross a beach up a hill to a cabin. The guy in the cabin had an accent and then sends you out the backdoor while he protects your back.

    1. ildarion

      It’s the “Estranged Act 1” mod

    2. That is Estranged, but it’s not the one I’m thinking of.

      Like I said, I’m pretty sure the guy was a reskinned Barney who wore a Metropolice uniform so he could distract the Combine away from the unarmed player. But he wasn’t Barney, he spoke with possibly a Russian accent and was possibly the brother to the player character. This was probably something that came out around the time that Joutomaa and Eye of the Storm did.

  8. Zekiran

    And it’s not EotS? I was gonna say I faintly remember it being more Ravenholmish than anything else, and I know I’ve got both EotS and its similar Event in Village that I can load up.

    As an aside from this, I kinda like the way we scramble and look for clues around the mods. I almost want to say we should make a monthly event out of it, “guess the mod” 🙂

    ** edited:

    Unfortunately BOTH Eye of the Storm AND Event in Village will NOT start for me. Needs updated config / path information I suspect, it can’t load the main menu image or something. I get a white screen and Valve intro music and then it clicks, and dies.

    1. Unfortunately BOTH Eye of the Storm AND Event in Village will NOT start for me. Needs updated config / path information I suspect, it can’t load the main menu image or something. I get a white screen and Valve intro music and then it clicks, and dies.

      The next version of MapTap should address that. Let me know if you would like me to send you the beta.

      1. Zekiran

        I was actually JUST thinking whether Maptap would help that 😀 There are actually a couple things I’d love to have maptap do for me, including ‘keeping my video options’ from one mod to another… But yeah please I’d love to see if it works. Too many of these mods are broken and even though I’ve tried fixing them with the suggested ‘path alterations’ they seem to just not want to work.

  9. Zekiran

    I am almost positive that this is Ravenholm by Lord – the sequel Eye of the Storm has a similar feel when the introduction flashback happens – a trio of guys in a fire-lit ruined room. Accented Barney is in EOTS.

    I cannot get Ravenholm to run for a variety of reasons: It cannot find the right library, meaning the game info is absolutely screwed. Secondly, the download here is broken so I don’t know whether there’s a maptap-capable 7z of the mod and not an installer.

    But I’m pretty sure, like 85% sure, that this is the mod you’re looking for. The original version I have a backup of in my folders is a cz version, the Czech language one, which would probably have been the one you’ve seen too. It’s either Ravenholm or EOTS.

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