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  1. Mistake of Pythagoras
  2. Mission Improbable
  3. Research & Development
  4. CSS SCI-FI 3: Hardwired
  5. Human Error

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06 Mar 2016 Poll Question 338 - Has the release of Prospekt been good for the HL SP modding community? Do those 9,000 sales exclude refunds?
23 Feb 2016 Prospekt I haven't played this, so, I can't offer any additional criticism. However, I just got around to ...
09 Feb 2016 ChasmVille You're not alone! I actually didn't recognize the Submachine teleporter at first, but I was total...
28 Oct 2015 Identify This Mod 001 Sounds like it might be MINERVA: Metastasis, but I haven't seen/played a lot of it for a long tim...
02 Oct 2015 G String Beta I've finally gotten around to working on playing through . It's certainly not perfect, but the or...
27 Aug 2015 Poll Question 318 - Have You Ever Fired a Real Gun? I've also forgotten to log in before leaving a response!
29 Jul 2015 Hobo Adventure I think that this is a mildly interesting, very brief play, maybe. The first map was somewhat...
14 Jul 2015 RCDF Industrial Mission Do you have a link?
12 Jul 2015 TG Mast Takeover Judging from the description ("you have technically won"), is there not an actual end to the map?
11 Jul 2015 TG Mast Takeover Didn't really have much to enjoy about this one, though I suppose the headcrab canister smashing ...
09 Jul 2015 Quick Escape I actually kind of enjoyed the brief action offered by the map, I guess. Though I suspect that it...
09 Jul 2015 The Mineshaft Starting with what I liked about the map, I thought that the "mine cart" helped define what point...
09 Jul 2015 Introduce Yourself Ooh, there're a lot of personal favorites of mine in the Hall of Fame. I loved Mistake of Pythago...
09 Jul 2015 Introduce Yourself Oh gosh, most of the folks on this page seem to have some pretty impressive backgrounds and quali...
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