Black Death

for Half-Life

26th March 2006

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

A Russian mod that I have yet to play. The ReadMe is all in Russian so I can’t tell you much. You’ll just have to play it!

Basic Details
  • Title: Black Death
  • File Name: hl1-sp-black-death.7z
  • Original File Name: black-death.rar
  • Size : 50.7Mb
  • Author: Black Death Team
  • Date Released: 14 October 2004
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  1. Guyestonia

    Hmmm…something quite interesting … you as one of those black opps…but…seriously boring…and its all russian (i hate that)

  2. ETPC


    Come on, you all saw that coming.

    Admit it.

  3. Christian

    I started that one, but at one point there is an impossible jump to do. It would require a long jump, and there was definitely no ACCESSIBLE long jump accessory available in previous maps.

    I may start it again another time, but this is a warning: when you see the map where there is an unreachable one, try anything before you leave that map. This is probably the one which was needed. I never saw another one.

  4. bumtown

    black ops not black opps

  5. adam


    especially because a Big Mac costs $10 but they all have HALF LIFE

    do you know how many freaking half life mods are in Russia? Huh?

  6. Christian

    Ok, today I am starting this mode over again, see if I can find an accessible long jump device before reaching that impossible jump…

    I will post here on which maps I saw unaccessible ones…

  7. Christian

    I just had a serious problem playing this game again, so I explain and give the solution, if anyone else ever get the same problem.

    At various points in the game, the programmers decided to CHANGE the max running speed, effectively forcing the player to walk.

    That would be fine if the setting was restored correctly when the sequence requiring it is finished, however that does not seem to always be the case.

    There are a number of jumps which can only be made with a running start, and I was stuck in walking mode at the time of one such.

    To fix it, start the console, type: sv_maxspeed 320

    This seem to be the parameter for the standard running speed in most mods, while walking is at 60.

  8. Christian

    Well, I just reached the point where I was stuck, last time I played this mod.

    However, this time there is a moving object in the middle, which should allow me to cross over.

    This object was definitely missing the first time I played…

  9. Christian

    OK, finished it, this time around.
    The end is a bit stupid, I cannot help thinking that they just stopped the story when something else was initially meant.
    There are definitely a few bugs and problems, so one advice: Make a different NAMED save at the end of EACH map, you just may have to restart from it later.
    There are more than a few teasers as well (a.k.a. Red Herrings), with visible items which cannot in any way be reached. those items will not be needed, anyway.
    All said, I still enjoyed it.

  10. Andyno

    Hello there. I have some stuck problem – I finished the first mission and I’m back at the headquarters but I don’t know what to do or where to go. Please help someone.

  11. Go back to your bunk/room & the next map will load.

  12. Andyno

    Go back to your bunk/room & the next map will load.

    Thank you… and here’s another problem. After I shoot down the helicopter I killed everybody in the following building (except my companion of course :)) but don’t know what to do now…

  13. Errr, shot down what helicopter? What map is it?

  14. Andyno

    Errr, shot down what helicopter? What map is it?


  15. Sorry Andyno. Can’t help you on that one.

  16. Andyno

    Sorry Andyno. Can’t help you on that one.

    I… I don’t understand… I thought you finished this mod… πŸ™

  17. No. Maybe you can help me. I never could get past bd_07 after I shoot that helicopter down! I got frustrated with it & stopped playing it some time back.

    Don’t fret. I’m sure somone will be able to help you.

  18. Andyno

    This is weird because THIS is the first helicopter I shot down. I just get RPG and I used it on this flying machine. And I have to say that I didn’t noticed a helicopter before in this mod. Try to describe “bd_07” map and maybe I we will go any further. πŸ˜‰

  19. After the Xen sequence, for your next mission, you’re taken in a truck to your next level. Two snipers up high on towers with spotlights – enter through the big door & it has all the trucks/tanks. Then you go through all these corridors – few buttons to push & finally come out where you started your very first mission.

  20. Andyno

    After the Xen sequence, for your next mission, you’re taken in a truck to your next level. Two snipers up high on towers with spotlights – enter through the big door & it has all the trucks/tanks. Then you go through all these corridors – few buttons to push & finally come out where you started your very first mission.

    Eh, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say but I loaded a “bd_07” map again and I have to say: Of course, this is the first helicopter but there’s no need to shoot it down. After some time the screen will fade to black and you’ll find yourself in a prison cell – this worked for me at least. πŸ˜‰

  21. Didn’t for me. Some loads, the heli blew up by other means. Other loads, I had to shoot it down. After this happened though (either way), I could hear a sniper shot & the screen goes black but when it loads back again, I’m standing in the same place. I just decided to load the next map via console.

  22. Andyno

    Oh, that’s strange. I loaded this map via console too and I appeared in front of the door without any of my hardware or ammo (even my hud disappeared). So I came to that point where the chopper is and I was somehow wondering around and after few moments the screen blackened… and that’s it. I don’t understand why you found yourself in the same place… I hope somebody will help us though…

  23. muh

    I came to the scene with the helicopter – shoot it down… and then I get shot – by an unseen sniper or something. The screen fades to black and it loads my last savegame… of course! I got shot!
    I think there should be better innovations than instantplayerkill 8(

    But the marine action is pretty cool!

  24. piledriver

    I’m no mapper and I appreciate the effort that has gone into this mod. The set piece battles in the first mission are difficult and require a stealthy approach in every case. You’ve no chance of running in and blasting away. With this in mind, the many small faults in the map builds ruin the gameplay.
    If you can see an opponent, you should be able to shoot that opponent. I know there is a small error with most maps, even the original game. However, standing in plain view of a target and not being seen or able to shoot that target is no way to encourage immersion in the game. Lanching a grenade and having it hit an invisible obstacle near you hurts!
    The overall environment design is fairly average, even bland.
    Got to admit I gave up during the first mission (are there more?) due to my own lack of enjoyment. The thought of 160 MB of the same kind of stuff, and the above comments, put me right off.

  25. andrej
    Think Twice

    too hard for me even Rambo cant kill so many marines alone

  26. poisonheadcrab
    Avoid It!

    I didn’t rely like this mod and some maps were fell a part a little.

  27. TheRipper

    I gave this up in the 3rd map. Mainly because it’s very unbalanced. Either that, or the meds have been hidden very well… I mean, 3 levels full of soldiers, and one 15 point med… come on…! Also noticed the errors with the max walking speed, objects becoming invisible etc. Not very impressive architecture, graphics, gameplay… One thing was nice though, the ninja helping you out, like a barney… And she shoots much better.

  28. tox (dev)
    Avoid It!

    this is cursed, don’t play this!

  29. Ade

    if you say it’s cursed, some people (like me) will play it just out of curiosity

  30. Think Twice

    Slow and steady is vital in this mod. If you run and gun, you can expect to not make any significant progress at all. Grunts are abound and health is rarely seen, so you will need to play smart… or with some clever quicksaves. A few sounds have been changed, which is kind of nice, until you start wondering where you’re dying from. There are also few badly-designed areas where you can venture into and never come back. It’s highly recommended that you manually save after each map change or major firefight.

    However, the mod ends abruptly at “bd_08.bsp” with an instant kill trigger. I’m guessing another map was supposed to load but nothing happened. Unfortunately, this killed my motivation, and I’m way too frustrated to try and load the next correct map.
    Maybe at a later time…

    Also, concerning the max running speed: mine was automatically fixed when I got my “HEV” suit again (in the same place that you got it before).

  31. Ade

    So far, the fact that it’s not in English sucks, the doors are somehow disproportionate, but I got to see a cool running stove.
    I’m having a technical problem, it’s about the keyboard mappings. At some point, if I Alt+Tab to another application then come back, OR if I want to change my mouse speed (because it’s been changed by the author) and exit the game menu, none of my keys are working, the keyboard’s dead, the mouse is ok. I take a look at the Keyboard options and it’s blank, even though the config file isn’t. And restarting the application won’t do it, but starting a new game, will, I think (l know I restarted a lot of things and extracted the mod a second time). The odd thing is that the keyboard options are empty even at the beginning, but it works fine. I just don’t know what triggers this sort of bug, but I know I don’t want to start another game every time it happens..
    Help, anyone?

  32. I take a copy of the config file from another mod that I know has my settings allready set and rename it to userconfig.cfg and put it into the trouble mod.It still leaves the keys window blank but my keys are all mapped right.

  33. Ade

    Thx, it appears to be working this way.

  34. Ade

    Well, it is difficult and I wasn’t expecting so many marines, but I kinda liked it. You just have to be a little strategic, plus sometimes there were 2 packs of health at a time. There’s a glitch in the silencer, I keep seeing it like it’s firing, for a fraction of a second, even when I’m standing still. The mapping’s a bit odd (and a door had a knob on the right but opened to the left ;)) ) and there were 2 marines in start_04 which didn’t move and couldn’t be killed for about a minute, then they woke up. And in the same map I’m stuck. Shot everything and inside, upstairs, after going through the vent, there’s one door left that won’t open, but I’m hearing grunts behind it. This map is not about puzzles and hidden things, yet I can’t stop this feeling that I’ve missed something..

  35. Ade
    Avoid It!

    Ok, I’ve had enough. First of all, 2 crashes, second, that door finally opened after I chopped a dead marine which DIDN’t stand in the doorway, third, if I stand in the chopper in a certain place, my health drops (as sometimes happened in elevators, but NEVER in a chopper), fourth and last and inexcusable, after the first mission ends, I’m left with a knife to kill a zombie and a weapon which I CAN’t PICK UP and several Barneys start shooting and I can’t pick up the first Barney’s weapon either and, of course, with the knife in my hand, I DIE.
    I don’t mind the one too many enemies, the very little health, or the rocky walls that have too many straight lines to look real, but all these bugs are really annoying, and the last one, a hair plugger. I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep your cool and finish this map. I would say “Avoid it!”, but I’m gonna be fair and say “Too buggy for me!”.

  36. mcrip
    Play It Later

    Good and straight level design like older mods from ’99. Menu items are at the same place, so Russian is no problem. A few russian announcements came within the first ten minutes, no matter for gameplay. Opposing Force looked about the same as this, its a long one too. Because there are only Grunt-enemies and a have-to-fight-through-mission instead of Escape-from-Black-Mesa my advice is Play It Now!

  37. mcrip

    Hmm… I used noclip two or three times where I found no way to the other side and where it was nerving to get into the ventilation system. This mod is long an straigt, so it is worth a few hours of gameplay. Cheat if it’s too hard and play it later.

  38. Think Twice

    Russian mod, and as usual for them they’re not that good but for those who like this “Russian style” it’s okay I’m afraid. Excuse me, but I can’t name even one great Russian mod… proof me wrong please via telling me a good one πŸ˜‰

    -Lot of action, lot of weapons and ammo
    -Decent leveldesign
    -Some nice scripts
    -Cool new sounds for doors etc.
    -Long playtime (~1-3 hours)

    -Balancing (!) – it’s very tough as there is almost never one alone enemy and there is LESS health
    -Bugs (triggering scripts, game crash, graphics etc.)
    -No movement keys included (fixed manually)
    -Story? – sorry, I’m no Russian, all texts in russian, readme doesn’t help too
    -Ridiculous and mean enemy placement
    -Some mapchange spots are just placed bad
    -Many design oddities
    -Sometimes poor mapping, graphic bugs and ugly lighting

    Note: I doubt it’s possible to finish this without cheating, such as noclip and godmode. Tried to play without but at some spots it wasn’t possible for me to access some spots without noclip. Furthermore, I got bored after like 75% of the mod and continued only with godmode as there is like no health anyway (sometimes you play about 1-2 maps with loads of grunts or an army of aliens but there is just NO health…)
    In the late part of the mod is a room with two health chargers and plenty of healthkits, BUT it seems to be inaccessable as there is no door or vent and the window to it can’t be broken (so noclip is the only way I guess) – lol??

    1. can’t say I agree with your comment about no good Russian HL mods πŸ˜› i’v played more than a few AWESOME ones (& Czech mods too) I just started playing this one , it’s Well Chill so far (about an hour & a half into it at moment) & reminds me heaps (quality & look/feel wise at least, like you could “merge” the 2 maybe) with a fave Russian mod I played a few years ago ( ) which was a bit short I thought, but still quite intense on “difficult”, ( & why play ANY game or mod on less than most difficult setting, good for the brain/reflexes πŸ™‚ ps, you’v prob got this link, but I keep finding new mod links there every time I check, some average, some Awesome, worth a look , & this one has a few “keepers” too, njoi

  39. i can see why so many negative comments, i’v played a heap of HL mods & this was probably the most frustrating of all, but I did really enjoy the maxed out difficulty (no cheats) even if I did swear profusely at times (many times :), the only actual problem I had was the “zombie, knife, & mega barneys” bit that you “drop into” on returning to your room, I guess it’s supposed to be a “post-mission nightmare” ??? because I really can’t see how to beat that crowd of barneys, but if it is a “dream sequence” then i’d expect it to have a waking as the end of it, not the constantly dying (i spent 15minutes trying different ways, none worked), but it appeared to be a scripting error of some kind, the console kept reporting “failed to load bd_08.txt” (or something along those lines), & the only way I could get past it (sort of cheated there I guess) was to enter “map turma_01.bsp”, which loaded the next mission. I really liked the “end boss”, I should’v guessed who it would be from the plethora of sharpshooting barney’s, in summary, well worth the AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHs & reloads (i made quick saves every map change, & later in mod, before lots of corners πŸ™‚ ps, I finished with zero armor & 11 points of health, but then for most of the game I was on 10 health zero armor, just near the end I got back (finally) to 100 hp (luckily πŸ˜› )

    1. decided to replay this today, as that “cheating” to get past the barneys/zombie/knife bit didn’t sit well with me, glad I did, turned out to be easier than I thought, simply a dodge zombie, rush & knife 1st barney, dodge zombie & run back in to start room, let zombie get killed attacking other barnies, then shoot them with 1st barney’s pistol, & YAAAY!!! heap of maps that weren’t there on my 1st run loaded, it still ended like a “dream sequence after dropping off xen “island”, but nice run of enemies 1st, then new mission that took me (eventually) back to the “instant player kill” mentioned by others here, which seems impossible to avoid, ie, I pass between low “sandbag walls” & new area loads with chopper, snipers etc, but instantly hit by sniper, then wake up in cell in “turma_01” map, with no apparent way of movement, ie, every movement/action key or mouse button simply reloads the cell &, after allowing over 15 minutes to see if it was a “realism” issue of extended waiting for new event/map-load I decided to check here again… guess it’s another console load to turma_01 & continue from whatever again πŸ™

  40. EMMO


  41. Chris Marsden

    Finally managed to play (and finish) this one, and for what it’s worth, thought I’d throw my thoughts into the ring.

    If I could give it a rating, I’d say ‘Avoid It!’ based solely around the difficulty, because if you thought the opening sections were tough… trust me, you don’t want to get to the final part of the mod.

    The levels here aren’t all that well made, but they are playable once you know what you’re doing. The lack of an understandable plot is also forgivable – it’s not super important, and you can kind of muddle your way through regardless. The difficulty though… it starts being pretty hard, and just gets tougher and tougher.

    Others have mentioned the Barneys, but I don’t think they mentioned that they’re now armed with 357s, which can kill you in around 3 hits… and they can fire those things pretty quickly. So imagine how much fun you’ll have when you enter a courtyard with around a dozen of them! That’s generally the point where even the most determined player will throw up their hands and start cheating.

    Finally, this is actually a surprisingly long mod. It took me nearly 2 1/2 hours to complete… and probably would have taken me longer if I hadn’t turned God mode on for the last 45 minutes. I think the reason no-one’s mentioned this is because so few people have finished it!

    A few notes to help people who are stuck:
    – The controls are borked by default and don’t even appear in the Steam version of Half-Life. Head to the mod folder and delete config.cfg – this’ll make the mod generate a new one when you try to play the mod again (you won’t be able to see them, but they’ll work).
    – At the start of the mod, you’re meant to move slowly until you pick up your PCV vest, at which point you’ll return to a normal movement speed.
    – If you’re a couple of maps in (past the point where some grunts are frozen in place) and you see a gap you can’t jump across, you’ve missed a switch that activates a bridge across the gap. Return to the truck and past the grunts behind the sandbags is a building – the switch is in there.
    – Make sure you hop aboard the helicopter when it comes to collect you. You’ll need to climb onto some boxes to reach, but you can’t break them. Watch out for the sneaky grunt hiding behind some though!
    – Not sure what to do upon your return to base? Try going to bed – a good night’s rest should do the trick (ha!).
    – Once you play through and find yourself returning to a previously visited building, go to the menu and make a manual save. This is in case the forthcoming level transition doesn’t work! What you’re meant to do is activate the computer upstairs to open the doors, then go outside down the stairs. There’ll be a level change. After this, DON’T MOVE. A voice will shout out, the screen fades to black and another level change switches you to a prison cell. If that doesn’t happen for some reason, reload the save and try again.
    – Stuck in the prison cell? Search your bed for a knife and destroy the toilet. Simple(!).
    – Don’t be afraid to use the 357 against the Barneys – they’re wielding them as well, so you’ll have plenty of ammo. Or you could just turn God mode on, because this is where the mod REALLY gets hard.

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