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musician/songwriter/poet/occasionally voracious gamer
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  1. bloodrayne 1
  2. gta san andreas
  3. neverwinter 1&2
  4. fistfull of boomstick (ps2)
  5. max payne 1&2

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Latest 25 Comments
25 Nov 2014 Azure Sheep usually means you'v left a corpse on the other side of the door earlier, either backtrack if poss...
08 Nov 2014 Ashfield tried it in non-stem hl, same on open gl, ie, cut scenes work, intense magnification appearing as...
03 May 2013 Black Death decided to replay this today, as that "cheating" to get past the barneys/zombie/knife bit didn't ...
08 Feb 2013 Challenger Deep after playing "Red Star" the other day &, contrary to its many poor reviews, thoroughly enjoy...
06 Feb 2013 Red Star Episode 1 liked, finished with full health (no armor though) & heaps of health packs still reachable un...
06 Feb 2013 Red Star Episode 1 there's also a pick-axe you grab early in the mod, slower than the wrench but more damage dealt p...
06 Feb 2013 Red Star Episode 1 no need to cheat, just jump from the ladder towards the window (you'l land in the ooze) & qui...
05 Feb 2013 E7 Black Star 6h30m total, but only found 3 secret levels, arena, oasis & cyber, all cool though (also only...
05 Feb 2013 E7 Black Star though, wouldn't it be more the "prequel" to Dopusk 31??? it's a few years since I played it (&am...
05 Feb 2013 E7 Black Star similar, I just ran back past the corridor though, then waited until he'd walked into the "button...
04 Feb 2013 Black Death can't say I agree with your comment about no good Russian HL mods :P i'v played more than a few A...
03 Feb 2013 Black Death i can see why so many negative comments, i'v played a heap of HL mods & this was probably the...
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