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I have played almost every HL1 mod in existence. Yes, even the Russian and Czech ones. If you like goldsource alot, check out my youtube channel. Unlike most people I play a custom-coded and/or modded half-life, so there will sometimes be interesting differences in my playthrus. For example, in my Half-life playthru the crowbar has been replaced by a different, yet familiar, weapon.
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I play pretty cautiously, and conserve resources whenever possible. I also play on hard whenever possible. Here's my comments on each weapon in vanilla HL: Crowbar - The ultimate ammo conserver. It can reliably kill headcrabs, zombies, houndeyes, and (sometimes) even vortigaunts with minimal health loss. I usually expect crowbar to be given early on, but if it isn't then I will usually avoid melee enemies entirely. Glock - The most Overpowered weapon in the game. It has extremely high accuracy and can rapid fire if you're desperate. 9mm ammo is generous in most mods, especially ones with soldiers. Because many enemies do not engage beyond a certain range, the glock's accuracy makes it awfully easy to take out enemies from long range. 357 - High damage weapon. Not as accurate as glock, but can easily stunlock enemies like alien grunts. Ammo isn't widely available usually, but this gun is great for some burst damage. MP5 - Terrible weapon in hard mode due to low damage. You have to prefire alot if you want to use this. Of course, this weapon is OP because of the noob toob grenades. shotgun - Another weapon with consistently high ammo due to it's respectable damage. Useless at long range and unreliable at medium range, but very good for camping and peek shots. crossbow - Long range sniping weapon, but cannot reliably hit moving enemies. Does very high damage. Ammo is usually lacking so I don't use it unless I can snipe idle enemies. RPG - usually this is only given when you have to fight tanks or Apache's. Apaches take 2 shots on hard. Unless you need to take out an Apache or maybe a garg there is usually no reason to use this. tau cannon - extremely overpowered in deathmatch (multiplayer), but in single player you'd be lucky to even see it in a typical mod. Ammo is usually nowhere to be found because this thing is too OP and turns the game into EASY mode. gluon gun - even more overpowered in single player. Very few mods will give you this weapon. It's good against gargs if you dont have a truckload of explosives on you. hornetgun - another over powered weapon. It has infinite ammo and will be homing in on enemies. Basically you can shoot around corners and enemies will die before they ever see you. It will also mess up sentries and turrets. hand grenade - Useful equipment all around. Throw it around corners, take out gargs, and distract soldiers. I usually save these up but since you get 5 at a time it's really easy to have lots. satchel - Situationally useful, I don't use it much. It's very limited, but enemies ignore it so you can take out a group easily. tripmine - You'd think this thing basically does the same job as the satchel, but tripmines are actually better. If the mod developer missed it, you can use tripmines as a step ladder to skip areas and other neat stuff. snarks - Extremely situational. It's only really useful against soldiers since they dont attack aliens, but soldiers can consistently shoot them down even as small as they are. You'd have to throw like 10 of them all at once to be effective. pipewrench - slower than crowbar, but does double damage and can charge up for a high-damage hit. combat knife - double damage compared to crowbar and just as fast. I think gearbox weapons have too much power over vanilla ones. barnacle - kill headcrabs easy from long range. Other than that, you will need to use it to get past some areas. Not much else to it. (Very useful in sven coop though) desert eagle - Another power creeped weapon. It's superior to the 357 because the red dot makes it perfectly accurate, and it's faster and has one more shot per clip, at the cost of slightly less damage. The damage is still high enough to stun lock enemies, and because it's faster it can take out most soldiers and even assassins VERY easily. m249 saw - Too overpowered, extremely high rate of fire combined with high damage, but uses ammo FAST. Use this and the next area is basically a cake walk. displacer - I wish more modders used the displacer. Because outside of OP4 you'll probably never see this weapon, or its awesome secondary feature. sniper rifle - gearbox loves their powerhouse weapons. This does A HUNDRED damage points. For reference, a medium difficulty soldier has 50. This gun is basically oneshots everything that's not gigantic. I think this is why there's only one sniper assassin in the entire OP4 game, because this weapon is too strong. spore launcher - better version of the RPG, without laser guiding. Ammo is easy to hoard. shockrifle - regenerates slower than hornet gun, and cannot be used underwater. Good against enemies underwater though, but against anything else it has unremarkable damage (compared to the other gearbox weapons) m16 burst rifle - a bit slow, but damage is respectable if you can aim. I wish more mods used this weapon. p904 - basically the same as mp5, but shares ammo with the minigun. I'd rather use the ammo on the minigun instead. minigun - pretty good, but burst damage is much more important, so shotgun is preferred. plasma gun - all these particle effects and I can't even tell if the shots are actually making contact because the particles seem to have an arc... beretta - slower than the glock but does more damage, I think. The animation is a little weird. m41a rifle - I think it does more damage than mp5, but like I said before, burst damage is better so shotgun is still better than this. kmedkit - it's very limited and kate gets healed whenever you reunite with her, so just keep kate back and you don't have to use this.

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I've played basically every single player HL1 mod. (I might have skipped a few single maps but that's it)


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I can code too, but only weapons and monsters for goldsource. I am not a professional coder so you know.

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