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Half Life is my all time favorite game, unless you can go far enough back to remember the splendid, amazing, spectacular, ground-breaking Starflight, the best game of all time. Played it on my Tandy 186, in glorious Tandy 16 color. Took over 6 months to solve it. We discussed it on the BBS sites...long before the internet came around. I learned to play HL after watching my son and feeling jealous because of his skill with the keyboard and mouse. I took a week of vacation, got in groceries and turned off my phone and worked at mastering the skills. At many points my mouse arm and hand turned to icy stone, but I got it and now I am hooked!
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I always play on hard difficulty. I don't pay too much attention to life points. I have gotten through a lot of very risky tense battles with only 1 point.

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  1. Lonely Planet
  2. The Wolf Among Us
  3. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  4. The Shore
  5. Talos


  1. Strider Mountain
  2. Azure Sheep
  3. Poke 646 Vendetta
  4. USS Darkstar
  5. Portal

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Latest 25 Comments
17 Mar 2021 2020 General Chat Hi Unq and Phillip, I am just finishing Portal 2 and already getting withdrawal. I see there are...
17 Jan 2021 TWHL Tower 2 I had a lot of fun with this mod because it was designed by different modders. Therefore each lev...
27 May 2018 Cry of Fear I spent about 15 minutes trying to back off of a door lock puzzle about 15 minutes into the game....
26 Mar 2018 Deliverance Need help with what might be a glitch? I got the keycard and opened that door. Both my scientists...
29 Nov 2017 Opposing Force Birthday Livestream Al, I am 70 and still playing the heck out of HL. I just finished Opposing Force for the 3rd time...
15 Oct 2017 Deadlock I love puzzle games, and puzzles in HL. However, the clues in this map were for me either very ob...
11 Sep 2015 Hour Glass Kyle, I played Journeyman Project, when it came out. I recently started it up again.
11 Sep 2015 Military Duty I had a great time playing this mod. I played in Steam. I played on hard, so that may be what ga...
06 Sep 2015 Military Duty Spoiler - I finally used noclip, to get unstuck while riding the train at the beginning of level...
05 Sep 2015 Military Duty I think I found another glitch. On Map 7 there is a room with a small train..single car. When I g...
04 Sep 2015 Military Duty I figured it out. No need for the clue...was really tough to find...love this mod!
04 Sep 2015 Military Duty Problem solved, and Spoiler alert! I went back to restart level Mil_duty6 saved it to my "stuck...
04 Sep 2015 Military Duty The reticles finally appeared on the revolvers and the shotgun, but not on the machine gun. Lovin...
02 Sep 2015 Military Duty 23 Down, I am playing (on Hard) and I cannot see any gun sites..think that is what they are calle...
01 Jun 2015 Half-Life: Visitors I finally was able to move forward after using noclip. It took me many MANY tries! I am a good ju...
27 May 2015 Half-Life: Visitors Thanks Phillip, Here is the link. http://www.meetcarolynblake.com/stuck-on-visitors/ The passwo...
27 May 2015 Half-Life: Visitors I am not able to reach an air vent, as was mentioned by Zekiran. I hate to use cheats, but in thi...
22 Apr 2015 Focalpoint I just finished Focal Point. The ending was so satisfying! I had a few problems maneuvering and...
20 Apr 2015 Focalpoint Thank you Unq. After about 40 tries, I used noclip as you suggested. I am now happily playing.
19 Apr 2015 Focalpoint Thanks Unq. Typed in "status" to the console and got this: # name userid uniqueid frag time...
17 Apr 2015 Focalpoint 2 years later after my first comment, I am finally playing this mod on my PC...wouldn't run on my...
10 Mar 2015 Strider Mountain This mod was a very nice surprise and I was really pleased with the high quality maps and gamepla...
14 Jan 2015 MapTap 2.5 Beta RC1 is Now Available I fixed it. I used a program called Everything to find hidden Maptap files from an older install ...
14 Jan 2015 MapTap 2.5 Beta RC1 is Now Available Hi Phillip, I can't install Maptap. I get this error...tried twice. Error Opening File for Writi...
30 Sep 2013 Focalpoint I am playing on a Lenovo dual core 2327 Mhz processor, with 3 gigs ram, Soundmax HD Audio, and In...
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