Opposing Force Birthday Livestream

17th November 2017

As Half-Life 2 just becomes a teenager, the venerable Half-Life inches closer to a whopping 20 years since release! But that celebration is next year at this time.

However, its sibling release Half-Life: Opposing Force is turning 18 years old this very weekend, and we’re celebrating with a full Op4 livestream just like last year for HL!

I (Don) will be streaming Opposing Force starting Sunday the 19th at 1pm Eastern US, which is 6pm in the UK and 7pm in Central Europe.

Don’t worry, the Classic of the Month is still coming, just not this weekend. There may also be a surprise stream this weekend – as usual keep your eyes on the RunThinkShootLive twitter for announcements!

You should double check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time.

The stream will be on the RTSL YouTube Channel.


  1. JamaicanDave

    Nearly two decades since Half Life’s release? I now feel incredibly old 🙁

    1. AI

      When your my age (I’ll be 72 in Feb) only then start complaining!! 😉 “Live long and prosper”

      1. Al, I am 70 and still playing the heck out of HL. I just finished Opposing Force for the 3rd time, to honor its birthday and play along with Unq. Truly the best game ever!

        1. AI

          Thanks for the reply!! Here I thought I was the only “oldie” on this site still playing! See we can’t let the younger ones have all the fun!! 😉 I’ve been here since “2006”

  2. I played a free Opposing Force demo game that introduced me to the HL universe. It got me hooked and I’m still playing them. I’ve bought every HL release since then and WOULD buy HL3 if it ever happened!

    1. Unq

      I didn’t know there was an Op4 demo out there.

  3. There was Unq : It contained only the first few levels though so nothing different or fancy.

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