Week 49 – Weekend Livestream Schedule

2nd December 2015

Hi Everybody.

This weekend, Darren will probably be streaming Chaseville on Saturday at 1pm GMT.

Phillip will be starting his Strider Mountain adventure. He will be streaming on Saturday Morning, Sunday morning and maybe in the afternoons too. You will need to check the RTSL Twitter feed for announcements.

On both streams we will be giving away a few copies of Decent: Underground as well as at least one copy of Circuits, all courtesy of SteamContests.com AKA Aaron’s Giveaways, so a HUGE thanks to Aaron.


  1. I’ll be brutally honest and say that I quickly got bored of Strider Mountain and never finished it. That said, I will definitely be hitting up the streams. 😀

    1. Yeah, me too, but I’m gonna try again.

  2. Incidentally, Descent is the game I first cut my teeth on when mapping, in the old MS-DOS editor DEVIL. Even though I never got into the multiplayer side of things, which is what Descent: Underground is targeting, I still backed their Kickstarter. These devs really seem to know what they’re doing and have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I also like how they are bringing new ideas and refinements to the table. The multiplayer community for Descent, what’s left of it at least, is very entrenched and I welcome a game that challenges them to think outside the box, instead of existing just for them.

    For nostalgia’s sake, I actually made a map for the original game back in September. Have a look if you want: http://jgimba.com/?p=335

    If you don’t know what Descent is, it’s an FPS game that came around the time of Doom. The twist was that instead of running, you’re actually flying through the levels in a ship that can stop and turn on a dime and even fly upside-down. Gameplay, therefore, revolved around strategies that exploited the vertical axis just as much as the horizontal axis. It was somewhat ahead of its time in that it had fully polygonal enemies and real-time lighting effects.

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