TREE: Half-Life 2 Podcast

26th May 2013

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

As part of The Replay Experience Experiment, here is the fourth of a number of podcasts, discussing one of the games we have played.

In this case, it’s for Half-Life 2. Joining me on this podcast is Don.

We discuss Half-Life 2 from a number of different aspects. Believe it or not we nearly forgot to talk about Alyx!

Both Don and I will respond to any comments you may make, so please don’t hesitate to comment.

Listen to the interview


The Replay Experience Experiment

This post is part of the The Replay Experience Experiment 2012 event. This is a chance to replay all the Half-Life games and discuss them based on our experiences since we first played them.


  1. Unq

    Did you discontinue your iTunes podcasts?

    1. No, but for the first month, the newest podcast will only be available on SoundCloud to ease the load on my server. After that, I will upload it to PP and manually add it to iTunes.

  2. Tudor

    Whew, first podcast I’ve sit through. Not bad at all.
    What is the ending music, kind of reminds me of the bar music from the game Freelancer.

  3. Another great podcast as always. I still haven’t finished my HL2 TREE, instead I’ve been spending more time on mapping when I can.

    Totally agree with Unq about the squadmates in Anticitizen One, they have always annoyed me and put me off that part of the game. I also think your discussion about the way players can choose their own pacing is an interesting one. It’s something that really made the game for me because I love going off and exploring those extra locations away from the action. For that reason Highway 17 is probably my favourite chapter.

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