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1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: Sooper
  • File Name: hl1-sp-sooper.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 177Kb
  • Author: Mark Kerby
  • Date Released: 29 April 1998
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  1. Mel
    Avoid It!

    Very short/no story/no puzzles/no ending/and one big bug – will not load or save games.

  2. Ten Four Reviews

    Mark is a member of a new mapping team called Solid Napalm. This is both his and his team’s first release but, for a change, it’s not too obvious. Unfortunately, the level is over so quickly that you won’t even have to time to notice how good it looks. As you might have guessed from the filesize, this is not going to be a long-term investment. You’re looking at maybe a minute of playing time, rendering the whole exercise somewhat pointless.

    Considered purely as a demonstration of his mapping abilities, Sooper is not too bad. It looks pretty good and he’s included a couple of little set-pieces, even if the first one isn’t quite perfect. If this was stretched out into a full level, it’d be an impressive debut; as it stands, however, it’s not worth the wait while Half-Life loads.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Saturday, 16th October, 1999 by Morgan.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  3. Avoid It!

    I have literally no idea what the first room of this map wants me to do. I attempt to reach the door, I fall through the floor and die. I jump on the way to the door, it doesn’t open… I had to noclip.

    The rest of the map is fairly boring. Lots of combat in tight spaces that the AI can’t really navigate all that well. An interesting mix of themes throughout the map, but overall it’s just a little boring to play through.

    I’m also unsure as to what the cutscenes at the start and end of the map are trying to show me… but the readme states there is no story, so I’m not going to worry too much about it.

  4. Maybe?

    You spawn by a door that allows you to do the ‘door vox easter egg’ so for that reason alone it’s worth having around. Short map but ok visuals. It’s literally a corridor with different themes so from that perspective it’s a bit interesting. I recommend using ‘impulse 101’ once, it gives you enough ammo and weapon variety to get through the map but not so much that you’ll steam roll.

    Door Vox Easter Egg –

  5. Think Twice

    It’s the first mod, I use noclip. What the hell! there’s nothing working in the first corridor. The poison water kills too fast, no switch, nothing, all surface is iron. So supposedly the door must open and it doesn’t. Beside of this if you get into the room with the rocket launcher you are automatically killed with noclip. Maybe noclip + god requires to grab that rocket launcher who know. But the next two enemies abosrb all the bullets leaving you with nothing. It’s even worse, sometimes bullsquid even survive forcing you to use the crowbar losing tons of health. Grabing that rocket would make the first battle nice. Why people create shit that is not even used lol??!! Terrible mod, miscalculated, short, with big error. Just crab.

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