Riot in Progress

for Half-Life

1st September 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

After the Assault on Roswell you destroyed the Alien Virus. at least you think you did !, it seems you yourself were infected and have become a carrier of this mind altering disease and are the unwilling host bringing the virus to your place of birth Portown. (a medium sized town on the coast.)

With increasing intensity the pains in your head and the epileptic seizures you endure along with the alarming waking nightmares of unknown evil beings bring you to the conclusion you must find a cure or die trying, with most of Portown losing control with the disease, you have become the Avatar and the last hope of civilization, but at the same time you are the Reaper of all despair and destruction. The future is in your hands ultimate evil or ultimate salvation. The choice is yours are you up to it?

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

After going to see your Scientist friends at the Black Mess-up Facility they confirmed you were indeed infected with an Alien Virus and that they had no cure as yet but said that the head of Black Mess-up wanted someone to return to Portown to contain the Virus and as you spread it in the first place you seemed like the most obvious choice.

He also said that if no cure was found then elimination of all suspected contaminants must be completed and you must take the Red Pill (not the white one) when you have completed this mission!


The download file includes version 1.2, the 1.3 patch and also the optional 1.4 patch, which is for those who feel the mod is too hard, and lowers the damage from 20 to 10 when saving without a Save-Gem.

Basic Details
  • Title: Riot in Progress
  • File Name: hl1-sp-riot-in-progress.7z
  • Original File Names: Riot in Progress.exe, Riot in Progress patch 1.3.exe, Riot in Progress patch 1.4.exe
  • File Size: 68.0Mb
  • Author: Riot in Progress Team
  • Date Released: 29 December 2003
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  1. Mel

    I have attempted to play through this mod 3 or 4 times without ever getting near the end, I just give up in frustration every time. It seems such a waste of some very good work and top class mapping that we finish up with a game almost unplayable. The level of hardness and complexity set by the authors results in a game without fun, no flow and poor balance of all the gameplay elements. I am aways worried about posting a negative view relative to a game which has so much petention, new ldeas and top class design from a very talented team of mappers, but at the end of the day if you produce a game without fun and near impossible to play, then whats the point.

  2. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 4/5
    Good: All new textures, people, etc; unique saving system; first/third person views available.
    Bad: The colors burn my eyes!; third person is somewhat hard to play in.

    Riot in Progress is a sequel to the mod Assault on Roswell. In AoR, you were destined to destroy a virus, and in the end, you do, or did you? RiP picks up where it left off, and it seems you yourself were infected and have become a carrier of this mind altering disease, and you are the unknown host bringing the virus to your home of Portown. Good story, and as such, you go around killing everything that moves. Zombies, soldiers, etc. The only bad things I can say about this are minor. First, there are a lot of colors, like neon colors.

    Second, it might be too hard for some folks, but fortunately, there is a patch to make it easier. And lastly, I got stuck in third person view once, and had to resort to uninstalling, then reinstalling the mod. After that, it worked fine. The third person is definitely unique, and there are some places in which it is indispensable. It reminds me of Splinter Cell and Hitman, though certainly not as polished. Overall, this mod is cool, so you should probably go get it.

  3. Ade

    really nice job with this site (but I miss the scrolling icon in the address bar:P) and sry for the offtopic 😀

  4. but I miss the scrolling icon in the address bar:P

    I really surprised anybody even noticed that. let alone remembers it! That took ages and ages to make! What a PITA that was!

  5. Ade

    PITA lol
    well, it was ‘something else” (original), that’s why I remember it 🙂 i’m sure i’m not the only one, maybe they were too afraid of offtopics, which reminds me.. I will shut up now

  6. Ade

    thx, dl-ed it, started to play.. but my video card is driving me nuts.. so sry I can’t play it, cus is sounds pretty cool..

  7. piledriver

    Looks good. Cant play very far, got stuck in 3rd person and I am in another room away from the camera. Seems to be no control over when 3rd person comes on. The bound keys don’t control it.
    Most frustrating. Big download, good setup installer. Unplayable. 1/5

  8. Anon-00709
    Avoid It!

    this mod is a waste of time for me. No cheats, no fun. *uninstalls after 2 minutes*

  9. migandi

    to bring up cheats type


    in the console!

    i dont think it allows god mode
    but u can get notarget and noclip up!

    if you get stuck in 3rd person just save and when u reload u should be in 1st person?

  10. Avoid It!

    Still stuck in 3rd person on reload, and after reinstall. Would like to play without having to use cheats. This one’s not getting another chance.

  11. Freedom
    Play It Now!

    Original, cool, some difficult and a lot of surprises: one of the best mods for HL. Very big job Migandi!

  12. Could somebody please help me in finishing this mod? I’ve reached ahsew1c, and can’t figure out how to open the gate directly after the exploding crate. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

  13. Anon_218847

    Figured out how to continue the map, nevermind.

  14. Maybe?

    This is a controversial mod with original storyline, but it requires a lot of patience in passing. If you still want to try it, I recommend you to avoid playing it on hard level. Anyway, there are a few moments in the game that are almost impossible to pass without cheating (not because of enemies, but because of the increased complexity of actions that must be done).

  15. 2muchvideogames

    I’ve gotten as far as the train hub, where theres a continually circling train here. I also cleared the area that was featured in the credits screen, but I’m stuck (for the 100th time)

  16. 2muchvideogames

    Well, I finally beat this game. Only took a year or so. What an expansive mod.

  17. Unknown

    Riot In Progress:



    2.Bonus Levels

    3.Secret Walls Open Up

    4.Interesting New Weapons

    5.Decent Music Mainly Techno/Club Music

    6.It Has A Decent Start-Up For It’s Introduction

    8.Almost Every Area Is Different Or Has A Different Atmosphere

    9..Many New Enemies To Fight, Different Enemies Through-Out The Modification


    1.Un-Even Surfaces Or Plat-forms

    2.Save Gems Take A Lot Of Health

    3.N.P.C.s Have Trouble Following You

    4.You Can Get Stuck In Third Person View

    5.It’s Very Easy To Die If Your Not Care-ful

    6.Their’s Little To No, Direction As To Where To Go

    7.N.P.C.s Do A Lot Of Damage, Some Even Kill In One Hit

    8.Accidentally Killing An Alley N.P.C. Could Hinder Or Stop Your Progress

    9.Story-Line/Plot Isn’t Explained As Much As It Could Be Through Out The Mod

    10. Certain N.P.C.’s Are Incredibly Hard To Kill And Spawn Frequently, Making Ammunition Very Limited

    11.If You Don’t Have Enough Health For Some Areas For Some Reason Going Through Different Spawning Areas Kills You

    This modification could definatley score an 8 or higher if a few things were fixed, such as, The Save Gems Doing No Damage, but you could only save if you have a Save Gem! A little more, Health/Ammunition to deal with The Spawning N.P.C.’s! And at least a little Direction as to where to go through-out the mod!

  18. I think that this one is what you can call “cult mod”. Yeah, its strange, very difficult, but there are lot’s of old school players loving it. It’s so easy to like and hate this mod at the same time.

    And it really is total conversion, theres not that much left from the original Half-Life. Full playthru i think.

  19. Wraith777

    Good news everyone!!!

    FROM NOW ON YOU’LL NEVER HAVE PENALTY FOR SAVING THE GAME IN R.I.P.!! (well, this is somewhat virtual, but read further)

    I’ve figured out how to deal with this miserable save-gem “feature”.

    All you have to do is:

    1) Activate cheats typing in console: forwhowantstobethebest (thanx to migandi for tip)
    2) Spawn as many save-gems as you want (within HL map entity limits, of cource:)) in your inventory with this command: give item_savegem

    So, now you can atleast play it as usual, maybe even enjoy it…

  20. Hec
    Play It Now!

    This mod is very well know into the modding history, because of its sometimes insane difficulty and some annoying parts including the fact that you can’t free quick save (as you are penalized if you don’t have gem-saves), so you have to collect many gem saves if you want to play it “legal”…. So it is hardly recommendable if you want to enjoy the mod and play without any troubles that do the procedure that says Wraith777!!!! I did and I’m glad I did it, I could only that way finish the mod and actually enjoy it.

    So once the disclaimer has been stated, let’s review this mod

    Riot in Progress (RIP) is possibly one of the hardest and less valued mods in HL1 modding repertorium history. Possibly because its general layout is intended for advanced players with so much experience into the HL1 mod gameplay.

    Also for many, and I can count myself in there. The worst decision of this modding team was to mess with the player freedom to do quick saving without being health penalized. I can say for sure that really sucks, and for many, many gamers that little fact was the main one to make them hate this mod.

    That’s being said, yeah, I can say this mod is one of those that you’re gonna love it or hate it. In my own experience I just loathed it when I played it 10 years ago!! Of course back then I definitely was a rookie mod player, and a terrible one!!! So the dynamics of RIP just didn’t work for me… Anyway the bad taste and the feeling of one day wanting to complete the mod properly, and I mean by that just following some video-walkthroughs for some help, reminded untill now that I did that and completed the game. Which by the way for me it was only playable in the HL1 WON version.

    This is also a very, very long game, easily you are going to be playing this for more than 3 hours in a row, so be warn. And also as I said previously, you will surely need some help via walkthroughs, so here I thanks to the Youtube User “TheMegatonBomb” for his fantastic effort of uploading its 53 episode walkthrough!!! Without it I’d be just fried as heck into the mod.

    Now, the story of the mod is quite cool and picture the old boring G-Man into a very spooky annoying creature that we just will have to kill at the end. Also another thing that I just loved from this mod were those fantastic custom weapons available and overall the all new enemies models, it’s quite impressive how they transformed the old classic HL enemies into these new cool ones.

    The mod is also as like to categorize it, one of those of the “Old School” HL1 mods. And by that I mean, is one of those mods which heavily rests on retrieving keys or key cards puzzles, and a lot of backtracking is included. In personal I just hate backtracking, and possibly here in RIP that’s the main reason for you to get a proper walkthrough to just don’t get confused and lost into one of the 29 maps this work has!!! Yeah, we have 29 maps in RIP…

    Also we found plenty of secret areas where they just prize the player by discovering them with some handful ammo and health and armor items. I don’t know, but from my point of view that just feel nice, I mean to be a gamer and found a secret area with useful items is just a nice incentive to explore the cool maps.

    Now, the overall mapping in this mod, is just pretty nice. I just loved some maps, and they also have this sweet “Old School” layout and texture looking, they’re very from the early 2000’nds era, some of them are only comparable to some in the classic CS, or the fantastic “Brain Breed” mod. I loved many maps in this mod, like the initial Portown Bank, and overall the whole Portown urban areas. And the Portown subway was a really cool map and how it connected other crucial areas of the mod via this subway!

    Here I also remember there is one of the hardest maps in HL1 modding history, and I’m talking about the Portown sewer system, if you make it until that point I recommend you to be very patient, as you will require a good walkthrough to solve the puzzles, and be patient with “Luther”, yep, that annoying friend you will need to escort to his house outside the sewers…

    Also the battles in there are quite cool and they’re always exciting. And here I also recommend you to play this mod in an easy skill. as the normal skill is very challenging and the hard one well is just a madness I don’t recommend you to try.

    Overall this is a fantastic mod that has some very impressive maps. In my opinion I say yeah, it can be very annoying at some points, but if you dare to play it and don’t get frustrated and just work it out and play it, it’s definitely worth it as you surely will get entertained. Now that i’m thinking about it I did get entertained, I overall enjoyed the mod, and it was nice to have many maps in it until you reach the end.

    Many cheers to Migandi!!! I think he definitely did a remarkable job with his mod. Despite that terrible decision of messing up with the quick saves… I don’t know, possibly this mod it was just quite ahead of it’s time when it was released back in 2003. You know, in some gameplay aspects I just remember the highly controversial but interesting “Cry of Fear” mod because we have some back trackings in there and quick savings are just not allowed.

    I have always said my favorite HL mod of all times is the fantastic “Heart of Evil” because I just love Vietnam war stuff, and the Marlon Brando movie “Apocalypse Now”, in which the mod is inspired. I just love how that mod is available in the HL1 WON version, the Steam Gold SRC version, and into the HL2 Source version. And you know, now that I think, It would be pretty cool that RIP would have a revisited Gold SRC version at least, I know it would be pretty hard to have that as a project, but it would be just really cool… You know, maybe if Migandi make some things simpler, and get rid of those annoying gem-saves, we could have a just great new well-fresh deserved version of RIP 12 years later now.

    In conclusion, this is a very outstanding mod despite its controversies, I say is a Play it Now! and if it weren’t for those minor annoying issues definitely would be a PF.

  21. WSADKO

    Completed the game yesterday.
    Yes, its hard, but quite unique – story is there, hub system and puzzles with high, but not that insane difficulty. Trick is to know goldsrc engine and its exploits. This mod wont let you cheat with console, but demands that you cheese it. Patience and spacial orientation skills are required. Considering this mod is absolutely mental – i give it 10/10. Walkthru is on my channel – unedited and streamed.

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