Retribution 2

for Half-Life

7th April 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Retribution was never released but a demo level was. You can download it here: Retribution 2 demo. (It’s 5.01Mb) The reason it was never released was because XaeroX (the author of Retribution) was focusing on his other upcoming releases. “Also the Retribution 2 project is now “Option Implicit” – it will be a totally different mod that will use a different engine (not HL) and will have nothing to do with HL.” In that case it’s not Retribution 2 at all!!

Thanks to M0rt@nius for the information and finding the demo file.


Well, what can I tell you about this mod? Nothing, but at least you now know it’s available! I think it’s fair to say that Half Life Retribution was enough of a success to make it worth the while of the developers to make a sequel. If anybody would like to add any information about this mod then please email me. If I find out anything useful about the mod I will post it here.

I would love to hear from any Russian readers (I checked my logs and have had 28 unique visits from the Russian Federation this month) who can order this for me and I will send them cash first!

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  1. TheRipper

    So how do I make that jump?

  2. TheRipper

    Okay, I made it. Well, it’s a very short demo, but otherwise than that it’s very good. It’s a canyon and an underground tunnel leading into a room, nothing more. A few monsters and 3 grunts.

  3. ZikShadow

    The link is kinda broken, Phillip, can you reupload it?

    1. The first link was working, but I corrected the second link.

  4. Maybe?

    Very short technical demo of an never released mod, it may could have been quite nice.
    Maybe someone else will finish it sooner or later, but I doubt it.
    It starts in an outdoor area, HL style, grabbing several (well-known) weapons, defusing C4 bombs, fight some new enemies until you reach a facility with human grunts. And that’s all folx..

    -Some new graphics, textures, enemies if I’m right + outdoor is always nice
    -Railgun! (from classic multiplayer shooter “Quake III Arena”)
    -Good balancing
    -A few scripts

    -No story, puzzles
    -Very, very short
    -Less action
    -The game never saw the light of day, so there’s only the demo

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