Poll Question 168 – What kind of holiday would Freeman have taken?

18th April 2010

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As with all my “What would Freeman…”, the question relates to BEFORE the Black Mesa incident. Let’s see if we can get a sort of consensus of his character.

This week, I ask about the type of holidays he would have taken. You can choose a number of options this week.

I’d like to think that he was already and adventure kind of guy but he certainly could have been geeky enough to spend his time in museums!

What do you think?

The Poll


  1. Zikri

    Gordon is a scientist, like every scientist, he would have gone to the City Tour, for learn about some stuff, I think he would go for a City Tour.

  2. Grey Acumen

    I voted Other: Mountain Retreat Style.

    While he may be a scientist, it’s in a specific branch that is is highly math and logic based. Any information that he needs is more likely to be up to date on the internet than it would be out in a museum (even if it’s supposed to be late 1990s when the Resonance Cascade hits. So I disagree with the idea that City Tour is all that likely.

    He’s also younger, has a propensity for firearms and other armaments, and some pretty damn good endurance to be able to keep moving as long as he needs to just to survive the events of HL1 and HL2, suit or no suit. Put simply, there’s no way that you get that type of physical conditioning as a Theoretical Physicist, so that means that his activity list must be heavily supplemented with hobbies that are good for physical endurance.

    A Mountain Retreat would be good for the endurance specifically, but would also be a chance for him to spend time inside his own head to work on the logical theory behind his field (think Albert Einstein, who figured out about the curvature of space by thinking about how a beam of light would act in an elevator)

    It’s also highly likely that Gordon is either in the NRA, or has a buddy in the military who he goes to the firing range with regularly, if not both. I’m not exactly Mr. Gun Expert, but I know enough for how to load, arm, aim and shoot a gun that I specifically have used before, but I’m not sure how well that would apply to different guns that I’ve never used before, and it certainly wouldn’t apply to a rocket launcher. Sure, Black Mesa has the Training Facility but that really only covered the use of the assault rifle. I don’t think it even covered the use of the pistol.

    1. has a propensity for firearms and other armaments

      How do you know that?

      1. Da Fat Cat

        Have you played Half-Life, Phillip? 😛

        I think he was an adventurer.. It would certainly explain his physical abilities and willingness to fling himself across elevator shafts to latch onto ladders. Or he mght have been at the beach beating the crap out of crabs…

  3. Gordon is like me. Hang on. He is me.
    Holidays are about escapism – reality escapism
    Adventures with rivers and mountains; that’s the way to do it.

  4. Anon_220162

    Gordon is a zombie killing, cap-busting, alien hunting bad ass so adventure would be his style.

  5. confused

    I don’t think he would take holiday vacations. He just doesn’t strike me as that kinda guy.

  6. I’d like to think that he’d be going on a relaxing stroll through a museum– he IS a physiologist, after all (, right?). I mean, sure, the game is based around his adventures, but I think it’s all somewhat against his will, as everyone is always telling him what to do, and he can’t necessarily fight back, being a mute and all. Any second opinions?

    1. Grey Acumen

      Theoretical Physicist =/= Physiologist.

      Physiologist = Biology

      Physicist = Study of forces and the interaction of energy and matter.

  7. He looks like a friends and family type of guy I think.

  8. Berrie

    The vent crawling story seems to suggest he would be an adventuring kind of guy. I do however see him sampling culture when he has the chance.

  9. Gradius

    I vote rock climbing, he’s clearly physically quite fit. He also seems to adventurous type given his inaversion to scaling rooftops and sewers and giant alien citadels.

    Also, who’s actually working on entries for Hunterville (I am providing I can get the bloody enemy spawning to work.

  10. He would go to Thai and get the hook and the drugs

    1. Kyouryuu

      Because as we know, one night in Bangkok makes the hard man humble.

      Wait, that sounded weird.

  11. Talon

    Considering his prowess with firearms, he’s probably had some experience with hunting. He may have also once been in the military and learned some of these skills in boot camp.

  12. Nrmartins

    I think he would cruise, participating in The Ship 😛

  13. zekiran

    I voted city tour and friends and family.

    Remember that he had a photograph of a young child in his locker. That to me says that he’s got SOME kind of attachment somewhere, if not his own kid then someone close enough to have their kid’s baby picture in his locker!

    Now, whether that baby is Alyx or someone in his direct family, who knows, but I think that says he’s got some family that he loves.

    But also, he IS a scientist. Yes, he’s trained well enough to use the HEV suit and it has weapon capabilities, but I don’t think that he really would concentrate on that kind of thing on a vacation.

    Perhaps paintball with Barney and lol drag Kleiner out to a field. 😀

    1. You make a good point. He probably goes shooting/hiking on a regular basis on weekends or after work or something, but holidays would almost certainly go towards friends and family at that rate.

      1. Guh, I keep thinking of stuff just as I press the “submit comment button”

        I just considered something; it’s possible that the picture is of someone who is not still alive. In which case he probably WOULD have spent time with his family, but there’s no certainty that he still does.

  14. Gordan has always seemed to be quite a multifaceted individual to me. I could easily picture him on the football or lacrosse team in high school, getting his fair share of girls, just as easily as I can picture him at a ” string theory ” symposium at MIT.

    Although he’s no athlete, he stays fit and would probably consider rock climbing, skiing, basketball or any number of moderate level sports a pleasure. Plus, he does have that dare-devil element to his persona, so I wouldn’t dismiss motor sports for fun either.

  15. Soylent Bacon

    He doesn’t like to talk about it much, but he’s quite the adventurer.

  16. Ctoagu

    Gordon kinda strikes me as the adventurer type as well, to some degree – though I can also see him taking a City Tour, or visiting family and friends (picturing Freeman at a barbecue as I’m typing this). I mean sure, he’s a physicist, but to be able to make it through the Black Mesa Incident like he did, it takes great endurance and a bold mind, and leaping across elevator shafts and taking on entire platoons of HECU soldiers, hordes of Xenians, and a while afterwards, the Combine, it all speaks for itself.

  17. I have a feeling Gordon is a bit strange and would do something like, rent two rooms in hotels near the industrial shipping yards in some eastern European country. And spend his whole vacation watching giant cranes unload cargo containers from the window of his hotel room. Moving back and forth between the two hotels, messing up the bed and leaving the room service card on the door handle so that the maid will fix the sheets and place a mint on the pillow. Upon returning to a room he’d hurriedly snatch the mint up and place it in the breast pocket of his lavender smoking jacket. In his right pocket he would keep a smoking pipe, but never use it.

  18. Nrmartins

    Gee where are the updates 😛 ?

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