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17 Jan 2011 Sebastian Yeah it was great!!! but as always too short.
17 Jan 2011 Share Your Desk Setup well James I'll give you a run on speaker overkill, but I only have 80 watts to power mine; looks...
31 Dec 2010 The Citizen 2 good mod. (but) I could not find anything after the big courtyard fight. Is that the end?
24 Dec 2010 Joutomaa Redux I do not even download many HL mods anymore this was fun, not disappointing nothing broken, but w...
25 Apr 2010 Muripo I used every cheat that was made, I have played many HL mods since 1999, but I quit playing this ...
19 Apr 2010 Poll Question 168 - What kind of holiday would Freeman have taken? He would go to Thai and get the hook and the drugs
10 Apr 2010 Poll Question 167 - What type of car would Freeman drive? DUH??? Q would repair 007 car sell second hand to gordon, gordon would drive it for 30 seconds t...
14 Feb 2010 Outpost 16 very very good but too short I hope it is only a demo would love this in a full version. Lots ...
09 Feb 2010 Human Error I am liking it, the battles are full of action. , and I do not like the voice naration, I tried t...
06 Feb 2010 Slums 2 it's good. the game was just fine and fun to play;
26 Jan 2010 Poll Question 004 - What is the most important aspect of a game? not having to use noclip door or a vent that is impassable
25 Jan 2010 Poll Question 156 - Which Alyx do you prefer? I do not like her she is always in the way, I wish I coukld kill her off forever! She is as usel...
24 Jan 2010 Dangerous World definitly good work I have played it twice and will play it again
24 Jan 2010 Torment [This comment has been removed because it broke the .]
23 Jan 2010 Sniperville I do not find directions of how to get the mods into the sniperville mod. I have downloaded th...
21 Jan 2010 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition Maybe I killed barney I have a habit of that you know thank you I will back up look for barney an...
18 Jan 2010 Tower It is not finished, if you have nothing else to do it is something to do.
17 Jan 2010 Strider Mountain nothing was broken (did not have to use noclip) it was not short; in game spoiler movie clips are...
17 Jan 2010 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition I do not think I am at the end but it would be the first time I asked how to proceed, I am stuck....
15 Jan 2010 Phantom Of Mars not for me: kind of a stupid mod: as short as it was their was even a vent which was not work...
12 Dec 2009 Offshore Fantastic MOD!!! I had some trouble getting into the vents/ducts. and had to use noclip often ...
11 May 2009 Poll Question 123 - How many mods do you play at once? I download several at one time start lots pick one play itm forget which one I started then start...
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