Poll Question 123 – How many mods do you play at once?

10th May 2009

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Personally I only play one mod at a time because my attention span is so short I would forget what each mods is about.

That said I used to play more than one mod at a time and did the same with books too. However, now that I am a going-gray gamer, I’m finding that a bit harder.

Maybe it’s more to do with my personality than my age?

I am working on a bunch of project related to PP/gaming at the moment, so it’s not as if I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, it’s just I prefer to really get immersed in what I am playing.

Now I think about it, I prefer to watch my TV shows that way too – all in one go.

What about you?

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  1. I only play one at a time,but download as many as I can to stock up. Then, I play them at my own pace. Stretch them out, so I’ll always have a mod to play!

  2. 23-down

    I usually play only 1 mod at a time. But if I get stuck in one i’ll try another mod and continue playing with the first mod if i’m in mood to try it again.

  3. Jasper

    Ooooh1 One at a time is quite enough thanks!. 2 or more would fry my little brain.

  4. Kasperg

    One at a time. My problem is usually downloading more than one, playing the one I’m more tempted by, and then completely forgetting the other mod is in my hard drive.

  5. AI

    Only 1 at a time! I put the other DL’s in my “unplayed” folder, then have at ’em later!! Phillip, e-mail me a pic of your Grey Hair! You”re still too young!! 😉

  6. I usually download and play many mods at once. In fact I am playing 3 games at the same time right now. The problem with this is that you might start to lose interest with the other mods, and eventually forget about them.

  7. Talon

    Definately one at a time. I also try to limit the games I’m playing at any one time.

  8. john

    as they are released I download them, if I like them which is most of them. I check to see if they work, basically get the first weapon, then stop. if I get really really stuck in a mod I might jump over to another for a while then come back to the first one.

  9. dougjp

    Exactly as Black Dog said. I try to keep up to date with downloads, keep a handwritten list of those and give each a rating after I’ve played them. Unfortunately I’m nearly up to date 🙁

  10. SPY-maps

    i to play one at a time, same with games for that matter. I like to get realy into a mappack/mod/game, and this is best done when you play one at a time.
    am glad to read that most people play one at a time!!


  11. I download several at one time start lots pick one play itm forget which one I started then start more.

    The important thing Is I finish all of them

  12. Usually I only play 1 mod at a time, and I beat 1 mod before I move onto the next, but if I have a particularly long mod, along with a few mods that I know are fairly short, I play through the short ones to act as a palette cleanser so I don’t get burned out on the longer mod.

  13. I can change games/mods at will. I often play several different ones in a single day.

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