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29 November 2009


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Casual gamer and somewhat serious level developer. Working on the mod Room Escape and a variety of other projects.

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21 Apr 2012 The more we play, the less we love? To chime in with what you started with, I've read from a few sources (though none being peer-revi...
05 Mar 2012 Poll Question 263 - Do you own any Valve merchandise? Got a black mesa mug right now. Sewed a head crab and snark plush in the past but gave those to s...
29 Feb 2012 Your flashbulb memories of Half-Life games. My first memory of the half life games is when I was very young, like around six or seven not lon...
08 Dec 2011 HalloweenVille I enjoyed myself with these maps. Great job to all those who participated. Here are my opinions f...
22 Dec 2010 Joutomaa Redux Played the first Joutomaa and there certainly is a considerable increase in the level of refineme...
19 Apr 2010 Poll Question 168 - What kind of holiday would Freeman have taken? He looks like a friends and family type of guy I think.
29 Mar 2010 Poll Question 165 - How did you learn about mods? Well, the first time I had an experience with a mod was with "Wanted" and "Redemption" that came ...
25 Mar 2010 Is This The Future? Just because Valve loses interest in the Half-Life story arc doesn't mean that people will stop d...
20 Mar 2010 Poll Question 164 - How do you prefer making your kills? It all depends on the enemy. Combine, I try to kill either far away or very close. Zombies, excep...
16 Mar 2010 Poll Question 163 - Is Endless Spawning a Valid Gameplay Mechanic? I do agree that endless spawning can be used in certain circumstances, but usually just ends up g...
12 Mar 2010 Redox Finally got a chance to beat this map. The level design is great. The architecture has a certain ...
13 Dec 2009 Dangerous World Undoubtedly one of the better mods that I've played. I loved that little extras that were put in,...
30 Nov 2009 Torment Definitely an amusing map. I'd call it somewhat psychologically intimidating rather than scar...
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