Poll Question 263 – Do you own any Valve merchandise?

25th February 2012

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

So, you probably saw that thing about some toy being stolen from some toy fair.

Forgive the condescending “some” but I really don’t think it’s news.

Did get me thinking about Valve merchandise though. I own a T-shirt but I got that because it came with a game I bought on E-bay years ago. I’ve never worn it and it’s still in its box. Hopefully, it will be worth millions of Dollars when I need to retire and I can live my dying days in some 5-Star hotel in Malibu or Hawaii.

Now I am pretty sure William from Podcast17 has more stuff from Valve than I have socks (which is actually a lot – need to prune those soon!) but I am also sure that there are plenty of Valve fans that read this site that also own tons of stuff.

I dare you to count and add up the cost. Person with the most expensive collection wins. NO CHEATING!

But seriously, they make some great stuff and it’s always nice to support your favourite rich developer.

Time to Vote!


  1. Mega Sean 45

    I own a Headcrab hat. I used it for Halloween a couple of years ago, dressed up as a Zombie! =3 I also wore a SWAT constume last year, so maybe this year I can be a SWAT Zombie!

  2. Soylent Bacon

    I think all I have is a Midnight Riders shirt. Looking at it now, I don’t see much that really appeals to me. Maybe I’ll get a Mann Co. or RED shirt at some point.

    My girlfriend, on the other hand, has nine of the items I see available, as well as a Sniper shirt and I think a Scout shirt that I don’t see in the store anymore. One of these holidays, when I have the spare money, I should get her one of those plushies…

    edit: For some reason I forget all those words above the poll exist. Sorry for not reading. The thief is a jerk, my purchase was $19.99, and her purchases I can find add up to $172.75 with current prices! If fandom were measured by support through merchandise, she would be nearly 9 times the Valve fan I am, with items relating to Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2 AND Left 4 Dead, versus my measly Left 4 Dead 2.

  3. voldomort42

    List ahoy! I have the underground poster kit, both sets of stickers (the 1940s signs and chamber stickers), the BLU patch, the 1940s Aperture shirt, and the steam powered comics book. My friend smokes me in the dust though, as he has virtually everything portal related from the store.

  4. Unq

    Yep, some – most of those were gifts. Quick list: L4D, Ep. 2, and Portal posters (9 total I think, none of them are hung up), headcrab plushie, and the awesome Citadel lithograph (recently framed). Also Raising the Bar if that counts.

    On a side note I have some non-Valve HL-related stuff, like a 3rd party stuffed headcrab, a wooden Osprey model, and a small crowbar. And Neca just showed a sweet Gordon statue on sale later this year that is probably a must-have for me – http://imgur.com/Q2Qez

  5. zonbie

    I have…

    – “Raising the Bar” hardcover book, it is my prized item
    – Headcrab hat (one size fits all if you know what I mean, om-nom-nom)
    – Aperture Science glass x2
    – Aperture Science track jacket
    – Portal 2 hardcover book, not nearly as interesting as “Raising the Bar” though 🙁
    – Half-Life 2 “Evolution” shirt (features the ape-man-Combine evolution cycle)
    – Companion Cube plush (he took a bullet for me once, what a pal)

    And I have two 18-inch crowbars…under my bed and in the trunk of my car. Valve needs to make their own version of that for great success. I think titanium alloy would be the best choice, not too heavy.

  6. Hec

    No but i’d love to have a Gordon Freeman Action figure someday!!, I don’t know if they exist!!?? I hope…

  7. Aren’t there some cool T-shirts with Gordon and / or the crowbar with a neat caption? It just came into my mind, I want something like that =)

    (Yes, meaning I don’t have any merchandise yet, voted it, but now, I want such shirt!) O:)

  8. wreade1872

    I got 4 t-shirts (favourtie is bright orange with aperture logo), a companion cube plushy (actually two as they were for car), vort plushy and blackmesa mug all as presents. So never bought anything for myself.

  9. Got a black mesa mug right now. Sewed a head crab and snark plush in the past but gave those to some friends. Probably will sew some more in the future.

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