Poll Question 164 – How do you prefer making your kills?

19th March 2010

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

I suppose this could depend on the enemy in question but if I think about it I always prefer to take out my enemies from a distance, especially Hunters! Maybe that’s why I love the crossbow and grenades.

Perhaps, it’s related to my skill level? If I were a better player “up close and personal” then maybe I would enjoy it more. Being able to circle an enemy while whacking him/her/it with the crowbar is not something I am particualrly good at. It might be as simple as more practice oir maybe it’s a personality thing.

That idea has always interested; whether we could do personality tests based on your playing style in certain situations. What exactly does “prefering to stick a crossbow between their shoulder blades at 100 metres say about me?

The Poll


  1. MNM

    Successfully? :p

    Nah I prefer sniping, nice and stealthy 🙂

  2. tungsten

    the crossbow silent and deadly always my first choice with the zoom on,also like to use the crowbar to save on ammunition mainly on those b——-d crab heads I hate them will avoid maps with spawning crab heads as I end up swearing like a trooper and have to go to the co -codomol bottle

  3. I like tactical combat gameplay so “Within shouting distance” with a bit of gun & run “Up close and personal” to break things up a bit.

    Unless the Combine can shoot back at you, distance sniping with the zoom is not combat and is most unsatisfying.
    No more fun than slaughtering meat animals at an abattoir.
    It’s much better to get close enough and take out Combine with the pistol, Magnum or the Crossbow/Sniper Rifle without zoom.

  4. Legionnaire

    Depends on the enemy; Overall I tend to prefer sniping/sneaking around when that option presents itself, but there are always going to be situations where something like a shotgun is the best tool for the job.

    That being said, these are probably my most used weapons (in order):

  5. galocza

    i always preferred a stealthy approach.
    i voted “The further the better” but it could have been “Up close & personal” just as easily – I like to hunt the enemy: close up or from a distance doesnt matter. I know hes there, he doesnt know im there – and then a one-hit kill…
    in deus ex I used the silenced sniper rifle (and pistol) and the dragon tooth sword.
    it is quite possible that ive spent more time sneaking in fallout3 than walking or running.
    so I like games that have the option to be played stealthily – but those where this is the only available approach – a bit less.

    1. Senator33

      Shotgun in the face of the enemy is most satisfying. Both barrels.

  6. The shotgun has always been my favorite method of inducing lead poisoning into my enemy. Next would be a well timed hand grenade. Rounding out the top 3 would be the AR2.

  7. If they’re far enough away, I like to use the crossbow+scope, or even the pistol.

    However, I usually prefer a little closer, and then like to use the AR2, .357 or shotgun as ammo allows. I only use the SMG if I have to–like, when I have the buggy and unlimited ammo.

  8. the further the better

    1. Says the man developing a crossbow-based mod!

  9. I feel that it depends on the environment that I am in.

    If it’s open with limited cover I generally keep as far away as possible and snipe. If I am in corridors or smaller enclosed areas, I go for shotgun at point blank. Between those situations, I mix it up depending on how I feel at the time.

    I also enjoy the challenge of crow-barring antlion guards on occasion.

  10. If possible, shooting barrels at the enemy with the Gravity Gun and watch them burn is still my favorite , up-close, the shotgun with secondary fire will be my choice.
    But I have to admit, sniping with the crossbow is also very satisfying, so it really depends on the situation.

  11. It all depends on the enemy. Combine, I try to kill either far away or very close. Zombies, except for the fast and the zombines, I kill with the crowbar. Antlions, I kill at shooting range. Ant Guards, if space permits, I try to use only crowbar, since they are relatively easy to dodge as long as you have plenty of room.

  12. Shotguns.

    They’re amazing, but Don’t really every use both barrels unless I know I’ll be able to reload for a couple of second before I need to shoot again.

  13. Armageddon

    I do them all.

  14. Kyouryuu

    Gotta go with the trusty BOOMSTICK.

    You can find it in the sporting goods department. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

  15. nige

    I like the colt 45 it usually only has to speak once.
    Also I like running back and drop a couple of grenades as I
    go whenever the situation arises.

  16. nige

    sorry its a 357 magnum not a colt 45 been watching too many
    western(oater) movies I guess

  17. I’ll chime in with my preferences too.
    Of course you have to grant some amount of flexibility for your game play tactics to the varieties of themed maps and mods and also to the individual styles of the Author and/or Developer.

    I’m a fan of the tactical approach when possible – getting as close as I can to deliver enemy gifts. Honestly, I could happily play with only the crowbar, pistols, grenades and that sweet shotgun. I rarely use the machine gun or assault rifle in avg. play ( grenade launcher does come in handy though ).

    Crowbar- for all head-humpers, slow zombies, manhacks, scanners and just for fun melee.
    Pistols- I go for the head shots – near and far ( ammo allowing ).
    Grenades- Who doesn’t love a grenade ? Clearing room for pistol practice and flash fried snacks.
    Shotgun- Like so many others here, I just have to have one ! Charging or retreat-baiting, secondary fire handles the needs of everything else. A game without one seems…lacking somehow.

  18. Up close and personal. My crowbar does not reach as far as shouting distance. No good with grenades either, most of us ladies are hopeless at throwing stuff.

    1. Is that why I never think of using the gravity gun to toss a grenade back–my gender?

      1. Scraps is my ‘she who must be obeyed” A great HL fan and she comments here occasionally.
        When she throws something it barely travels 4 yards and not usually in the direction intended!

        You can also drop one of your grenades, pick it up with the G gun and then hurl it so that it explodes before the Combine have done a runner, great fun. Timing is everything.

        1. Oh.
          She’s posted just above you. Comrades in Arms?

    2. That’s too funny ! 😉

  19. I really enjoy sniping, but I prefer close combat over distanced combat. Especially when using the Shotgun. In GTA IV for example I only killed important characters with either a heavy rifle or a beautiful shotgun. Maybe even a direct rocket launcher hit would do the job. So, yeah, like the poll says, it depends if its personal or not.

    Medium range is something I can’t really deal with…

  20. k00pa

    If the enemy is at range and I have .358/crossbow. I am most likely going to snipe it.

    But if there is combat going on, I would rather go up to close because it does more damage. Example at hard difficult the shotgun does 1 shot kill only at close range. (with 2 barrels) Its also easier to spray all smg bullets to the target when there isn’t much space to miss the bullets.

    So… Partly both, depends on the situation.

  21. jgoodroad

    I have killed a hunter with a crowbar, it was on that fake EP3 mappack on the first level, the mapper didn’t give enough ammo…sadly the second hunter got me.

    I even adjust it via console so it shoots more pellets…for the lulz.
    (yes I turn down the power to compensate)

  22. Nrmartins

    I say open close and personal since I generally use the shotgun to kil my enemies. from long range I use the 357 magnum. I find the crossbow rather slow.

  23. I usually prefer to run away, so I guess the further the better.

  24. Corporal Adrian Shephard

    I personally like SMGs, Assault Rifles etc.So I preffer shouting distance.

  25. Dorgles

    It really Depends on the weapon. The Half life games got amazing shotguns, and nothing beats getting right up in a combines face and unloading 2 shells into its face, especially if hes strafing sideways, and the ragdoll does a somersault. I also like using the SMG/AR2 at medium range if theres good cover, you can duck in and out of it and not take any damage with enough skill.

    Also, am I the only person who uses the crossbow at close range? It sure is effective against those Elites.

  26. Where’s my Dragunov SVD!

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