Poll Question 031 – How many other game genres do you regularly play?

18th May 2007

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Other Genres?

I don’t often talk about other game genres here on PlanetPhillip.com, but today’s Poll Question is exactly about that. Defining exactly what is and isn’t a game genre is interesting but out of the scope of this post, so for now:

How many other game genres do you regularly play?


I used to play some driving games but haven’t played for a long while. I would like to play some fighting games but can’t find any good PC demos to try. What about you?


  1. I admit, I’m an MMORPG addict. However, I back when I actually played console games I would play fighting games more often than FPSs and RPGs. Driving games were never much my style, but I also play a lot of arcade-style games online Flash games.

  2. Limited to FPS and Driving…and I don’t even have enough time with limiting to two genre…

  3. zeroth404

    I couldn’t help but notice there is no ZERO option….

    anyhow, I voted 2. RPGs, be it Zelda or whatnot, and Action games like Metroid.


  4. I couldn’t help but notice there is no ZERO option….

    An excellent point. I wish I could claim it was because I knew people played other genres but in fact it was simply an oversight!

    I admit, I’m an MMORPG addict.

    Shame on you!

  5. FPS is my favorite, but I do like RPG’s (just not MMORPG) and arcade style games. I’m completely terrible at driving games even though I am a good driver in real life. For some reason, I always over-compensate and meet my impending doom. Oh, and I like the fighting games where you take on another fighter and seem to be very good at those. I have 4 older brothers & being the only female of the siblings, I got my hiney kicked quite a bit if I wanted to hang out. So, maybe now, I just like to kick a lot of arse.

  6. I too was looking for zero. I have Call of Duty 2 and Fear on my computer and haven’t touched either one for months. I have no idea why. Once upon a tine, I wanted try out Systems Shock, but never got around to it. Not crying, but I have had a lot of health problems the last few years and I think that has diverted my interests.

  7. Well, I do like to play the Fallout series every so often (even though it’s mostly an hour a day a week, now).

    I like to fire up The Movies and mess about, ocassionally actually making a movie. I think Theme Hospital fits into the same genre.

    I used to play RTS games like Command & Conquer a lot, but not at all, nowadays, simply because they don’t run on my modern system. HOwever, I have heard that there’s a pack with all twelve past C&C games out (all updated to run on today’s systems!) in celebration of C&C 3‘s upcoming release, so maybe I’ll check that out.

    I downloaded the System Shock 2 demo… and everything was the same brightness! I doubt it’s meant to look like that. Must be my graphics card… too advanced for an old game like that…

    dufferx, if you manage to get a demo working without graphics errors like what I just explained, then you’re a lucky dog!

    So anyway, there we have it — two other genres besides my champion, First Person Shooters, that I play. Hats off to FPS games!

  8. Ryan "Quakis" Rouse


    Mostly the sort of stuff I play.

  9. shungokusatsu

    I love to play fighting games, particularly Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Tekken 5. I enjoy retro-stly arcade shooters as well, such as R-Type Final (PS2) and some older ones like Hellfire and Thunderforce IV. Other than those it’s all fps for me.

  10. Matt Glanville

    I don’t know how many, it depends how far you want to go into sub-genres like survival horror, adventure, puzzle adventure, tactical action, etc.

    Generally I’d say I just play mainly action/adventure games, whatever gets my attention. I like Silent Hill games, God of War, Dynasty Warriors, first-person shooters. I used to be a big fan of Japanese RPGs but now I find most of them too slow and tedious(though Final Fantasy 12 has kept me hooked for over 75 hours so far).

    I don’t play sports games. I find them repetitive and boring, with the exception of a few gems like Mario Kart: Double Dash and Burnout Revenge.

  11. Manual_Monaro


    Real-time strategy and role playing games. The Command & Conquer and Fallout series are awesome!

    I also play alot of non-Sci-fi FPS, like Call of Duty, and I’ve just gotten myself hooked on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion!

    Oh, and Skul, you’ll be looking for C&C: The First Decade. I got it myself, and it’s fun to go through all the old games again. The bonus disc isn’t too bad, either!

  12. I love playing all kinds of games. The only games I havn’t invested a lot of time in are the RTS games. I like micro-managing but its too stressful when I’m under pressure and the enemy is destroying everything I have built up.
    But I do love the RollerCoasterTycoon micro-managing because I get to take my time and perfect every ride and theme.
    I absolutely love the FPS because there are soo many genre’s with that game style. Since you are in the eyes of the main character you can do almost any kind of game and the player will feel immersed in the enviroment and story.
    I also love racing games. I usually spend more time practicing than actuall racing, but they take a lot of patience and focus on small details to get every lap perfect.
    I also love the Myst games where you can discover the landscapes and architecture while solving puzzles to a mysterious story. The amazing graphics help a little too.

    I’m starting to worry that there isn’t anywhere else to go with genre’s. We just keep playing the same game with a different storyline, environment, weapons, and characters….

  13. I’ll play anyhting. Except, strategies and things with Sim or Tycoon in the title. So, I’ve voted 6+. Favourite genres, in no particular order are, FPS, Driving, Shoot-Em-Up, Third Person Action, RPG,Retro (That’s anything on older platforms that’s not a strategy or, have Sim or Tycoon in the title). I am currently playing, Gran Turismo 3, Gradius V, Final Fantasy VIII, ICO, and of course Half Life. My diet consists of wheatgerm and beeswax.

  14. cubedude89

    I love Survival Horror. and some 3rd person Action/adventure.

  15. I’m a adventure fantasy buff; Baldur’s Gate, Zelda, are my favorite series right after Half Life. HL was actually my BIG break into the Science Fiction and FPS genre, though Metroid Prime: Corruption was my First break into both those genres.

    Super Smash Bros is the only fighting series I actually enjoy, Brawl is in my opinion the most polished and balanced, so its my favorite.

    I don’t really have much else that I really favorite, but I also enjoy puzzles like Professor Layton and Ace Attorney series, and rhythm games like Elite Beat Agents and DDR. I also have played most mario games, but mostly as a distraction type of thing if there’s nothing better to do. I don’t seek it out the way I do with the other stuff I’ve mentioned.

  16. Amanda

    I play most different kinds of games. My favourite genre is FPS, second is probably racing, but after that I’ll play anything; I love Warcraft, and one of my favourite game franchises is the Donkey Kong series. I don’t like RPGs, though. The obsessive compulsive in me can’t cope with the imperfection of the gameplay. Even FPS games with RPG elements I can’t play seriously (this would include Deus Ex, System Shock 1 and 2, and so forth). Probably the one game I would never play is the Sims, mainly because I cannot see anything to enjoy in it (where does gameplay even enter into that equation?).

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