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27 June 2006


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Retired USAF a mighty long time ago.

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20 Jan 2008 Poll Question 066 - Is playing a game or mod on "easy" an insult to the mapper or dev team? I cannot believe a mapper or modder gives a flip about what level I play at. It's medium, by the ...
29 Jul 2007 Riot Act Finished and must use more space to say this is what an excellent mod has. One minor, well major...
28 Jul 2007 Riot Act So far I am very impressed. Like most people, I have certain dislikes such as wave after wave o...
24 Jul 2007 Zen Monastery I finished by cheating right, left and center and my opinion is:
23 Jul 2007 Zen Monastery I am only a short way into this mess and cannot recommend it. As I am only in a short way that i...
22 Jul 2007 Causality Effect I extracted it again and it loaded just fine after that. Turns out I had played it before and w...
22 Jul 2007 Causality Effect My initial try to load the game was at the seven minute mark when I gave up. Will try again.
26 Jun 2007 Infiltration Mod I must be in game bug land. Too bad as it sure looks good. Will have to change from green to g...
24 Jun 2007 Infiltration Mod Unfortunately I have had to use Noclip several times. I am now at the point where I am supposed...
17 Jun 2007 Operation Crimson Dragon I have played this and thought it was well done. Couple of rough spots, but it is a beta. I to...
21 May 2007 Awakening I crashed several times in the last level and just gave up. I agree its a good mod, but the acti...
19 May 2007 Poll Question 031 - How many other game genres do you regularly play? I too was looking for zero. I have Call of Duty 2 and Fear on my computer and haven't touched ei...
24 Dec 2006 Brave Brain I am being prevented from walking across the ramps after the G-man speaks to me. There seems to ...
24 Dec 2006 Poke 646 Vendetta I agree with everybody so far. Just out and out excellent. And yes, it is far too short. It is...
18 Oct 2006 Undertime I never found a weird thing. Not a very good mod or whatever unless it was his first one.
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