Infiltration Mod

for Half-Life 2

22nd June 2007

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Author’s Notes

“Infiltration bases technically on the original game Half Life² from valve. The modification continues the story of the Shooter and offers an alternative action strand. You can integrate Infiltration in the HL²-storyline but it does not start at a certain point in the known story. Because the Mod is designed by hobby-designers, it will be a free download.

“Complete brain control in form of an implanted chip – a direful weapon for the Combine. Nearly all human beings in City 10 are subject already either to complete control or succumbed to the consequences of the radiation. The radiation is a product of the reactors, those secure the constant functionality of the chips. The last rebels are in a situation almost offering no prospects. Absolute control and the stop of the “normal” social life let a complete city collapse to itself. The craving for power and the control craze of the Combine are now exclusively directed against the rebellion, while the remaining population sinks in chaos. Selected civilians serve thus against their own will the regime of the occupying force. To fight against the own people may be bitter, but what if even your closest familiar ones are used in order to kill you? Save your friends from the control of the Combine but plan you. They will not hesitate an instant to extinguish you!

“The own story of the Mod leads the player through completely new provided locations. Own textures and environments provide a dark atmosphere. New weapons support the combat experience and the reunion of well-known characters let the Half-Life Feeling arise.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Infiltration
  • File Name: hl2-sp-infiltration.7z
  • Size : 153.8MB
  • Author: Envisioned Games
  • Date Released: 20 June 2007

Download Options

Download to your HDD [153.8MB]

Installation Instructions (Steam)
  • Extract the Infiltration 1.3.1 folder into your Sourcemods folder
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Half-Life 2: Infiltration should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. The images are taken from the homepage and I would like to add some original ones, so if anybody plays this and has time to take some screenshots, please send them to me, thanks.

  2. Play It Now!

    Ive played about 2 hours or more of it and must say its got great potential.No serious bugs just small oned like things being invisible untill you get close to them and a few rooms where it looks like empty space from the edge of a map but you have to go that way etc.Right now I’m at a bridge watching a strider in a cut scene but its been in the cut scene for over 20 minutes.Maybe something messed up on my end?

    3 outa 5 for me.A patch for some of the bugs is coming.

  3. I have now replaced the link to the new much-reduced file. The original version contained content that was not needed.

  4. Jimbo
    Play It Now!

    I just got done playing the unpatched version. Pretty fantastic despite me having to noclip thru a few bugs that’ll stop your game. WAIT FOR THE PATCHED VERSION is all I can recommend. Once it’s out,

    Quite good. Lots of good gunfights. I’m too tired to write a review but I may do one later.

  5. Maybe?

    I can’t make my mind up about this one. Some bits are a lot of fun but other bits are pretty poor. The architecture is mostly good but the mapping is hit and miss and in quite a few places it just ends and you can walk off into oblivion! In some places the scripting failed to trigger the first time but a Quick Load normally fixed it.If they ever release a version that fixes all the problems I might give it another go but until then it’s just taking up space.

  6. I have now replaced the link to the new much-reduced file. The original version contained content that was not needed.

    Phillip, I know from reading on the forum and from here that you reduced the file size because of content that wasn’t needed. I’m curious to why Moddb has this same file in rar format but the d/l is only 27.42Mb.

  7. Nevermind. I think Moddb has a bad d/l or Filefront does since that’s who they’ve got it linked to.

  8. Enrico

    …but I have a PROBLEM after taking Alyx Gun: I arrive in a square with few enemies shoting from a house (1st and 2nd level of an “open facade”); I kill them all, but there’s no exit. Only 2 doors, closed.
    What’s wrong?

  9. itsonlydanny

    Hi Goddess,

    Yep, that exactly where I’m stuck. When you find out what to do, please let me know!



  10. Hi itsonlydanny,

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t played this one yet. I d/l it last night and hopefully will be able to start it this evening.

    I think your comment was suppose to be directed towards Enrico. I wish you guys luck in figuring it out.

  11. Unfortunately I have had to use Noclip several times. I am now at the point where I am supposed to be transported to somewhere. The thing refuses to turn on which has me in “stuck” mode. Other than that and a few personal dislikes which don’t mean squat, I give it a 3.75 up to the point I am stuck in.

  12. Mel

    I have started this one, looks to be quality, some very impressive set designs so far.

  13. Mel

    Enrico, Spoiler Alert;

    If you are where I think you are, then you need to stack two boxes up against the fence to the right of the square, climb over and down the drain.

  14. Maybe?

    I must be in game bug land. Too bad as it sure looks good. Will have to change from green to gold(?).

  15. Matt Glanville

    Hmm… I agree with Jumbles on this one. In some parts the maps are very nicely designed and look pretty good, but in other parts it’s either completely bland or there are horrendous gaps in the level leading to an empty skybox. This kinda kills the immersion when you’re supposed to be in the middle of a bustling city.

    There were quite a few bugs. I got to the part where you have to down a gunship, then a strider. A cutscene triggered after killing the strider but when it ended I couldn’t move, so I can’t proceed past this point.

    The cutscenes were quite well done, the letterbox effect was nice. The comic-style dialogue seems like it could have been much more than it was. You are making a game, yet you still resort to static images? How about animated panels or speech bubbles (ala Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel)?

    Also there was a bad lack of health after meeting Kleiner and Mossman, I had less than 20% health for a long time until I could reach the safe room with the charger.

  16. Enrico
    Play It Now!


  17. Matt Glanville

    Care to elaborate?

  18. bkadar
    Avoid It!

    buggy buggy buggy,ofg. nice mod needs a good dose of raid.i’m giving up cant stand it, keep getting caught after the cut scenes. when it plays its dam good but.

    oh ,i agree w/ matt who agrees w/ jumbles

  19. Mel

    I am at the end of level 12, keep finishing up with a black blank screne after loading sequence going down lift. Anybody had the same experience?

  20. Mel

    Very mixed views on this one so far. Some great set designs, nice use of cutsceens with comic book type images, Very rich textures with lots of new content, but seems to be a beta version, can not believe it’s been tested and this is the author’s release version. Maybe worth “avoid it” for now until we find out more.

  21. Mel

    Gone back replied the lift sequence again, now just going up and down in the lift.

  22. Play It Now!

    Well, I’m stuck in level 12 on the Mothership after I go down the lift, press the button (which I have no clue what it does) and then go back up a different lift to where I downed the gunship. I have absolutely no idea where I’m suppose to go next or what that button did.

    There’s lots of mapping errors as everybody has commented on which is a shame because there’s a lot of detail in the sets and quite extensive. This really could have been an excellent mod if those things were fixed before release. I found there were some areas that were pretty difficult even on easy mode. A lot of the jointed architecture I found a bit excessive – almost like they were puzzle pieces. Lots of nooks and crannies and places to explore but nothing to gain from it other than go back the way you came. The music helped add to the atmosphere in some areas but there’s very little of it. I, also, think there are too many cut scenes regardless of how nice they look and while I appreciate the artistic addition of the comic book scenes, they almost make the story seem fragmented.

    Anyway, can someone help me where I’m stuck?

    EDIT: I realize now what the button did and where I’m suppose to go next. That part was hard to see.

    After completing this, I can say that I never encountered any areas that I had to noclip through nor had any problems with scenes triggering, etc.

    Mapping errors aside, I would have to recommend that you

  23. Mel

    Can’t help you Goddess, which lift are you referring too? I think there are 3 or 4 in this level. I am stuck in one, which I think is near the end of level 12. First attempt it appeared that the level change was not working, on replay it just kept going up and down non stop. As anyone made it to level 13, if so, how?

    Question; ‘should all lifts in HL games be banned in future’

  24. See the EDIT portion of my post.

  25. Godess how did you pass the strider sequence in map 9? the one referenced at post #15 I have replayed 4 time change from position before triggering the sequence and I don’t know what next

  26. Is map 9 the one where there’s a strider strutting up and down at the end of the street and a guy shouts something about supplies?

    If it is then the ground is supposed to open up so you can jump down to the underground road. It didn’t happen to me the first few times and I had to re-load my last save point. Eventually the script kicked in and the ground opened up.

  27. I think comment #15 is referring to map 8. There is no gunship or strider sequence in map 9 and I’m not sure what you’re asking Stef. You take down the gunship, then a cut scene shows a strider coming which will blast a hole in the bridge allowing the cars to fall through a bit. After the cut scene ends, you take out the strider before another cut scene begins for the next battle. Where exactly are you stuck?

  28. actually the cutscene start with the strider that progress but never blow up the bridge…I restarted the sceen for 4 times but with out any change the wierd thing is that the startus bar shows up and that I can change thze weapon during the cutscene…I will try to restart it from the beginning of the map (leaving the train) and see if it can work.

  29. after another try it finally worked and everything still in a buggy way make me progress to level 12
    Now i’m “buggy’stuck and will describe where I am so
    firstt the helicopter was put down then you go to a room activate a buttom that desactivate a beam after it’s a tortuous way by vent to another control room where a elevator get’s up with assault combine then when I get in it the elevator get’s down and in the middle the floors broke so that you fel down and …get kill (i have 60 health and 30 protection) before you get killed it loads map 13

    is there another way or am I missing something

  30. Mel

    I have the same problem, which I posted comment 19. Still getting killed in the lift before level 13 is loaded.

  31. I’ll have to replay that level to see what happened on my end. Will post afterwards.

  32. I don’t seem to be having that problem. The lift breaks and then the level switches to 13 but it doesn’t kill me when I land on the ground. I did go to the site’s forum and they said the fall was set too high and their recommendation is to switch to godmode for that particular area. I don’t know why it doesn’t happen with me.

  33. Since the last steam update I cant run half my source mods or games anymore and I wanted to check that part out again.

  34. Mel

    I am getting killed with 63 health. How do I enable the console with this game? Do I need to insert a line of text somewhere before going into the game?

  35. Go to your options menu. Click on the “keyboard” tab. At the bottom, click on “Advanced”. A pop-up window will appear. Click on “Enable developer console” and apply your changes. Now, load your save point, access the console by using your tilde key (`/~). Type in “sv_cheats 1” without quotations, press Enter. Bring down the console again with the tilde key and type in “godmode” without quotations, press Enter. See if that works for you.

  36. Maybe?

    Thanks to Goddess I finally finished this mod (note that “god mode’with a space, is the right typing to make it work) The storyline is correct the mapping is from certainly above average quality but not the texturing (lot’s of missaligned or not proper placed textures)sadly the way it was tested was certainly not constructive so that this mod comes out with a lot of messy bugs that really bring down the general opinion, for the rest and arround 2h 30 it’s a interesting pack that normally should need a major update to make it perfectly playable (i don’t understand why “new modders” doesn’t ask some beta testing to guys who have already manage to build a mod without anoying errors)

    I hope to change one day my recommandation but actually it’s just

  37. I’m glad you finished Stef.

    Sorry for the godmode error, all you actually need to type in is god. It works either way: god or god mode. God is just quicker to type.

    They are suppose to be working on a patch so when it’s released, I’ll definitely play this one again and hopefully you’ll be able to change your recommendation.

  38. If you stand in a corner of the lift (can’t remember which one) and continually walk into the corner you’ll land on a ledge (it probably more of a mapping error than an actual ledge). You have to step off the ledge and you’ll still take a massive hit to your health when you land but it is survivable – just.

  39. itsonlydanny

    after another try it finally worked and everything still in a buggy way make me progress to level 12
    Now i’m “buggy’stuck and will describe where I am so
    firstt the helicopter was put down then you go to a room activate a buttom that desactivate a beam

    Hi there,
    I’m totally stuck on this level – where is this “room” you mention? I’ve looked everywhere!



  40. —Spoiler —

    itsonlydanny, if we talk of the same level you, at a certain moment will come in a quite huge place that can be consider as a helicopter “closed” bay where you will fight against a assault helicopter, when you put it down in front of the way you came from, but at the opposit you will find a ladder with a vent protected by a beam, normally if I remember right you have just behind this huge wall a kind of control room where you need to use a switch that desactivate the beam then there should be a elevator that will bring you close to the ladder in the helicopter bay… hope that helps

  41. Mel

    I have now completed this mod having godmode the lift sequence, level 12>13 load.
    No other major bugs experienced after that.

    By the way to activate godmode from the console I only had to type “god’

    Difficult to understand why after so much work, that this mod was not cleaned-up before release. The credits show it was beta tested, so I am wondering if a better version exists.

  42. There is now a patch available on the modder’s homepage, although I’ve yet to test it to see how effective it is. Perhaps you could include this on Filecloud, Phillip?

    At least the author is aware of the bugs and is endeavouring to fix them.

  43. There is now a patch available on the modder’s homepage

    I could only see what seems to be a German upgrade patch. I’ll download and upload the full version as well but I am sure lots of people would want the patch.

    I’ll leave a thread on their forum about the English patch.

  44. Zockopa
    Avoid It!

    This mod is simply unfinished. Probably they release a debugged and tuned version but I doubt it.

  45. Michael

    I don’t know if it will cure the problems others have reported, but I wanted to mention that an English Version 1.3.1 is now available at The news item associated with this is dated 3 Nov 2007, which is a little scary, don’t you think? This was originally planned as a patch but the changes were so great that only a new full version was released. I have downloaded it but probably won’t get a chance to try it out for a while. The .rar file is enormous (about 233 MB) so it may very well still have the “unnecessary” components found in the previous release.

  46. Version 1.3.1 is now available

    I’ve just downloded it and will check it tomorrow, then upload it to Filecloud. I’ll also play it and see what it’s like.

  47. avoid this mod, at least version prior to 1.3.1 It has many graphics probs but the worst is it freezes multiple times after cut scenes, deep into the levels, making it unplayable. Only way around is to manually load the following level and weapons/ammo. Replaying from earlier save might work but not always. Wait until v 1.3.1 mentioned above. Otherwize fun mod. “Chuckanut”

  48. Since 1.3.1 will be a new version and not a patch, does anyone know if game saves will work, or how to preserve them?

  49. AI

    Did the new version get released?? Can’t find it!

  50. AI

    I tried the link and only got 6 to 7kbs DL, I’m not going to sit there for 9hrs! thanks anyway! I thought PP had DL’d already?

  51. He may of I dont know.Check the file cloud site.It took me 30 minutes to download from master server 3 about the same speed I get from file cloud and no waiting.

  52. AI

    Phillip, Did you DL this file yet? I can’t find it on File Cloud, and the only connection I can get is about 6 to 7kbs, ya I know boohoo!

  53. Phillip, Did you DL this file yet?

    It’s uploading to FIlecloud as I type. I’ll post the link and a new comment as soon as it’s done.

    I couldn’t find a patch so it has to be the full 1.31 version. 🙁

  54. Full version 1.31 has now been uploaded and a link to it posted in the main section.

  55. Play It Now!

    This version (1.3.1) is much better and resolved nearly all the bugs and graphics issues, except the following three (you may not have these):

    It still froze up once, after a cut scene, but playing from last save worked.

    At one point you are given the crossbow and following sequences call to use it since you are attacked by snipers. However the bow site reveals nothing but texture and bolts fail to kill shooters. For this sequence I had to use god mod and ignore shooters until past them.

    Also end credits will roll early without final pix if ending sequence kills you.

    Also. note for those that were playing the earlier version and had to give up, I was unable to use my game serves from that earlier version so had to play through first 8 levels on god mode to catch up.

    Still. I recommend this mod. I thought it was a lot of fun, challenging, a good balance between indoor/outdoor, and plenty of puzzles. Therefore I am changing my recomendation from “consider” to “recommend”

  56. tox_dev

    well, I’m just watching video, but not fun.

    story and effect is… a few(?) good,

    but, too many (maybe un_test) friendly bug,

    I hate it!

  57. Denizen

    Crash, crash, crash.

  58. Straven

    Looks Good D/Ling now.

  59. Robspace 1

    I’m playing the new one. The 1.31 version and I’m stuck at the same place as everyone was in the 1st one. In chapter 8 in the cutscene. The strider is walking but the scene never ends and I don’t get control back. This such a good mod, it’s completely unbeleivable that the people that made it would let it go with so many bugs and then even after they try to fix it with a new one it still has bugs. Why bother? The mod is real good but these stupid errors are euining the game for me. This the 3rd time it’s frozen up in this “new, improved version”. It also took about 10 hours to download and I have a fast connection. My dl speed is 12 mbps.

  60. Robspace 1
    Play It Later

    Good and buggy-Actually the bugs were not all that bad. When you get to the bridge and you are fighting a chopper and then a Strider comes along and your in a cut scene. If the cut scene goes longer then 20 seconds, it’s stuck. Just start chapter 8 over and it should be ok. Also the end is strange but you’ll see. Kinda confusing. This is a good mod with a few bug problems. I really hope they finish the story and make sure it’s cleaned up before putting it out. Because of the bugs I don’t think it can get a top mark. It’s good though with a good story and lots of fighting.

  61. Dassin

    A good time waster. But, the plot and the game play. If Michael J. Caboose were to make a mod. This would be it.

  62. lacoon

    I’m currently playing the Infiltration mod. After you’re taken into the lab to meet Kleiner and Mossman and have your weapons taken away along with your HEV suit. My problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to get your suit back. There’s an HEV case in the lab, but it’s empty.

    I played several levels ahead and not found a suit. I even decompiled several maps to look for it to no avail. It’s hard to believe you’re supposed to play the rest of the mod without a flashlight and the ability to switch weapons.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  63. Jasper
    Play It Now!

    Lacoon, Pick up a weapon and hey presto! HEV.
    By the way, thanks. I had forgotten how good this mod is.
    It is no Offshore for sure but enjoyable and with quite a few elements of tough game play. Playing again now.

  64. Play It Now!

    Thanks Jasper. I have been picking up weapons to no effect, but now I know I can give myself a suit and continue playing without cheating.

  65. kalkin
    Play It Later

    It’s been an interesting mod…
    The mapping is just decent however the fights are extremely well done with exactly the right amounts of health and ammo – these guys really know how to create a good fight – top marks from that point of view.
    The mapping bugs are plenty – more than once I’ve been able to “fall off the map” because I went to areas I wasn’t supposed to – but I’ve been able to reach those areas effortlessly. More testing would have helped… Also in some places the misaligned textures were clearly visible and mildly annoying.
    The only bug that I encountered (played version 1.31) was the strider never blowing up the bridge – quite annoying and forced me to replay the map from the beginning – fortunately this happens pretty close to the beginning of the map.
    Important thing to note about the energy bars blocking access into and out of the tunnel in level 12 after you destroy the chopper – they are no match for a determined player 🙂 I was able to go through without disabling them and suffered only a minimal amount of damage. After I finished the mod I came here and read the comments, then went back to the map and found the part that I missed the first time – I guess this is a bug but who cares 🙂
    Spoiler: in the ending sequence after killing Sina I shot the gunship and died 😛 So after I loaded the save I tried to go back to a point where I could shoot the gunship without falling afterwards – the corridor entrance. As soon as I reached that the credits started rolling although I haven’t shot the gunship yet – weird bug I presume.

    At the end of it all it was enjoyable and that’s all that matters!

  66. Play It Now!

    ive given “HALF LIFE 2 Infiltration” a PIN since I actually enjoyed this mod…the only aspect of the game that concerned be was how dark it was at times,but apart from that this is a pretty impressive mod
    many may not like the comic book style storyboard,however its unique and never been done in any other mod… and you have time to read them and keep abreast with the story
    the ingame music was especially good with some really good compositions … and allthough its easy to simply add some hammer based sounds to your mod its allways nice to see fresh music and sounds
    alot of work went into this mod and when I first played it around 18 months ago (approx) it was still pretty buggy however it ran fine this time around and was a joy to play
    I would also like to comment on the main loading screen which was one of the best ive seen …
    in summary “”HALF LIFE 2 Infiltration” is up there with some of the best HL2 mods ( minerva,strider mountain and research and development ) and thoroughly deserves a “PLAY IT NOW “

  67. Play It Later

    This mod is weird. I feel like three different people made it. One good mapper, one lazy mapper and one horrid mapper. My favourite part was the beginning, taking place in a rainy City 17. This part has excellent atmosphere and feels very oppressive. Then you get to a car and drive through the rest of C17 then escape. Everything changes here. The mapping becomes more sloppy, having multiple edges of the world leading into nothing but the void of nothingness right there for you to walk/run/jump/drive off. A lot of maps seem empty and baron. Maybe it’s because I just played Union, Leon’s Mappack and The Sprucecape Mappack, but I really do think they could use more parts. There are cutscenes in this mod as well, some just regular cutscenes and some comic-style. I love the comic book style ones and I love how there’s sounds in the background of them (footsteps for example) to make them seem more realistic within the world. There is one, however, glaring issue with these. On about ten different occasions after the comics I couldn’t move. Couldn’t look around either. Not even noclip helped me, I was just cemented to the ground, frozen like a nudist in the snow. I don’t fully understand the story, but I know it’s an alternate Episode One (even though it came out BEFORE Ep1 did), and I guess Alyx and Eli were captured and Freeman has to go save them. Speaking of the Vances, they butchered their spelling. “Eli Vans” sounds like a car dealer.

    At one point about halfway through the game you go to “Sio Prospekt”, a prison much like Nova. Then you go back to C17. This return to the city is easily the WORST part of the mod. Usually I like fighting Gunships and Striders but these battles had no strategy to them. It gives you one small safe zone from gunfire right across from the enemy and a box of infinite rockets right next to you. Then you go to an area that’s the worst offender of the “Edge of the World” syndrome. I counted at least four different ways to get to the void. Couldn’t they just have put a wall? What kind of city just ends like that? Must have been a nasty rebel attack! There are a few doors in this mod that don’t open, maker any sound when you try to open them or do the “locked” door handle animation. Pretty lazy if you ask me. But one thing that’s good about this mod is that there’s some places you don’t have to go but can, which, in my opinion, makes it more realistic and interesting. The custom skyboxes are really good too; unfortunately there’s a few invisible walls here and there that get a tad bit annoying. This mod is also pretty long, one of the longest ones I’ve reviewed so far, second only to DayHard and Minerva


    A later level is set in Ravenholm (an environment I love) but is unfortunately really short. It’s definitely the weakest Ravenholm level I’ve played so far. You can duck under one of the Combine forcefields in this level and it just leads to a wall. Pretty silly. Oh yeah, there’s also a random dancing Vort in the rebel base, have fun with that. There’s another brief return to the city and then you go into the “Combine Mothership”. Why not just make it a citadel? I don’t know, but this level is really fun! There’s some fun firefights with Overwatch Elites. Then apparently the “spy” from earlier betrayed everyone and killed Eli Vans. I honestly saw this plot twist coming. She’s basically a throwaway character and never does anything for the plot. You have to defeat her after she does some cheesy monologuing. She takes one or two pulse rifle bullets to the face and you’re done. Lamest final boss ever. The ending also seems rushed, you shoot a dead gunship and it destroys something, then “Alyx Vans” is free. The end.


    At least play the first level. If you can’t stand the next ten or twenty minutes, you’ll probably hate the rest of the mod.

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  69. Unknown

    This was a very misleading modification it does have many good qualities, but I found the bad qualities really over-shadow this modification, and left me cringing.

    Most of the problems in this modification could have easily been fixed or edited out. This is one of those modifications that looks “Good Far-Away But Once You Get Up Close You Want To Back Away”.

    Viewing some of the minor problems that could have easily been fixed leads me to ask “Who tested this modification for bugs?”.

    Comic Strips:I like this perspective of the modification rather then traditional cut-scenes.

    Generic:Using Wide-screen doesn’t make a modification cinematic in any sense infact that should be more of an option if the player wants to play the modification in either wide-screen or full-screen.

    Cut-Scenes:You never show the cross-hairs in a cut-scene or when essential dialogue is present. That’s a terrible way to introduce crucial plot to the player and over-shadow the story-line.

    Random Spawning:Not all, but some of the levels you literally spawn in a random area in the map.

    Ending Battle Was Simple:The ending was really just filler! I didn’t feel accomplished killing a weak N.P.C. to achieve the goal that was given.

    Over Used Models And Useless N.P.C.’s:In one of the levels you fight a Strider, and there is a Medic who literally does nothing. He won’t even attempt to heal you, and the N.P.C.’s literally block you at every turn.

  70. Zekiran

    Landed on this mod from hitting Random. Hoped to play it, but I get a ‘failed to start, missing executable’ steam error. Does this mod have a config file I need to relocate its resources info or?

  71. Maybe?

    Looks good but it gets stuck at the opening scene. I used the console to get to the second map. But then I had to console some weapons and the suit. Then the skybox was missing. Could not play it.

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