November 2017 – General Chat

1st November 2017

Well, the clocks have gone back, the mornings are brighter and the release of Black Mesa is another month closer. YAY!

Got lots of things planned for November but you know what?, I’m not going to tell you because it seems that every time I mention them here, I never do them.

In a couple of weeks there will be the fund raising stream, for the Hammer Cup 2017 prize fund – so I hope you can join me for that.

There’s a few things I have been working on regarding the site but mostly fixing lots of little issues.

I hope to tell you more soon and so other ideas I have.

So, here’s to a fun and hard-working November.

What do you have planned?


  1. As I’ve seen since 2 months ago, neither the HL saga has felt:

    – so dead (the Epistle3 episode aka the final nail in the official Episode3 coffin)


    -so alive (fanmade(s) Episode3, HL2 Beta mod DARK INTERVAL, Direct-to-Steam mod ENTROPY ZERO, and Episode3 “cut content” mod AFTERMATH, the “HL2 put in HL1” HL2 CLASSIC…),

    at the same time.

    It seems like the “Jesus” has finally been put on the cross and been resurrected stronger than ever the next day.

    As the year comes to a close, after nearly 9 months of nothingness, what could have been seen as the “swan song “year of HL/HL2 modding, is suddenly taking a sudden change.

    As I plan to play HALF RATS PARASOMNIA, the long awaited sequel of HALF RATS A FEVER DREAM, the HL1 mod suffering an incredible logorrhea disease,
    and as the end of the year will maybe see the release of HALF LIFE DELTA… maybe THE CORE? LOST SQUAD? SILENT ESCAPE?

    and, of course, BLACK MESA : XEN,

    I can look quietly to an interesting future where a still strong number of fans, have taken responsability to ensure the future of the HL franchise, may it be GoldSrc continuity or the Source continuity.

    I’m still here looking forward, maybe one day, an AIRBOAT VILLE…

    Even if I grow older and older… Well, to a time where nothing will be left besides a hundred of 40-50 year old fans who will continue to play HL, mods, CS 1.6…

    Happy Movember.

    1. There is so much out there to play, but not enough time. I need some time to just work through my backlog.

  2. Phillip, are you gonna post halloweenvillefour this weekend?

    1. I am going to try to post it today.

  3. AI

    Well I finally bought “Black Mesa” from Steam, thanks Phillip for the heads up! a good bargain!! just waiting for Zen.
    Also got the new “Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus” the graphics are sweet and the action does keep this 71 & 3/4 year old man on his toes!!! 🙂
    BTW; Phillip, so far all the files you have mentioned on your Twitter acct (yes I do read them) I have found in my archive game folders!

    1. Send me the files please!!!

  4. I got an idea in my head for the mapping challenges; no idea how doable it is or how much sense it makes, but I thought I’d share. We could have a “LesserKnownMechanicVille” (temporary name…), where the theme are, well, mechanics in the HL2 series that are fully implemented and working but not often used or needed in the official games.

    HL2 is full of funny little quirks that would make great mapping material, for example, did you know that the crowbar can instakill antlions that have been flipped over by the gravity gun?

    Or, the mysterious laser attack that Gunships can execute but that is never used in the official titles.

    Striders can skewer the player, not just rebels, and they actively hunt for him without needing any scripting (unlike for example the Helicopter).

    And talking about helicopters, the HL2 Hunter Chopper has an alternative mode where it electrocutes things beneath it but doesn’t shoot (unfortunately this breaks the model, but you can just parent a new one to the entity).

  5. JamaicanDave

    I briefly tried Skyrim survival mode last month but it turned out to be rather poor. Instead I replayed Witcher 3 + Blood and Wine dlc, both excellent and heartily recommended.

    I’d like to make one more short map for Black Mesa before the new year. Even have a rough idea for the setting but am struggling to get started. Just looking at the Hammer shortcut icon on my desktop makes me feel queasy!

  6. I bought Half-Life 2 for my friend 2 years ago. He started playing it now after left it for like months after getting through a little of Route Kanals. That part where you encounter the first mounted gun in the game.

    I don’t know why but sometimes he can’t figure it out himself where to go. Like some parts in Water Hazard, the explosive barrel room in the Kanal, the battery door in Sandtraps and even after you meet Grigori in Ravenholm! I may have not experience the first time feeling because I have watched people play this when I was a kid before playing it myself. So…I guess there’s something I’m not understanding here.

    I have to carry him so hard through the voice chat. But I also have fun guiding him.

  7. Word of The Week: g-machination

    This we have a noun. I want you see if you can use it at anytime during the coming week. Good Luck!

    Part of Speech



    A complicated plot or sub-story whose purpose and beneficiaries are still ambiguous, perhaps even unknowable.


    “The g-machinations of this office are beyond belief.”


    Late Middle English: from Old French, or Latin machinatio-, from machinat- ‘contrived’ (see machinate).
    Recently created portmanteu related to the noun “Gman”, meaning a worker of the government.



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