May 2018 – General Chat

1st May 2018

As I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about getting up or thinking about staying, a new feature for the site popped into my head.

I’m going to call it “Reference Gallery” and it will contain reference images from HL1 mods. I’ll split it into a few sub-galleries: Ceilings, Corridors, Large Arenas, Set Pieces and Science Baby!

I’ll start building the framework pages this week and slowly add images to each section. Let me know if you feel I should have other sub-galleries. I did consider creating an account on an external social media site just for this but want to keep everything hosted on RTSL.


Here we are. Getting closer to summer. I still haven’t finished Wolfenstein The New Order – shame on me. Who knows, MAYBE I will this month.

Found a mod I have been meaning to play for ages, so that takes presidents (Thank Mr. Trump for that spelling), plus a bunch of other stuff related to the site.

What about you? Got any big plans for the month of possibilities?

BTW, the image is taken from Dark Interval – Canals


  1. Flavio

    I have been thinking of installing New Order last couple weeks as wellโ€ฆ then I end up playing CSGO ๐Ÿ˜…

    1. At least you played something!

  2. For those that don’t know or follow me, I have been tweeting more again. There’s plenty of cool stuff I tweet about that doesn’t make it to the site, so why not have a quick look?

  3. Ohhh I like that header image. I actually prefer Dark Intervals aesthetic to that of HL2. Guess the gritty cyberpunk-esque of DI appeals to me more than the grim eastern european city block style of HL2.

    Now that the engine update for Black Mesa is live for all I’ll have to look at updating my maps so they work again. The first challenge is actually downloading the update – my home internet has been poor and sporadic for a while now. I tried yesterday but only got about 35% progress before it died for the evening.

  4. Going for Rare Specimen achievement in Black Mesa, wish me luck!

    1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you.

  5. Thanks for reminding me to play the current version of Dark Intervals! I played the first version released on RTSL and I understand there have been some changes to it since.

    Plans I do have, too many actually. Right now, I’m sitting over an unfinished circuit I’m working on (if anybody knows why a uA741 IC would not work despite being wirred correctly, hmu please) and I do have one or two plans for maps which I’ll most likely never finish, as per usual.

    I may or may not also finally continue playing Half-Life and Blue Shift (I might have to start from the beginning again, it’s been half a year since I played for 20 minutes and then never touched the games again)… we’ll see.

    Kudos for that reference gallery idea, Phillip, that sounds great! I’m anxious to see it implemented into RTSL.

    1. Well, this is what I have so far: Reference Galleries.

  6. New underground train has just been launched in Moscow’s airport Sheremetyevo . Its commercial has been combined with HL1 intro voyage. You should see it.

    1. Unq

      This sounds interesting but I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Is there a link or pictures or something?

      1. I wasn’t able to publish here the third party link. I think it’s prohibited.

      2. I send you an invitation in Steam. Don’t panic ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Unq

          Oops saw this too late. Please resend the Steam invite. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Phillip. I woke up today also and a thought came to me, how cool would a 7HourWarVille be? Or an UprisingVille based in the week after Gordon assaults Nova Prospekt but before he returns to City 17? Could see some real creative stuff

    Starting a play through of SOMA. Hopefully I won’t quit out of fear

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