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Latest 25 Comments
08 Mar 2020 2020 General Chat Well, the Black Mesa v1.0 release has caused a few issues with my custom maps so I've currently g...
03 Sep 2019 Stalwart Stalwart XT is both a revamped and extended version of Stalwart. I don't think this original is p...
26 Jun 2019 The Surface Complex As far as I know it should. There's a slightly updated version of Disarray on the Black Mesa work...
20 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex At one point those double doors by the 2nd 50 cal. gun did indeed open (they lead directly to the...
11 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex As there were only two entries to this challenge, one of which (Disarray) is my own, this will es...
11 Nov 2018 The Surface Complex Black Mesa's Surface Tension was also one of my least favourite chapters, whilst in the original ...
31 Aug 2018 The Tram Complex Maybe next time as I'd like to do 2 of 3.
30 Aug 2018 The Tram Complex Sorry but this wasn’t the greatest of map packs and Klems review above pretty much sums up my own...
09 Jul 2018 July 2018 General Chat Can you send some of that rain my way? It's absolutely scorching here in the UK at the moment. ...
27 May 2018 RTSL game coming to Steam! I think this is a really good idea. It'll bring the villemaps and RTSL as a whole to a wider audi...
01 May 2018 May 2018 - General Chat Ohhh I like that header image. I actually prefer Dark Intervals aesthetic to that of HL2. Guess t...
01 Apr 2018 Have you submitted your status report to the administrator today? - Fan Fiction Event I counted eight reports, one of which is missing from the voting.
29 Mar 2018 Escapade Ha, I'll have to try that little bit harder next time :) I very recently looked back at my fir...
25 Mar 2018 Scylla This is a belated review following up on my previous comments made shortly after release. I re...
23 Mar 2018 March 2018 - General Chat Simply looking forward to the Easter holidays, where I shall lounge around doing as little as pos...
18 Mar 2018 Communications Detour Communications Detour is a good little map that I enjoyed playing through. The map revolves ar...
11 Mar 2018 Bravado Bravado was the first custom single player map I tried for Black Mesa and almost three years late...
04 Mar 2018 The Loop Complex I’ve been lurking around the site for a few years now and only feels right that I start leaving s...
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