Classic of the Month Stream – Instinct – January 2021

28th January 2021

Long live 2021? It’s here in any case, so that means it’s time for another Classic of the Month. So on tap is a relatively hidden gem for Half-Life, Instinct by Richard Martin.

I’ll be streaming this Saturday January 30th, about 12pm (noon) Eastern US Time (5pm in the UK, 6pm Central Europe). Hope you can join me!

Twitch is again the streaming platform! The stream will be on the RunThinkShootLive Twitch Channel.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. See you there!


  1. I thought the look and design of this one was great until reaching the incomplete maps near the end. Shame it was never finished.
    Makes me wonder how many really decent custom maps are hidden out there and why some maps gain attention whilst others don’t. This goes for all games and map quality isn’t necessarily the deciding factor – there’s plenty of popular custom content that’s not particularly good.

  2. gonna play this later, sorry couldn’t watch for very long. happy new year!

  3. Copying the Instinct folder into Half-Life doesn’t work for me with Steam…nor does copying the bsp’s directly into HL maps…so I dunno.

    1. Unq

      Gah, I screwed up the zip file, sorry. It’s fixed now, please try again.

  4. Snowdrop Escape is worth a mention and an add to this site though…

    1. Unq

      Great. Why are you posting it as a comment here? Use the General Chat.

      1. coz nobody goes there to read anything or comment on anything..

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