Classic of the Month Stream – Help Wanted – October 2020

22nd October 2020

The next Classic of the Month stream will be Help Wanted by Bryan ‘Zouave’ Dillow. A map pack set in the classic BMRF, placing you as a sanitation engineer with some cleaning up to do, of course…

I’ll be streaming Saturday October 24th, about 12pm (noon) Eastern US Time (5pm in the UK, 6pm Central Europe).

Please note: I’ve switched back to Twitch as the streaming platform! The stream will be on the RunThinkShootLive Twitch Channel.

Check the Time & Date.Com website for your local time. See you there!


  1. Help Wanted was surprisingly good considering it was built in the early days of Half Life mapping. It might not have had the visual and audio quality or general polish of more recent HL maps but the broad layout and encounters were interesting. It was a nice length too.

    The HL map pack I best remember from way back then was Case Closed. It came on a gaming mag CD along with Azure Sheep and I actually enjoyed Case Closed far more. It shows it’s age now, particularly the oversized scale and ‘blockiness’ but still good fun to play.

    1. Unq

      Yep, Case Closed is another decent Black Mesa-themed pack. It’s on the master CotM list and will be streamed at some point!

  2. Myrmidont

    I thought I recognized the name ‘Zouave’, so I went to their site to look at what else they’ve done, and what do you know…I knew their TFC mapping work, so Help Wanted ought to be a good time!

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