RTSL game coming to Steam!

26th May 2018

Right, so I suspect you are A: pretty excited and B: a little confused by the title. Hopefully, after you have finished reading this post you will still be excited but not confused.

I will explain as much as I can, but please bear in mind, that some things will remain secret for various reasons.

Essentially, near the end of this year or the beginning of next year, we will be releasing a compilation of the best maps entered for the mapping challenges over the last few years.

Let me address the use of the word “Game”, it seems that currently the release will be a game in the sense that it will not require the purchase or installation of ANY other Half-Life game.

We have a working release on Steam as I type but it’s not visible to the public. This is the main reason we haven’t publicly released the code for the RTSL Mod Development Kit (MDK) – we are not sure what is the best way to do it, based on our concerns regarding the NDA I signed with Valve.

As I have said above, it will contain a compilation of the best maps entered in mapping challenge BUT I have yet to choose which maps should be included and contact the respective authors and request permission.

The game will be free. This is not an attempt to make money. However, there are some ideas on the table that are being considered and the authors of the maps will be given the details at the time and then they can decide if they want their maps included.

The reason for this post is for ask readers to suggest maps to include.

Obviously, I which know maps I want to include but I would like to feel that we choose as a community.

Authors will be contacted and asked if they would like their map included and also given the opportunity to update it. I also want to conduct audio interviews with each map author and have that included as the dev commentary of each map.

I am hoping that this may be a regular release and the possibility of having their map on Steam will be additional motiviation for entering future challenges.

If you have any questions about the project, please let me know, via directly if you want a private reply or via the comments. I may not be able to answer all your questions but I will try.

At this point in time I am open to all map suggestions but I may restrict it to the last few years of mapping challenges.



  1. Ben

    I’ve been watching your site grow so much over the years and I wanted to pop in and say Congrats! And I encourage everybody to keep up the fire. More than anywhere else, this place is the last bastion of hope for the HL franchise. All hail Planet Phillip, all hail RTSL.

  2. Wesp5

    Okay, just out of my head, there was this cool Antlion factory in one of the recent competitions. This should definitely be in!

  3. Oh, look what I happened to find: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUElteRY3FUuvxtCUkkk2JN3ESiV9IC42 <— MIGHT help people to choose maps worthy enough to be in.

    This is a great idea. Could issue updates every few months, with the latest Ville Entries that will keep people coming back.

    You should also consider selling advert space on all the supply crates in the game that could be easily changed every month when you switch clients. I know you're not looking to make money but a little to cover costs and maybe upgrade that PC of yours would be wise as it enables you to carry on what you're doing would be the wise thing to do. Then there's the prize fund aswell.

    As for names… it should be obviously called BolloxedVille.

    1. yes, advertising space has been considered but we think we have a better idea, which I obviously can’t say too much about yet.

  4. I think this is a really good idea. It’ll bring the villemaps and RTSL as a whole to a wider audience. As has already been suggested it could be periodically updated with new maps, and maybe entire villes could be downloadable as additional content? If you can find away to earn a little revenue to help fund the site and challenge prizes all the better.

    How many maps are you aiming at for the initial release?

  5. How about making 2 different versions available on the store page? One is just the free download and the second is like a 5$ to 10$ paid version for people who want to support the site.

    1. We can’t. We are not allowed to sell a game if it has Valve assets. We would have to buy a licence, like HDtF and Prospekt.

      1. What about a DLC like C.A.G.E.D did with the executive plunger?

        1. We won’t be releasing any details until much nearer the release.

  6. Definitely include Ethosaur’s Epistle3ville map (Trek to the borealis, i think it was called?)

    Actually, looking back, most of Ethosaur’s maps are pretty memorable…

  7. Anon_1660247

    I can definitely think of some good ones. I guess i’ll list them according to which ville they’re in. The villes are listed in no particular order.

    Fusionville: A Hero Once More Pt2, Shadow Over Ravensmouth, Tectonic

    Toxicville: Detour, Antlion Farm

    RaisetheBarville: Blast Pit

    Backtrackville: Sweep

    Teleportville: The Crab, Arctic Rumble

    Hunterville: Combine Den

    CityStreetsVille: Raining Down Hell

    Chasmville: High Wire, Abyss

    Coastville: Katadysi, Coast Sweep, Outport

    HalloweenvilleFour: Satanaphobia

    Epistle3ville: Trek to Borealis

    Bridgeville: BlueOS, Sunova Bridge

    Liberationville: A Hero Once More, MAMH

    HalloweenvilleThree: Wendigo

    Yeah, it’s a big list, but these competitions have brought huge amounts of content to us that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, some of them being pieces equal to, if not greater than Valve quality (especially ones like Detour, Hero pt2, MAMH, etc).

    I greatly look forward to seeing what you pick, as there’s a lot of treasure waiting to be shown to a wider audience.

  8. Most of the top 3s of Hammer/Lambda cup should be there. Also, would it have achievements?

    1. Good question about achievements. Honestly, we haven’t thought about it.

      1. Just please don’t add time-based achievements.

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