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02 Jun 2018 RTSL game coming to Steam! Definitely include Ethosaur's Epistle3ville map (Trek to the borealis, i think it was called?) ...
24 Sep 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. First I want to note I never played or seen the original mod, so this was my first experience wit...
30 Aug 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille I'm a bit sad I didn't participate in this, it seemed like a fun challenge, and almost all the ma...
19 Aug 2017 From Combines I wanted to love this mod, and went into it with a positive outlook. For the most part, It was pr...
04 Jun 2017 One Man Army I installed it with gauge, and I checked and it is in the Half-Life directory, so that's not the ...
04 Jun 2017 One Man Army I need help! When I try to run it it just opens normal Half-Life, and if I try to open the maps i...
21 May 2017 MinimalismVille I actually haven't played titanfall 2 and my map wasn't based on it... I just thought it would be...
21 May 2017 MinimalismVille This was a mixed bag in terms of entries, but there are definitely a lot of really solid ones. Fo...
13 May 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - MinimalismVille I have a really weird idea for this, and it will either work great or fail miserably... but hey, ...
20 Apr 2017 ToxicVille have you tried to verify the game cache? that usually works.
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille Thanks for taking your time to review all those and give feedback. In my map, waste management, t...
16 Apr 2017 ToxicVille If by lighting bug you mean the textures being shiny, it's a problem with the cubemaps. I had the...
23 Feb 2017 DefendVilleTwo The ship for warmup is the big metal platform in the center... I really should have made it more ...
22 Feb 2017 DefendVilleTwo This is only my second ville, but I feel like I have enough experience to review these maps. Just...
21 Feb 2017 DefendVilleTwo I was worried about this, my map (warmup) glitched out for you. Two dropships are supposed to spa...
20 Jan 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 - Challenge 1 - DefendVilleTwo I have a neat idea that's working so far... I'm excited about this one; it's only my second ville...
18 Dec 2016 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille There was a shotgun near the beginning, near the first combine, which would have probably made th...
17 Dec 2016 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille I assumed that people would naturally use the airboat, since it's much faster, there's already a ...
16 Dec 2016 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille Thanks for the feedback on the map, and sorry you didn't like it. Like you thought, it is my firs...
20 Nov 2016 Hard!Ville Mapping Challenge I worked on the start of a map a while ago, so this is a good opportunity to finish it. I'm not t...
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