Infinite Rift

for Half-Life

28th August 2006

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

Dark Government Forces lead by the shadowy agent know only as “The Administrator” have taken control of the Black Mesa complex. They’ve sealed off the underground laboratories and are constructing a powerful dimensional device know only as Infinite Rift. This device must not be used or it could spell doom for our entire planet. Someone must find out what Infinite Rift is capable of and shut it down. That person is you!

Basic Details
  • Title: Infinite Rift
  • File Name: hl1-sp-infinite-rift.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 5.34Mb
  • Author: Tylak
  • Date Released: 06 June 2003
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. The Abandoned Workshops

    12 levels with a lot of action throughout the mod. There’s some very entertaining moments with some nice ideas the mod too. Levels aren’t too complicated and straight forward. You are guided by a scientist communicating you by your HEV suit. The best part in the mod is the computer, and you must stay near it fighting off enemies will the scientist downloads files, its a very entertaining moment. There’s plenty of health and ammo too. The end fight is very easy too.

    Above average with some nice looking areas. Textures choices are good, aligned well, some didn’t look very well chosen, but other than that the structure was good with well place enemies. Lighting was good in some places and no coloured light overuse.

    A good mod, sure to keep you entertained.

    Rating: 85%

  2. marnamai

    mmm … dunno about easy the easy end.

    I pushed the 4 “buttons”, but what to do after that?

  3. shungokusatsu

    What do you do after you kill the gonarch?

  4. Shoot out the middle of the Infinite Rift BDO. Then… Erm… Working on it. The author lists a walkthrough on his website in the enclosed readme. But, I’ve been there and it’s no longer posted. Any chance of Phil contacting the author and hosting the walkthrough or, perhaps the author could add it to the .zip?

  5. Any chance of Phil contacting the author and hosting the walkthrough

    I’ve emailed the author and requested more information on the walkthrough, I’ll let you know if and when I get a response.

  6. Still working on it. Do you hate it when someone passes of a bed of nails as a comfy sofa? Why do some people insist on describing a mod as very easy when it quite patently isn’t. To me easy means Bl**dy Obvious Solution… BTW, to Shungokusatsu, you are looking for a door that previously would not open, in the area of the side corridor you use when luring the Blue Meanie into the explosives. I think I remember the right mod, as I am suffering from Half Life Mod Blindness…

  7. I personally didn’t find it hard.Challenging yes.There were a few spots where I had to think a bit but I dont like things where you simply walk through and shoot and its over.
    You need help just ask.Thats what I’m here for although it may take a few days before I see the post.

  8. andrej

    I downloaded this mod but I don`t know where to find it.I have win zip what do I need to do so I can play it after I download it.

  9. andrej

    Where do I need to extract the downloaded files?

  10. After you unzip it, copy or cut & paste the “inrift” folder into your Sierra/Half-Life directory then start Half-Life & choose “custom games’.

  11. Hey! Phil! Somebody over here isn’t playing the PlanetPhillip tune. Knowlwedge is indeed becoming a commodity. But, hoarding it does not make you wealthy. Open up, mate. If you have something to tell then, tell us all.

  12. What are you talking about Arque?

  13. I’m talking about the spod further up this poll who says he has the answer but, won’t divulge till asked. Publish and be damned, I say.

  14. If your talking about me I cant answer a question till I have one to answer.

  15. Ooh, you swine! Go on then, how does one shut down this infernal device? Having pushed the buttons and blown out the core. I’ve been away watching the Spring telly, Heroes, Supernatural, Doctor Who… And, sorry to shungokusatsu, wrong mod. That solution is for ETC II.

  16. The rift needs the center of it blown up then sections of the walls blow away showing you a jump spot on a rock out in space.Go through it then go on a search for these gold shining (rocks?).I forget how many there is but maybe 3. Thats if were talking the same spot.

  17. Er… Can’t see it mate. Up? Down? Left? Right? The walls ain’t blown away. Hang around and they do? Can land on a ledge under the now closed cave entrance? Hi-Def pack is off.

  18. Play It Now!

    Ooh, how embarassing. It seems if I had read the intro text before diving into the ending… Never mind. I really enjoyed this the rift and the BDO that creates it are great fun. An entertaining, fun mod.

  19. Manual_Monaro
    Play It Now!

    A very welcoming addition to the Half-Life archive. Upon my first playthrough, which was months — maybe even years ago — I didn’t exactly enjoy this mod. In fact, I didn’t even go past the third map! But I was intrigued by what I’d initially missed out on, so I braved the call of the ” Infinite Rift.”

    Let me tell you, despite a few flaws, as well as a generic first quarter and disappointing last quarter, this is quite an admirable modification!

    Gameplay is a strong point with this mod. Although the first quarter issues heavy overuse of enemies, uninspiring enemy placement and generic puzzles, the last few quarters hold up as a fun, fluidly paced pieces of entertainment.

    don’t get me wrong, gameplay does have its problems. All throughout the mod, the author seems to hang onto a mechanic involving the placement of twin alien grunts, (Or human grunts.) the same old group of 3-4 alien slaves, gigantic packs of houndeyes and zombies — It comes off as repetitive sometimes. Of course, the human grunts are the more fun to be had here, with — apart from the occasional twin pack, mentioned above — Fun groups and bottlenecks placed smartly within maps constituting brilliant map layouts. Turrets are placed nicely, too.

    The puzzles pick up as quite respectable during the last three quarters, including some trip laser puzzles and even a stealth segment. However, this particular piece of ” espionage” comes off as lacklustre. it’s too short, too easy and there’s so much wasted potential. But it’s there and it’s decent enough to be mentioned.

    There are many highlights in “Infinite Rift’s” gameplay. One highlight is a segment that involves an arena, where your friendly neighbourhood scientist, Mr. Hoota, (See below…) is downloading files from a mainframe. All of a sudden, the cavalry arrives to stomp on your ass! The catch? Dr. Hoota is downloading via your HEV suit, so you can’t step away too far from the mainframe until he’s finished. Overall, it’s a tight, fast-paced rush, only let down by those caught playing Infinite Rift on easy mode, (Cough.) to whom will find it a bit too easy.

    Of course, gameplay dips down during the last quarter of the mod. The author has really gone to a new low with long — often item-less — dead-ends, punishing portals and such that zap you back right to the start of the map. Then there’s the reliance on mostly just aliens at this point. Yes, Someplace Else worked — But this didn’t. It was simply repetitive and very much ” been there, done that” gameplay.

    But enough of gameplay. it’s time for design. For the first two quarters, it’s mostly just above-average, generic Black Mesa styled environment. it’s clean, crisp — But nothing inspiring or overly special. Sometimes, it comes off as mostly average or mediocre, even. I also found some inadequate texture choices at times.

    But then the mod picks up halfway through, and really begins to shine! There’s some really great looking brushwork to be had. Texturework is perfectly aligned. Trimwork is used to great effect. Even lighting is used to set moody and effective scenes. Then there’s the last quarter of the mod — Which is very much excellent. it’s extremely imaginative and superbly executed. I’m not going to spoil it for you — Just see it for yourself!
    The mod has a decent storyline that ties it all together. The dark, mysterious government entity, the Administrator (Read: G-Man…) has evidently occupied the Black Mesa research facility, mere days after the “catastrophic event in the anomalous materials lab…”

    With military crawling everywhere, rounding up and generally bullying around scientists, it’s a rather dangerous place — But it gets worse. See, the Administrator is working on a secret project known only as Infinite Rift, capable of ripping apart space and time itself! But Dr. Hoota has other plans. He contacts Gordon, who’s somehow wandering around the base, and asks him to locate, recon and obliterate Infinite Rift. Thus you have this mod.

    Dr. Hoota communicates to you via your HEV suit. Text messages appear on your HUD, relaying useful (If somewhat obvious…) information to you.

    It seems fairly generic and a big case of “been there, done that”, but miraculously seems fresh and appealing, while still retaining the original Half-Life feel.

    Of course, by no long stretch, does this mod break any new ground or revolutionize the modding world. For the first half of the mod, it’s a generally un-polished adventure. Still, it’s not an overly generic experience, but it’s nothing you haven’t been through before. (Except for the intriguing level design, gimmicks and set-pieces of the last quarter — Unless you’ve happened to have played Mission Failed.)

    Anything else I should mention? Well, during the first half of the game, music isn’t used too well. It is placed way too closely together — At least with the pace I set with the game. I found the music to overlap occasionally. There’s a new menu background, which looks absolutely superb, but there isn’t really any new content.

    Overall, I highly recommend this engaging little escapade. I was thinking of whether to give out a ” Consider it” or “Play it now!”

    I chose ” Play it now!” because, while the first and last segments are slightly disappointing, it’s nothing like the mediocrity and general crap that were frequently released in the olden days. (Hah!) Despite my dislike for the last quarter, I still slogged through it successfully, and actually managed to enjoy myself to some degree.

    If you haven’t yet, take a gander!

    My recommendation:

  20. poisonheadcrab
    Play It Now!

    This was a pretty cool mod, great intro

  21. andrej

    when I tray to play the mod I get this
    using secondary sound buffer
    Host_Error:Ev_Precache: file events/
    missing from server HELP!!!!!!!!

  22. copy from the events folder of HL or another mod into this mods events folder.

  23. andrej

    there is no events folder or I cant find it

  24. Make one and put it in the mods folder.Then search your other mod’s for the crowbar file and put it in there.If that don’t work put the events folder in the half life\valve\ folder.

    If you still cant find the file download GCFScape and open half-life.gcf and extract the events folder.

  25. andrej

    can somebody just sand me this crowbar.cs file on mail

  26. Sure, but a mail address would help.

  27. andrej

    sure and_marko AT thanks I can`t wait to start this mod

  28. Andrej,

    I’ll send you the file for this and also the update required to make HL version for the other mod you’re trying to play.

  29. andrej

    thanks a lot 🙂

  30. Tylak

    Well fellows, it’s great to hear all this feedback! Good or bad. I made this mod while going to college, with the humble hope of entertaining you for minor duration of your life.

    Difficulty is a challenge, what with the “too easy” and “too hard.” I aim to please all. It is such a pleasure to know so many have trekked the halls I painstakingly created for you.

    I too have just finished a play through, and I recognize all the shortcomings mentioned. I created this mod quite a few years back, and it heartens me greatly to know some are playing for the first time today.

    Thank you dearly for playing and I hope you enjoy the mod (and avoid any bugs). As for the walkthrough, I never finished it. I was overly ambitious, creating a visual walkthrough and all. But it should suffice to say that to conquer the rift you must “sacrifice yourself” to end this madness.

    Thanks guys, check me out when you get a chance. TYLAK DOT COM

    Be well.

  31. Cameron

    I want the crowbar file so I can play SSH!

  32. Cameron

    Can you mail me the file too please?

  33. If you want to play SSH please ask your questions there.The file your requesting should be in the updated SSH 1.0

  34. mcrip
    Play It Now!

    Great and challenging, very good stuff.

    I made it to destroy the inner black rift sphere, handled with the gonarch, found a way from the lower to a secret upper section to destroy a lightning stone, then back into the pulsing portal. Found the ghost-scientist and nothing to do now. Is it the end?

  35. mcrip

    Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
    Walkthrough for the rest: Do not shoot or disturb two xens from praying. Then the ghost scientist will open the door to the portal to the xen side of infinite rift. Push 4 buttons to open it, ignore all enemies. Shoot into the rift to break the glass in the centre and jump in.

  36. Andrew37
    Play It Now!

    you wont regret!

  37. Stefan
    Play It Now!

    Have been playing HL mods since 2001, but never ths one until now.

    Really a great SP experience. ltos of marine vs monster combat as well whcih is alwys nice, and some superb mapping.

    I really dont understand ppls critique on the first act. I love it when it srtats slowly and so forth. Five stars.

  38. I found this one something of a challenge. I’m not the most dexterous person and this one needed it. Overall, I found it very good. I’d like to see more from this author.

  39. Play It Now!

    To be honest, I first thought this mod won’t be that good, don’t ask me why!

    But then I started playing it and fell in love more & more, it’s a great quality mod!

    If you missed it yet, go play it, because:

    -Excellent level design, very detailed and colorful – not grey in grey
    -CD music creates a good atmosphere when stumbling into a soldiers vs. aliens battle for example
    -Some secrets can be found here, meaning extra ammo and / or health
    -Lot of action, weapons, health and HEV chargers
    -Direct action, you won’t need to guess what to do or where to go next, it’s all obvious
    -Some pretty neat ideas like mixing Xen with the real world that way it’s in here
    -Fair placed enemies and new enemies showing up if you have to revisit a place (for example after stumbling from sector A for opening in a door in sector B, you have to go to sector C, after that you’ve to go back via sector A – tada! new enemies spawned here)
    -Good length and playtime, not too long but also not too short

    -Ehmm.. no rocket launcher… maybe? 😉

  40. Play It Now!

    Oh no! The world’s behind the scenes evil had its agents in the USA government and in the Black Mesa administration. It’s them who palmed off that crystal to Freeman, to open the Xen portal and get the reason to move in the troops and give orders in the complex. Now they create a device which will make end of the world! And only due to lucky chance one of the scientists managed to hide from them and call Gordon Freeman. Thanks to him, the humanity got a chance to live some time longer…

    And this is not a retelling of Readme file text. The story is shown with spectacular cutscenes.

    The mod is made very professionally. All rooms are very memorable and different from each other, so it’s not possible to get lost. Some battles are hard, but, it quickly becomes apparent what to do, so almost all of them are completeable from the first few tries. Even more, the author made the shotgun do more damage. Other battles are easier. It’s fun to fight soldiers and monsters at once, while both sides are also distracted by each other.

    There is originality in the architecture, and also in the events: enemy scientists, who work for behind the scenes evil. We have to stop them, to prevent the alarm. The idea and its realisation are great.

    The architecture is very pleasing. There will be well made Xen, exceedingly spectacular at times.

    Overall, the mod is very enjoyable and cinematic, so play it now.

  41. Play It Now!

    This mod is great fun; the nonlinear design and retracing of steps is great, and the way the weapons are given to you one at a time makes it fun to play. I also like how there were differences between the difficulties, such as the presence of a gargantua or the transparency of the female assassins. It does make hard mode very hard though!

    One criticism I would have is that I don’t think having enemies spawn all around you (both in front and behind) makes for very fun play for me, because it feels like you just cleared that area but you still can’t hide behind anything!

    This is a very good mod though. There perhaps could have been a bit more instruction on the final boss, but I managed to figure it out in god mode. If you’re looking for a HL mod to try, play this one now!

  42. Ten Four Reviews

    Infinite Rift comes to us from Tyler “Tylak” Munden, an experienced mapper whose work in the Half-Life world includes maps for a number of mods, both single player and multiplayer. He was the lead mapper for the Firearms mod, and the author of two typical but enjoyable single player packs reviewed here, Reviviscence and Rescue 9-1-Freeman. Rift is much in the same vein – fairly standard (in that it doesn’t really break any new ground) but still enjoyable and worth playing.

    Infinite Rift opens with an entertaining but rather slow sequence that introduces the setting (Black Mesa, 3 days after the original accident in Anomalous Materials) and your character (Dr. Gordon Freeman, of course). You are told that the military/government has taken control of the BMRF and that they are working on yet another secret project, called Infinite Rift. It’s your task to find out more about the project and put an end to it. For the bulk of Rift, you are guided by instructions sent to your HEV by a scientist hiding from the G-Man and the military. This system works fairly well, but in my opinion your hand is held way too much; more hints for the player (and letting the player figure out things for himself) go a long way toward immersing the player into the game and having him feel like a more significant participant in the events. However, the text is able to convey a decent story throughout the maps, so overall it’s useful, despite the minor spelling errors here and there.

    As usual, your goal is to find out more about Infinite Rift and stop this dastardly project before it can be used for evil. Your trek this time takes you through some new sections of Black Mesa and some very well done Xen sections, as well as the clever blending done between the two worlds (this is where the ‘rift’ part comes in). The architecture is well built throughout the various locales, but the impressive sections are the aforementioned ‘rift’ areas where Black Mesa and Xen are amalgamated.

    The combat is quite varied, as you get to face off against just about every enemy included in Half-Life. But overall I found the combat to be extraordinarily easy. There is a clever combat sequence in the middle of Infinite Rift which gets pretty intense, but in general I was hardly challenged at all. This is partly due to health and HEV charger pairs being extremely common in the maps, so even if you are seriously wounded in a battle or from a fall, you can quickly regain maximum health. This pack was entirely too easy to complete, and the balance is much better if you play on Difficult.

    The puzzles in Infinite Rift are typical of any Half-Life mod – most of them are of the hit-the-button-to-open-the-door variety, which gets pretty old. Hitting some of the buttons triggers a short camera sequence that shows you the door that opens. However, some of these buttons have enemies nearby, so if you hit the button before killing them all, you will be attacked during the camera sequence with no way to defend yourself. Better planning would have prevented this irritating situation.

    Infinite Rift gets a solid recommendation from me, but it’s not quite a must-play. It’s fairly well designed, flows pretty nicely, and features a reasonable plot. Its drawbacks are far outweighed by its strengths, though the ending is rather disappointing if you go in expecting a typical Hollywood finale. Overall Rift is enjoyable, but pretty standard.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Sunday, 28th March, 2004 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline.  Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  43. Play It Later

    Here is another modder who didn’t have public relations(PR) class of any kind! W/ o any message or notice before hand you run into a scientist early in the game where upon a zombie comes out of the wall to kill him. IF he dies, like when I was reloading, you get the message; blah blah don’t let scientist die blah blah you LOSER!! Great way to treat your potential players especially since there is NOTHING SPECIAL about this scientist visually or location.

    Turns out he’s need to open the door so you can continue, BUT as soon as he does open the door nothing happens when he dies. OK, whatever amateurish modder on the PR front…. Less than 10 minutes later after receiving your a LOSER message as your making your way thru the level, you are given instructions to KILL any scientist who might sound the alarm presumably because they are working w/ the “administrator”. No reason or explanation is actually given, it’s implied they are the enemy. Minutes later he takes the time to explain that your are getting decontaminated & why…makes sense…um, not really. More QC needed or better organization to keep things on track.

    The ending was not obvious how to win…Overall very good mapping & levels; but poor ass ending. The ending is unsat because there is not emotional connections, who cares if he sacrifices himself. Would have been better if at least there was a scene where he contemplates the sacrifice in some way.

  44. Personal Favourite

    Awesome mod! The map is designed very well so finding the routes is not too hard. The infiltration part (the part I should kill some scientists) is creative and fun. The map looks very nice, especially the mixture of Xen and Black Mesa after the starting the infinite rift. The cutscenes help me to understand what happens after I press a button. Nicely designed mod!

    I found two bugs in this mod:
    – In the elevator before the infinite rift part (fastly descending elevator), I sometimes stuck on the elevator. I solved that issue by continuously jump while the elevator is descending.
    – In the last part (Nihilanth), I sometimes stuck on the wall around the 4th button.

  45. Play It Now!

    Level design is decent, combat is easy, but the finale has a minor issue. There is a part of the level where you get stuck in it and can’t get out.

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