for Half-Life

20th April 2000

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
From the ReadMe:

“This is a pre release for my level They Live. The experience is far from finished, there is still much to add. The storyline isn’t all the way developed but basically your are Gordon Freeman, an expert in the science of teleportation. The lambda lab requires your expertise on some upcoming tests. Obviously all hell breaks loose and you must stop it.”

Basic Details
  • Title: Chungo
  • File Name: hl1-sp-chungo.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 2.27Mb
  • Author: who_is_naven_r_johnson
  • Date Released: 20 April 2000
  • Other Info: This files seems to be exactly the same as They Live
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  1. Maybe?

    Unfinished but playable mod. Fairly good layouts, not enough enemies and too many dark places. The finished version should have been They Live, but that mod is the same as this, so no progress yet. Worth a look.

  2. Mel
    Play It Later

    This is well worth a download and play.
    Good game follows a similar formula to the original HL1 game, nothing new but a nice balance between puzzles and alien/grunt Combat. Set design and textures are well done without being outstanding and overall this is an enjoyable mod. However, even with 12 playable levels it’s not a finished mod and I guess it never will be now, but at least the author structured the ending of this part, which is bug free.

  3. mcrip
    Play It Later

    Good in an old fashioned style, not much but half-life stuff. Enjoy.

  4. Play It Now!

    Quite good Mesa-style mod with surprises and more.
    NOTE: I haven’t played “They Live” yet, so I can’t compare these two.

    -Well-done mapdesign
    -Good scripts
    -Explosions everywhere
    -Great combat action
    -Some puzzles
    -Good balanced gameplay
    -Very good, exciting feeling

    -Sometimes looking unfinished (as the author wrote in readme.txt)
    -Not my taste of leveldesign
    -Too easy difficulty, but good placed enemies

  5. Chungo – is just a name of initial zip-file. The right name of this episode is They Live, that’s why they are the same.

  6. Really awesome but yet unfinished mod. I really enjoyed it. Loads of head crabs irritated me a little, guess that’s just me. Especially the last room gave me Stranger Things vibes.

  7. Play It Later

    Really awesome but yet unfinished mod. I really enjoyed it. Loads of head crabs irritated me a little, guess that’s just me. Especially the last room gave me Stranger Things vibes.

  8. Play It Now!

    Chungo They Live. If you say it in Spanish, it’s like saying that someone is living like a mess. In other words, that someone could be even an ill person or even living in a lot of problems, anything that indicates his life is abnormal rather than normal. Chungo means like hot & bad or hot & stupid in spanish language. If you say Half-Life is chungo it’s like saying near to impossible to play it or very hard to my taste. If you say to someone he’s chungo, it can also be meant he’s taking drugs or something and he look like someone out of order.

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