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My name is MisterFreeman, and I'm a huge fan off the Half Life series. That's why this community is awesome, because it lets me explore what everyone has created over the years!
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  1. Garry's Mod
  2. Hearts of Iron 4
  3. SCP Secret Lab
  4. Red Orchestra
  5. Half Life

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Latest 25 Comments
19 May 2021 Robotech - Invasion Unfinished mod
19 May 2021 Half-Life: Escape Horrible experience
19 May 2021 Water Drilling No download link?
19 May 2021 Bow Missing alot of files
19 May 2021 Star Wars Missions NO
19 May 2021 Star Wars Missions Didnt work for me
19 May 2021 Windmill I was stuck at the plaza
19 May 2021 Japanese Episodes Weird, boring 3 maps. The bomb map crashed for me everytime.
19 May 2021 Beastie Short and linear map, little boring
19 May 2021 Bloody Pizza: Vendetta Weird but kinda entertaining
19 May 2021 Gunship Boring and very simple
19 May 2021 Killing House Short and very basic
19 May 2021 Star Wars Test Mod Looking good for a test mod. I love the voice lines, they seem so real to
18 May 2021 Chernobyl Didn't work for me
25 Apr 2021 Grunt Match Some rooms with grunts, that's about all I have to say about this.
07 Mar 2021 Lambda Station Nice and solid remake, had some difficult moments but that made it fun to play.
07 Mar 2021 Unknown Faction Some puzzles took to long for me to solve. That made it boring for me and I stopped playing. The ...
07 Mar 2021 Freeman Action packed for certain, but after a while it got really boring, just room after room filled wi...
06 Mar 2021 Radix Bill is one savage headcrab ngl
06 Mar 2021 Scramble My hate for head crabs is now larger than ever
06 Mar 2021 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Pretty hard for, I stopped playing cuz I kept dying over and over again.
06 Mar 2021 Then and Now, Now and Then Short map but nice
28 Feb 2021 TWHL Tower Have you submitted your status report to the administrator today Gordon?
27 Feb 2021 Resublimation Couldn't move at all, also couldn't edit my keybinds. So I was stuck at the beginning. I tried to...
27 Feb 2021 Contest 1 Maps Some very awesome and very creative maps. Really enjoyed every single one of them. You should...
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