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My name is MisterFreeman, and I'm a huge fan off the Half Life series. That's why this community is awesome, because it lets me explore what everyone has created over the years!
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  1. Garry's Mod
  2. Hearts of Iron 4
  3. SCP Secret Lab
  4. Red Orchestra
  5. Half Life

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Latest 25 Comments
07 Mar 2021 Lambda Station Nice and solid remake, had some difficult moments but that made it fun to play.
07 Mar 2021 Unknown Faction Some puzzles took to long for me to solve. That made it boring for me and I stopped playing. The ...
07 Mar 2021 Freeman Action packed for certain, but after a while it got really boring, just room after room filled wi...
06 Mar 2021 Radix Bill is one savage headcrab ngl
06 Mar 2021 Scramble My hate for head crabs is now larger than ever
06 Mar 2021 Cenodrome: The Lost Sub-Basement of TWHL Tower Pretty hard for, I stopped playing cuz I kept dying over and over again.
06 Mar 2021 Then and Now, Now and Then Short map but nice
28 Feb 2021 TWHL Tower Have you submitted your status report to the administrator today Gordon?
27 Feb 2021 Resublimation Couldn't move at all, also couldn't edit my keybinds. So I was stuck at the beginning. I tried to...
27 Feb 2021 Contest 1 Maps Some very awesome and very creative maps. Really enjoyed every single one of them. You should...
27 Feb 2021 Contest 2 Maps Pretty nice, felt like I was riding some attractions in an amusement park or something.
24 Feb 2021 Black Guard Overall the mod was pretty entertaining. The first parts of the mod were pretty nice and had a ...
22 Feb 2021 TWHL Mix Nice short series of maps. Couldn't quite follow the storyline, but that's just my intelligence I...
22 Feb 2021 Before The first part of the map was very laggy and had a lot of frame drops. The music on the backgroun...
22 Feb 2021 Outwards A lot of enemies and quite a challenge. After a few tries of surviving and desperately searching ...
22 Feb 2021 The Innocent Eternity Very bad map. Like some other reviewers on this map. I had to cheat as well. Also, quite some ...
22 Feb 2021 The Duct Map Very short map. Just a few ducts that connect a few rooms together. It was a solid map, that'...
14 Feb 2021 Hard 2 Very difficult and sometimes frustrating, but that kept me playing. Better than the first part.
14 Feb 2021 Hard Ideas were good, execution not that good.
12 Feb 2021 Hostage Very short and basic map. For a weird reason my guns didn't have any shooting animations, so I do...
12 Feb 2021 Xen Warrior Very short but awesome mod. It gives you a unique perspective on the Half Life Universe. Very awe...
12 Feb 2021 They live Some fine maps, not really impressive.
11 Feb 2021 Chungo Really awesome but yet unfinished mod. I really enjoyed it. Loads of head crabs irritated me a li...
11 Feb 2021 Chungo Really awesome but yet unfinished mod. I really enjoyed it. Loads of head crabs irritated me a li...
10 Feb 2021 Big Scientists One of the classic mods of Half Life. Not a serious mod at all but that makes it fun. Really weir...
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