Bloody Pizza: Vendetta

for Half-Life

2nd April 2006

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Basic Details
  • Title: Bloody Pizza: Vendetta
  • File Name: hl1-sp-bloody-pizza-vendetta.7z
  • Original File Name: vendetta.exe
  • Size : 115Mb
  • Author: Unknown
  • Date Released: 09 February 2005
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  1. shit

    Ok the levels are made good but this game has only 8 levels and it’s a little boring. I don’t recommend it.
    115.2MB is very much for this SinglePlayer Mod.

  2. AI

    What language is this?? are there any English subtitles? Had to use a saved config.cfg file for my keyboard setup also! Help!!

  3. Heyzors

    Uh where do you get your gun? So far this thing is pewp.

  4. Heyzors

    Nevermind. I’m stupid.

  5. Good looking maps in a russian? city. Wandered around for ages looking for a weapon. Heyzors, I must be stupid too. Got to the third map and nothing had happened at all. Then I died. Boring so far. I like my HL mods to look like HL, even just a little bit. Maybe give it another go oneday.
    All dialogue in Russian? Need a translation!

  6. TheRipper

    Got to the third map and nothing had happened at all.


    The weapons are in the 3rd map. From a walkway you go into the open window of a house. Soon after that you’ll meet the first enemies…

  7. Thanks TheRipper, still intend to have a go one day….

  8. TheRipper
    Play It Later

    Allright, I’ve finished this. First let me say that it is not Russian, but Slovak. Again, this is a very linear game, so you don’t need to understand the language. As far as I can tell, your mission is to find some explosives, and then take them to some goal a few maps later. There is no actual explosion at the end. It does have a clear ending, you get some on-screen text, which says something like: “congratulations, you have finished the whole demo”. And then you’re back in the menu.
    It is a total conversion, hence the big download for only 8 maps. Decor, models everything has been changed to gangster style. And so has the fighting. They are much quicker and better shots then the hl grunts. To balance this off a little, you get warned by a call of “mission!” when there’s a fight coming up. Still, you’ll die a lot… The gameplay is pretty average, but I personally liked the style of this mod. No real puzzles, just finding your way and fighting. A few little bugs, but nothing big. An invisible elevator, some erronuous half-life sounds… All in all I give it:

  9. Maybe?

    Set in a time where tommy guns and suits went hand-in-hand. This mod (well, more like a total conversion) doesn’t feature puzzles or anything of the sort. You just have to find your way through mazes full of gangsters (with alarming head-shot accuracy!) and, strangely enough, sewers packed with random citizens who wish to maul you to death just because they can. Some side-paths have items. Had to noclip through a door because it opened from the wrong side. There’s also quite an awesome health recharger, make sure to look for it after the “Casino” area. No real ending either.

    Could have been a great mod, but the frustrating head-shots and lack of personality and polish drag it down.

  10. Ade

    Interesting approach, but no real story, you shoot “gangsters” and “zombies” and pick up some explosives. Still, it’s worth playing just to see new stuff, but it would have been nicer if some objects were interactional.
    Here are my likes and dislikes:
    cool new textures & sounds (plus a human voice imitating a cat and a crow, funny singing, not so funny love scene)
    You die from one shot
    city environment, poke 646 style
    nice old song starts playing when I die, but I don’t remember in which map
    too bright, even for a full moon
    humans acting like zombies, what’s their problem?
    couple of mazes
    I thought I was stuck after the funny laughter, turns out I wasn’t supposed to shoot the vent shaft, but use it.
    nice casino, with pool tables and a genuine gangster health charger
    very large maps, exploration is rewarded, but it’s annoying to check every single door
    stupid ending…

    Consider it.

  11. mcrip
    Think Twice

    This demo is playable, but the story is not clear. Slovak introduction needs time. Nothing is moving on the streets or in buildings, where you have to climb into. Walking a long time without any action. Sudden death by a shooting gangster, found no weapon. This game is unfinished, but it may be interesting to see an unfinished, new world.

  12. Ade

    Come to think of it, after playing Mafia, this could be the hl version of it. The health charger skin is straight from that game. But I still don’t understand why the shooters are so accurate..

  13. Avoid It!

    115 MB for a demo with questionable quality? Sorry, this is no good.
    At first it was interesting Mafia-setting but it indeed is boring, sometimes frustrating or just weird.
    I guess there’s no final version, and even if so, I wouldn’t play it until I would know it’s improved extremely compared to this demo…

    -Unusual setting, Mafia-style incl. old weapons such as a Thompson

    -No atmosphere
    -No puzzles
    -Ridiculous enemy placement
    -Long walkways
    -Many locked doors

  14. Hec

    Ok so I finally played this one and the overall feeling i have about it is just an OK sensation.

    You know its pretty interesting to see a gangster mod in HL after we have many different topics in HL1 you know there are a fantastic western mod called WANTED! that I recommend you to play it, and even a Vietnam War mod the absolutely glorious HEART OF EVIL, which is even available in the source version.

    So here, we have now a Gangster mod, and I have to say i expected to be more intense but the whole progression of the maps was just plain and quite predictable.

    Then there is also the language barrier which is a common complain about this one, as there are not any English cc available. The mod is only in Slovak so the whole context or story of the mod is just lost if you don’t understand that language.

    The basic plot as I far as I could understand was that you are commissioned by some gangster boss to destroy some enemy HQ so you set a bomb escape and that’s it. The enemy gangsters are the regular HL Grunts.

    I loved the gangster weaponry and that’s a reason I could recommend the mod. So if you want to try some new weapons then this is for you.

    I really don’t like to give maybe? recommendations but here i feel the mod just could have been better and have some more action, many huge areas just were empty.

  15. Maybe?

    Weird but kinda entertaining

  16. Maybe?

    The idea greatly interested me and the custom content is of ok quality, but the whole thing is just kinda “meh” at best

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