Awards 2015 – Stage One

Okay, so here we are Friday 1st January 2016, so time for the Awards 2015!

Just a reminder before we get started: These awards will consist of three separate stages, each a week long. Full deatils can be found here: Awards 2015 Format.

Stage One: Nominations.
Stage Two: Refine
Stage Three: Winners

There are 5 awards on offer: “Best Source Release”, “Best GoldSource Release”, “Best Ville Entry”, “Best Moment in a Release” and “Most Anticipated Release”.

What you need to do now, is look through the sections below and if you feel that I have missed a nomination, make a comment and if at least 3 people agree, it will be added to Stage Two, next week.

Now that I have written the post, I am wondering whether we should separate the *Villes into their own new category. It seems a little unfair on the mods create by one person to have them compete against mods created by multiple authors. What do you think?

1st January 2016 14 Comments

January 2016 – General Chat

My goodness, another year gone and a new one started.

How many New Years resolutions have you made and broken already? How many games did you buy in the Steam Winter Sale? Me, zero. But I was gifted a game, so thank you very much – you know who.

The weather here in Northern Spain has been fantastic this winter but I know some of you have had a terrible time and you have my sympathy.

So, let’s start the new year with some chat – off you go.

1st January 2016 37 Comments

Poll Question 334 – Digital distribution or bricks and mortar?

With recent hiccup regarding online security, it has brought to mind the problems with digital distribution. There was any actual security issue but due to a cache issue some users were being shown other users details – although nothing serious is my understanding.

I love Steam and being able to just install and uninstall at any time is so nice. I trust Valve but there is always a chance something bad could happen. In the old days, I could buy a game, install it on my system and that was that. IF my disc was stolen or broken, it was my fault. Now, getting your account hacked is possible.

Just before the hiccup mentioend above, LambdaGeneration reported that Valve is moving into the retail space. Good for them but I fear that eventually games and movies will only be available via digital distribution.

I hope for a time when boxes return and even more collector’s editions are released.

Anyway, I haven’t bought a game in a physical shop for over ten years.

What about you?

30th December 2015 8 Comments

New Year, New Logo and New Features

I love running RTSL. I must do because I spend 80% of my free time doing it. But I am never happy. I know that a lot of the downloads are not working and a lot of the older mods need updating and 2016 will be called “The Year of the Content”. That said, there are lots of things that I want to improve and create.

Below, you will find details of most of my plans. I do have one major idea up my sleeve, that I hope to reveal very soon.

29th December 2015 22 Comments

What The Headcrab: Episode 006

Hello, time for another WTH. Christmas is pretty much over and it’s time to think about the New Year.

It’s been 3 weeks since the last WTH, so this one might be a bit longer than the others, although I don’t think so.

Pick of the Episode

This week’s pick is the Lost Story Dev Blog. It’s always nice to see new features added to the base game and this looks great. Check it out later in the episode.

27th December 2015 6 Comments

Poll Question 333 – How often do you buy game soundtracks?

I was recently looking at a Steam page for a game, can’t remember which,sorry, and I noticed that the soundtrack was available.

In general, I love soundtracks, both from movies and games.

The problem is that they can be expensive, at least when I used to buy them (no, that doesn’t mean I download them now, it means I don’t listen to music much any more).

This game was around 10 Euros and the sound track was 5 Euros.

To me, that’s quite expensive – 50% the cost of the game. I’m pretty sure people would buy more if they were cheaper, although that argument is used for almost everything.

So I began to wonder how many of you actually buy the soundtracks from games.

Which reminds, some mods have even released soundtracks and if I am not mistaken, some have even sold them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this whole issue.

24th December 2015 26 Comments

The Hammer Cup 2016

I am incredibly excited to announce a new initiative from RTSL called “The Hammer Cup”.

I hope this will be an annual event, but let’s see what happens with the first year!

20th December 2015 5 Comments

Arctic Incident

for Half-Life

The action takes place in a scientific complex, which is located somewhere in the Arctic.

In the caves, scientists have found a new form of life, which is resistant to frost and incredibly aggressive to intrusion.

The staff at the complex do not have sufficient means to counter it.

As a consequence they are forced to ask for help from the military, but the military, apparently, have their own plans for the incident.


Total Downloads: 3,82620th December 2015
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Poll Question 332 – Does a modder have the moral right to block videos and screenshots of their work?

Earlier this year, a modder asked me not to livestream his release on the weekend of release. I wasn’t happy about it because once I had released it anybody could stream it and RTSL would have lost a small opportunity to gain some coverage. However, I agreed and that was that.

I did get me thinking about whether a modder has the right, either legally or morally to block people from posting videos and screenshots.

I know that Twitch carefully monitors the game people stream because some games prohibit broadcast of their games. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but it seems only fair. Just like I can’t read a book aloud in a public place or show movies to the public.

But modding is more of a grey area.

17th December 2015 32 Comments