12/13 August 2017 Livestream Schedule

10th August 2017

There are at least two livestreams scheduled for this weekend and I hope that many of you can watch and join in the chat.

Full details of each day’s stream are below as well as the links to stay up to date on the streams.

Issues with the chat

In the last stream, there was an issue with a user posting offensive messages. I apologise for this and thank the moderators and thank my moderators for addressing it. If this continues, I will look into only allowing approved users to post comments on the live chat. An approved user is a person who has posted a comment on one of my YouTube videos and then been approved by me.

I will also be looking into other chat features including YouTube Sperchat and Nightbot.

Saturday 12th: From Combines

Phillip will play the recently released From Combines. You play as a Combine Elite soldierand there are some bonus maps too.

The livestream is scheduled to start 8am Eastern US, 1pm UK, 2pm Europe.

Sunday 13th: Research and Development

Don FINALLY plays Research and Development! It’s part of the Classic of the Month event, which sees Don replay a classic mod each month.

The livestream is scheduled to start 1pm Eastern US, 6pm UK, 7pm Europe.


Check the RTSL Twitter feed for the latest announcements.

All the streams are on the RTSL YouTube Channel with chat enabled.


  1. Unq

    Yes, I usually “replay” a mod. In this case, it’s just “play” as Phillip mentioned – believe it or not I’ve never played R&D.

    Only the 3rd Classic of the Month that I’m playing blind I think, after Minerva and Afraid of Monsters…

    1. Retsibsi

      Am very surprised you hadn’t played it before (and you got through it much faster than I ever did!)

      The comment I made on the live stream about you next playing it co-op wasn’t altogether a joke incidentally, as there’s the facility on Synergy to do just that (though there always seems to be the one idiot who messes it up for everyone else)

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