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21 April 2013




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  1. Mass Effect series
  2. ArmA III
  3. Hearts of Iron IV
  4. Wargame: Red Dragon
  5. Ace Combat series


  1. Azure Sheep
  2. Nuclear Winter
  3. Sweet Half-Life
  4. Arctic Incident
  5. Focalpoint

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  • Mapping: None
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  • Sound: Some
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I have some experience with hacking and tweaking existing models (though none in modelling from scratch), as well as retexturing. I'm also an amateur level writer. Same in regards to sound editing/mashing.

Latest 25 Comments
07 Sep 2018 Azure Sheep I've lost count of how many times I've played this mod, really. And yet somehow, I've never revie...
29 Aug 2018 Smart Decoy This was a fun little mod. Nothing super to write home about, but fun. It had some neat cinematic...
27 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Words fail me for this. Before I say anything else, I'm just gonna say it's amazing and play it n...
28 Dec 2017 Case Closed I played this mod way back in the day (I think it was one of the first singleplayer Half-Life mod...
25 Dec 2017 Deliverance This was a very fun mod. It crammed a lot of action into what isn't actually a huge set of maps. ...
24 Dec 2017 Military Duty This was a fun mod to play! Basically a shorter, alternate form of Opposing Force. Relatively sho...
21 Dec 2017 Brave Brain This was a fun little mod to play! While relatively short, it felt just about right for how much ...
21 Dec 2017 Residual Life I played Residual Point and enjoyed that for the most part, with the exception of the very sudden...
15 Dec 2017 Arctic Incident This is one of the best mods I've played in a long time to be honest. The only notch against it I...
06 Jul 2015 Peaces Like Us This mod is fun, creative, and just the right length for what it's about. This is another mod I'v...
05 Jul 2015 Residual Point There's so much potential in this mod, but so many quirks and annoyances that just make it a drag...
04 Jul 2015 Absolute Redemption Overall this mod is fun but drags in certain places. By now it's probably become obvious from oth...
28 Jun 2015 Edge Of Darkness Short, but jam packed with fun stuff. This little mod has a good (simple) story, great scripted e...
01 Jan 2014 Sweet Half-Life Buggy, but worth the time in the end. This is another old Half-Life mod I've been meaning to play...
24 Dec 2013 The Challenger Deep 2 I was very pleasantly surprised by this mod. I had heard the original Challenger Deep was notorio...
24 Apr 2013 The Evasion A fun little distraction overall. I knew this was a shorter mod going in, but I was still taken b...
22 Apr 2013 Focalpoint Incredible quality in this mod. I wasn't sure what to expect from the screenshots and description...
21 Apr 2013 Intolerable Threat My first review on this site. Exciting! I've been frequenting here for a while now and decided to...
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