Worst Holiday

for Half-Life

30th October 2005

Basic Details
  • Title: Worst Holiday
  • File Name: hl1-sp-worst-holiday.7z
  • Original File Name: worstholiday.rar
  • Size : 18.6Mb
  • Author: Stano Onder-Goblin
  • Date Released: 14 October 2005
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  1. Setting/Gameplay:Hm, okay. This map is not easy to rate. It is getting better with each level you plays and again you can watch the designer learning as he created the levels. So, the first levels are really ugly, later on they are only ugly and at the end some parts of the levels are nearly at standard (compared to most average rated mods/maps). The difficulty may be hard if you tend to stand and fight. Running is a good tactic in the first two levels. The gameplay is mostly fluent, the way is clearly defined and the few easy puzzles won’t challenge you too much. There is a hard fight trough a grunt-infested snowy landscape, which looks almost brilliant compared to the first levels. Some custom textures add a nice touch to the levels, although not used always well, and there is also a weapon from OpFor added to this mod.

    One of the better “my-first-attempt-to-mod”-submits, but there are many things to complain anyhow. But if you don’t demand a great deal of this mod, you may have fun playing it.

  2. piledriver

    Is there a way out of the first room?
    Is there a way out of the second area?
    Do I always get stuck in the doorframe?
    I’ll have another go when I’m feeling less bloody irritated. GRRR.

  3. piledriver

    OK I feel better now. When the game starts, the walls are already closing, so if you’re looking the wrong way you won’t even know there was a way out. Therefore you have to keep restarting the mod. This is not a good gameplay technique.
    A few bugs, like stuckness and non-opening doors. The battles are totally over the top with 9 tripod guns in one room and crowds of grunts in others. A high difficulty mod, so it’s satisfying when you’ve completed.

  4. Maybe?

    Like piledriver said, this mod is complete and random crap at the beginning (I counted at least two places where you can get stuck at, architecturally), but fortunately, it gets much better as it goes on.

    I generally dislike mods if they start you off against enemies with no HEV suit or no weapons. The latter applies here. You get to dance around with two semi-transparent spiders for a good while until you find a valve that’s the same stupid colour as the wall it’s attached to.

    Some design problems, like doors not opening (noclip time) and random paths that lead to dead ends (I guess more like design annoyances).

    It’s pretty difficult though, you’ll definitely have to be conservative about everything; especially grenades, those are a godsend here.

    Towards the end, you’ll enter a snowfield (with some pretty jiffy detail) that acts as a backdrop for gunfights rivaling those of larger, more established mods.

    Short, fun, but not really polished and sometimes too hard.


    Although, I do like how we visit Canada =D But penguins? C’mon, how stereotypical.

  5. I can’t even pronounce ****, let alone say it.

  6. I typed the less profane one, but I guess that gets censored anyway =P

  7. TheRipper

    Although, I do like how we visit Canada =D But penguins? C’mon, how stereotypical.

    It’s not sterotypical, it is wrong. Penguins live on the southpole and the southern part of nearby continents (e.g. south-america, australia). They would literally have to be take halfway across the world to get to Canada.

    By the way, I am stuck in this area. How do I get out? Second map…

  8. Ade
    Think Twice

    Definitely a beginner’s map pack. Can’t call it a mod, because of the impossibility of getting from one map to another!
    The second map has an overview that’s missing from the archive and perhaps that sequence was followed by the door opening. But I found yet another door that just won’t open. Plus it’s insanely hard. I ran right through the grunts (couldn’t see another way out of that) but came to regret this, because I had very little ammo up ahead to fight those tourettes which can also be avoided if you go underwater where there are so many worms which hurt you and stop you from getting to the surface faster and you have like 2% chance to make it out alive, without any cheats, til that point. It’s madness! Beyond that point, I stopped at that door that wouldn’t open..
    Interesting, sometimes awful mapping. If you are right and the player did learn some more about mapping as time went by, why didn’t he remake the first maps? The bugs and the slim chances of survival makes this unplayable. Obviously there hasn’t been any testing, not even one whole play, from start to finish, by the author.
    I would have given it an “Avoid it”, but you have to at least start it and see the kamikaze baby penguins in action, so: “Think twice” or even harder!

  9. mcrip
    Avoid It!

    Ugly, mean, frustating. Hands off.

  10. Think Twice

    Seems like someone’s first project… Or rather some test maps. But it was released by some german game journal named “Gamestar”, at least this is what this says in the end credits. So it raises my suspicion about it being just a bunch of test maps. Have to use cheats in some places to be able to complete this mess.
    Well, I’ll try not to be a complete rude asshole, and say there were some good moments: like the snowy section on the final map. Like the developer finally figured out how to use the editor at some point, but suddenly decided to end it, like he achieved something in his life and then lost interest in editing completely. All in all it’s a fun little artifact of the past.
    Rather then play it by yourself, better watch my complete playthrough, you will not lose much if do so: https://youtu.be/_CbG77k83uc

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