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22 Nov 2023 Vengeance Well, I've almost never used cheats on this one (only once - to run away from heli). I completel...
22 Nov 2023 Worst Holiday Seems like someone's first project... Or rather some test maps. But it was released by some germa...
21 Nov 2023 Half-Life: Visitors Yeah, exactly.
21 Nov 2023 Half-Life: Visitors Well, the barrel puzzle itself was not that hard to figure out, but all the stuff you need to get...
19 Nov 2023 Half-Life: Visitors This one can be really tough, first levels you can just fast run through but then it becomes much...
19 Nov 2023 Xen Warrior Nice little mod. Pretty sure I've seen something like this already. Complete playthrough: https:...
18 Nov 2023 Help Wanted Really abruptive ending, don't know if it was intended this was. Maybe this was just a bug of the...
18 Nov 2023 Underground by ToTac Nice mod, but I don't like this particular style of levels with narrow corridors, flooded with en...
16 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Sorry, replied to the wrong comment. Site's design a bit wanky. And there is no way to edit nor d...
16 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Alarms are part of the experience 😛
16 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Alarms are part of the experience :P
16 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine Mapping is pretty cool (got really Kubrick-ish in the end), although the level design itself seem...
16 Nov 2023 Wilson Chronicles Yeah, there is only an unfinished version on this site. Maybe there is a full version of this mod...
16 Nov 2023 Windmill Nice little mod, a little bit pretentious in my opinion, but its ok. Have to use cheats to comple...
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